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Article Image Review: MuscleFood High Protein Bundle 28.09.15 Rob
Rob reviews MuscleFoods 55 Super High Protein Bundle
Article Image So You Want To Be A Strongman 12.01.09 WILLSAN
Willsan discusses how to make the switch to strongman training, covering suitable training splits, training locations and how to find details of strongman competitions.
Article Image Competing In Powerlifting 20.12.08 Rob
Barrie Nelson, long-time GBPF referee and coach, shares his tips and advice on improving performance at powerlifting competitions.
Article Image Sugden Barbell 2 Years Old 26.08.08 Rob
Rob discusses two years of Sugden Barbell, giving a timeline style account of the birth of the site, to where it is today and how it has helped take UK lifting forward.
Article Image Sugden Classic 2008 02.03.08 Rob
A write up and results of the overhead push and pull competition hosted by Adlington Barbell Club on the 1st of March 2008. Lifts included a 400kg deadlift from Mark Felix and a 400lb clean and jerk by Mark Clegg.
Article Image BPC British 2007 Report 17.07.07 Rob
A comprehensive write-up of the second day of the BPC Championships, where Andy Bolton attempted a 460kg deadlift world record.
Article Image Entering a BWLA Comp 17.05.07 Rob
Rob details the process the process of how to enter a BWLA powerlifting competition.
Article Image Adlington Barbell Club 27.03.07 Rob
Information regarding the mecca of lifting in the North West, and arguably in the UK. Adlington's popularity has soared in the past few years.
Article Image BWLA North West Equipped 2006 11.12.06 Rob
Rob reviews the 2006 North West Equipped in detail. There were plenty of great lifts, including a terrific 355kg squat by Mick Ashurst and big numbers from British Champion Marie Thornton.
Article Image Sites we like... AKA Links 28.09.06 Rob
Links to and descriptions of the best lifting related sites on the internet. More links can be found in the comments thread.
Article Image Book Review: Dinosaur Training 04.09.06 Rob
Rob reviews his copy of this all-time strength classic. Kubik doesn't mince his words, launching all out attacks on the health club crowd.
Article Image BWLA North West Uneq Results (Apr 06) 30.08.06 Rob
A detailed summary of the North West Unequipped in 2006. Several Sugden Barbell members competed including Olly, Joni, Adam, Joe Bullock, Aaron and Ian Shaw.
Article Image Big men in very tight shirts 27.08.06 Rick
Rick talks about road works in Oldham. Oh, and the 2006 North West Bench Press where big Jim Blanchflower attempted a British record of 285kg.
Article Image Who's afraid of the big, bad DOMS? 15.08.06 Rob
An article discussing the topic of Delayed Onset Muscle Sorenesss. Should you aim for it? What can you do to less its impact? Read on.
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