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Article Image The Standard Westside Template 30.12.08 Tannhauser
Ever wondered what that 'Westside thing' is all about? In this article, Cliff clearly outlines the standard Westside Barbell training template, as used by hundreds of powerlifters across the globe.
Article Image Tokars 5x3 System 05.05.07 tokar
Jonathan Turner (RIP) discusses his flexible training methodology for powerlifting. He also covers deloading and peaking.
Article Image The Olly Jackson Deadlift Routine 20.09.06 Cuddles
Olly Jackson pulled 260kgs in the BWLA U23 age group. Read on to discover the secrets of obtaining this massive pull. Warning - this routine is not for the feint hearted!

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The Sugden Barbell routines section details routines designed to increase strength in various lifts. If you use any of the routines please leave your feedback in the respective comments thread!

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