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StevieIconSteve's Training Journal:31-12-2007 @ 13:40 
tender forearms
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Hi my name is Steve, I train in Glasgow, I just train for fun, but would like to find a good powerlifting/strongman gym in glasgow to train at, for the gym I train at by myself is RUBBISH, would be great to train with stronger guys and learn proper powerlifting technique and proper routineHappy.

I am starting a training journal to document my lifts and to hopefully talk to other people and get some ideas, or get invited to a gym in glasgow to train "FOR REAL"Grin, and maybe even try my hand at the strongman, just for fun.

I do full body routines now and will only be training twice per week, Monday & Thursday, That's all the motivation I have got training by myself now.

All my training is raw just a belt only.

Once I get 3 Reps I just up the weight, simple as that.

I do not really push Squats or Deadlifts, because of past lower back injuries, I am too scared

My best gym lifts are:

Squat 220KG, only squat to a Bench now, feel it is too dangerous with no one to spot me.
Deadlift 250KG, only do double overhand with straps now, slight Bicep Injury, gets worse when I go over/underhand.
Bench Press 205KG, done last week touch and go Rep.
Done at 90-91KG Bodyweight.

Bench Press:

3 Sets 25/20/15 Reps 20KG.
5 Sets 1/1/1/1/3 Reps 70/100/120/152.5/182.5KG.

6 Inch Lockouts "Just started these need to work on bench lockout strength":

4 Sets 1/1/1/1 Reps 70120/170/222.5KG.

Pause Squats To A Bench:

4 Sets 1/1/1/1 Reps 70/120/170/230/255KG, nearly slipped off the Bench on last set or would have got 3 Reps.

Deadlift Double Over Hand With Straps:

4 Sets 1/1/1/3 Reps 70/120/180/220KG.

Barbell Curl:

3 Sets 5/1/2 Reps 20/60/95KG.

Lying Tricep Extensions To The Nose:

4 Sets 5/1/1/3 Reps 20/60/80/100KG.

Seated Press In Smith:

4 Sets 5/1/1/1 reps 20/60/100/130KG.

Thats it Just going to do this every workout from now on and hopefully increase the weight 2.5KG when I reach the desired rep range.

Well thanks for reading my Journal, and I can't wait to start talking. exchanging Ideas and generally just having a laugh.


RobIcon...31-12-2007 @ 13:48 
Does f*ck all for
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Best of luck mate, that's an absolutely monstrous bench press you have there - try and get some videos up.
CarlIcon...31-12-2007 @ 14:14 
Loves rugby league ...
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nice bench mate

good to see a journal, good luck
EDCLARKEIcon...31-12-2007 @ 15:58 
not particularly well educated
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f**king enormous bench mate! welcome to the site!
FinchIcon...31-12-2007 @ 16:18 
Gonna outlive my opposition !!
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When I was in Glasgow on business last year I spent some time training at the Venice Gym. 0141 554 7184. I can't remember what the owners name was but he was okay.
They also have a good group of powerlifters working out there.
ThingIcon...31-12-2007 @ 16:23 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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hay steve, are you the steve that was on riottraining? if so its been a while and if not well hello
IainKendrickIcon...31-12-2007 @ 16:39 
some nice relaxing jazz.
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Great bench and other lift's aint shabby either!
BoarIcon...31-12-2007 @ 22:32 
Walk your talk
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This is the place to start a journal mate, it wont go missing Wink

Best of luck steve !!

awsome strength !
StevieIcon...04-01-2008 @ 12:36 
tender forearms
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Post Edited: 04.01.2008 @ 12:40 PM
Thanks IainKendrick, Carl, Ed Clarke.

Rob I do not even have a mobile phone, and I train myself most of the time, but if anyone wants to come to Kelvin Hall Glasgow and bring a Video camera, I will put videos up, or they will put videos upHappy, I have got 2 videos up on youtube of me doing 100KG barbell cheat curl for 3 reps, and 200KG decline smith bench for 2 easy reps, after only 12 weeks back training after a few years off of training, they are about 8-10 Months old I think, I will put these up if you want to see them, but they are crap.

Finch, I have trained there before it is a good gym, but A bit expensive for me at the moment to get to it, or I would go, thanks for the info.

Hi Thing good to see you again, yep I am, the same guy from RIOT, your training is going brilliant, you are realy shifting some great raw numbers, and I am positive, you are going to be shifting even higher weights in the future and be a great, well greater strongman than you are, BigKen is also doing unbelievable as well, awsome, can't wait to speak to you again.

Hi Boar, I really hope my Journal does not get deleted, because that's my refernce point down the Pokey "a Scottish Saying", I have got to congradulte you on your change in appearance, you are looking realy good, well done, and you are still bloody strong, respectHappy.

Right Todays session, another full body routine, these are brutally hard, guy who had the key did not turn up at work for the gym, so there was only 240KG of weight today, was going to try some singles as well today, bloody annoying, lucky it was empty for first hour, expect for guy who was spotting me who was doing bench as well.

Raw Bench:

2 Sets 25/20 Reps 20.
5 Sets 1/1/1/1/3 Reps 70/100/125/155/185KG, 2 complete reps and one paused rep on third rep.

6 Inch Bench Press Lockouts:

4 Sets 1 Rep 110/160/200/230KG, held for 5 Seconds each.

Squat To A Bench With a 2 Second Pause:

5 Sets 1/1/1/1/3 Reps 70/120/160/200/240KG.

Deadlifts Double OverHand With Straps:

5 Sets 1/1/1/1/2 Reps 70/120/160/200/230KG.

Standing Barbell Cheat Curls:

3 Sets 1 Rep 60/85/100KG.

Clean Then Seated Press:

3 Sets 3/1/10 Reps 60/80/100KG, usually do seated Smith Press, but this felt a hellava lot easier than the smith Eek, also never really cleaned a weight before so was shocked at how easy the 100KG felt, I really thought I might not even budge it to my shoulders.

