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Powerlifting Photos. Strongman Photos.

Adlington OH Pull 2008 (12/07/2008)
A collection of photos from an Adlington Overhead Pull competition where Mark Felix and Mark Clegg stole the show yet again.
Sugden Classic 2008 (01/03/2008)
The birth of the 'classic meet' witnessed a great competition, with a 400kg deadlift from Mark Felix and a 400lb clean and jerk from Mark Clegg.
North West Raw Bench 2008 (25/02/2008)
Numerous Sugden members competed in this bench only contest at Rhino's Gym in Oldham. We got to see Rick in a singlet finally!
Adlington 2008 (02/02/2008)
A couple of photos of the 'New Adlington' and the famous puddle, oh, and a black Italian sports car.
Christmas Meet 2007 (20/12/2007)
The Sugden and Adlington Christmas Meet 2007 was packed to the rafters - lifters came from all over to squat, bench, deadlift and press!
North West Equipped 2007 (15/12/2007)
This competition will forever be remembered as the famous battle of 'Bullock and Shaw'. Ian beat Joe to win the 90kg class.
BPC British 2007 (21/07/2007)
Photos from the final day of lifting where Andy Bolton narrowly failed a world record deadlift attempt of 460 kilos.
BPC Southern Qualifier 07 (15/02/2007)
Photos from the BPC Southern Qualifier 2007 held down sarf' in Windsor. Tony, Boar and PurplePaul all competed for the first time.
The Dungeon (01/01/2007)
The only real reason for this gallery is so we have a quick and easy place to access the Sparrow Legs/Millsy photo.
North West Equipped 2006 (15/12/2006)
The BWLA North West powerlifting championships for 2006 saw some terrific lifts from Mick Ashurst, Pete Ratcliffe and Sue Hollands.
Kokylaev Seminar (10/08/2006)
Rob, Olly and Baldie went upto Glasgow to see Russian strongman and olympic lifter Misha Kokylaev. He didn't disappoint.
Misc (01/08/2006)
A range of miscellaneous photos from Sugden and Adlington gyms taken over the past few years.
Englands Strongest Man 06 (12/07/2006)
Rob, Olly and Joni went to Stoke to watch England's Strongest Man 2006. This competition marked the arrival of the beast Jimmy Marku.
Sugden July 06 (01/07/2006)
A collection of photos from inside the Sugden gym displaying the original members training and bullshitting. This is where it all started!!
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