Lying Tricep Extensions To The Nose:

3 Sets 1/1/3 Reps 60/80/102.5KG.

Felt Shattered after thisRoll-Eyes.

Have been eating like a Mother F*cker over christmas new year and have put on 2KG Bodyweight YEAHHH, bodyweight now 93KG.

Oh I Happy New Year Everyone, I know it's a bit late.

Cheers Steve.
marcIcon...04-01-2008 @ 14:13 
Dancing queenfeel the beat from the tambourine
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good luck with training mate...and the nutters on hereHappy
Martin1956Icon...04-01-2008 @ 14:39 
Old Age Presser
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Welcome Steve - you're not Starting Back by any chance, are you?
StevieIcon...04-01-2008 @ 15:39 
tender forearms
Member 193, 337 posts
Thanks sixpack

Hi Martin, yep same guy, my journal was accidently deleted at PLUKRoll-Eyes, so I thought I would post here, Mr Boar has assured me no such mistakes happen hereTongue.

It's great to see you post here, I always enjoyed your Intellectual logHappy.

Also the guys here seem to be less serious, but still as strong and dedicated, and can have a good laugh, and they are not afraid to voice there opinions, I love itGrin.
StevieIcon...07-01-2008 @ 13:08 
tender forearms
Member 193, 337 posts
Raw Bench:

2 Sets 25/20 Reps 20.

5 Sets 1/1/1/1/2 Reps 60/100/130/160/190KG, First rep out of 190 flew up, so I rested the second for a 2 Second pause just to see if I could do it, and that flew up as well, did not want to push past this because the guy I had to spot me, was new too weights and I was sh*tting it if I got stuck on the third rep, so will try for 3 on Thursday HOPEFULLYGrin.

6 Inch Bench Press Lockouts:

4 Sets 1 Rep 60/110/160/200KG, stopped at this, I felt a slight strain in my left pec, and I have slightly torn it before, so was not going to chance it.

Squat To A Bench With a 2 Second Pause:

5 Sets 1/1/1/1/3 Reps 70/120/170/230/240KG.

Deadlifts Double OverHand With Straps:

5 Sets 1/1/1/1/2 Reps 70/110/160/200/230KG.

Standing Dumbell Curls:

3 Sets 3 Reps Each Arm 17.5/30/37.5KG.

Clean Then Seated Press:

3 Sets 1/1/3 Reps 60/80/105KG, did not push it here, wee spasm in Pec, hope I am not in for a ripped PecUnhappy. again.

Lying Tricep Extensions To The Nose:

3 Sets 1/1/3 Reps 60/85/105KG.

Bodyweight 92KG.

Raw Goals for this year,since everyone else is doing themHappy:

1. Squat To Bench 300-320KG.
2. Deadlift Double OverHand With Straps 280-300KG.
3. Bench Press 220-230KG.
4. Clean & Seated Press 140KG.
5. Cheat Barbell Curl 120KG.
6. Lying Tricep Extensions To the Nose 130-140KG.
7. Try Strongman Events, for sirst time.
8. Train With someone, much stronger than me.
9. Not Get Injured.
10. Try to get too at least 96-100KG Bodyweight.
11. Stop Smoking my CrackPipeTongue.
ThingIcon...07-01-2008 @ 13:16 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
Member 89, 31706 posts
SQ 260, BP 220, DL 290
770.0 kgs @ 142kgs UnEq
some good goals there stevie head down and crack on the get them in the bag.
i've been plugging away up here as usual but deadlift has been a bit of a downer as it hasn't improved and i have change my technique now so there is more legs involved and i hope to break the 300 barrier this year so heres hoping.
but anyway bud keep doing what your doing and you'll get there1! are you still training at the same place you were before?
StevieIcon...07-01-2008 @ 13:31 
tender forearms
Member 193, 337 posts
Thanks thing for the Encouragment, a 300KG dead for you will just be round the corner I am sure, and a lot more PB's for you this year as well, good going on the 190KG Bench as well, I am sure you will hit the 200KG+ this year, also that front squat you done was F*CKING MENTAL awsome strength, and you will get first's at strongman events this year, all of themHappy.

Nope I have changed from Fitness First To the Kelvin Hall Glasgow, Fitness First was not the Ideal place to train at if you want to Increase strength, also I was not aloud to use chalk, or even bring my Bag into that Fitness First GYM, I hated it.

The Gym I train at now Kelvin Hall, is also very poor, all the bars are bent, dumbells are broken, only one old bench which I do not like Benching in, and a broken smith Machine, and they only have a pair of old Universal Squat stands with wheels attached to each stand that have fell off, so I s**t it every time I squat especially because there is no one there a lot of the times, and I only squat to a bench about 1-2 Inch above parrellal the now.

I am really going to take it a lot more serious this year, and try and find a local gyn, for Powerlifters/Strongman, and going to go to Unit 20 in a few Months "I Pm'd Jonathan and asked for Directions and if I could come along, and he said yes, they really have a great bunch of guys going there, so I will try my hand at that this year also", but I would rather find A strongman Gym in Glasgow, becasue it is a good Distance of 100+ Miles to get to Unit 20 and Back, but I will go, I am looking forward too it.

Good to see you here Big Yin.


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