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Phils journey to the worlds

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philnoskoIconPhils journey to the worlds16-12-2007 @ 15:25 
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SQ 230, BP 155, DL 300
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Post Edited: 29.08.2008 @ 18:38 PM by philnosko
Hi guys. As some of you may know I have a journal on Muscletalk. Sivvy has been on at me for so long (and Titch now I think of it) so I have finally give in and started one here.

A bit about myself: I am 25, I weigh 100kgs, and am 5`11".
My best lifts to date are a 185 bench (155 raw), a 290 squat (210 raw) and a 302.5 deadlift (297.5 raw).
I compete in the bdfpa. I got 2nd in this years worlds, 2nd at europeans, 3rd at Brits, and 2nd at divisionals. My short term goals are to do the divisionals next year raw and beat 680kgs with something like a 225/157.5/305 split. My goals for next year are to get a 810 total equipped.

I think it is a good idea to have a journal here as it seems a lot of you are lifters, more so than mt. I appreciate any comments/advice/criticism on how I train so feel free to fire away.

The way I currently train is to work up to a 5x5 rep max, then do 3x3/1x3/1x1 over the coming weeks. My next comp is the southern counties/south east counties in Sunbury where hopefully I will meet Titch and Ian Kendrick and take Kendricks money off him for setting more pbs!

I will start my log by entering yesterdays training;

180x5x5 used a belt on these sets

Front squats

Standing calf raises

I forgot to mention that I train with Sivvy sometimes when he comes back to Andover from uni. I also train with John Mcnab who is a world junior champion in the 67.5kg category.
RobIcon...16-12-2007 @ 15:34 
Does f*ck all for
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Nice one Phil, quality lifts best of luck with the training!
JoniIcon...16-12-2007 @ 15:36 
left the country satisfied
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nice one! Certain folk have been keeping their fingers crossed to see this day Grin

I'm also on MT, or used to be, with veganlifter name, here just with my real name.

Welcome, and all the best for your training mate.

oh, and awesome deadlift!!! (i only read the raw numbers Wink )
HaydenIcon...16-12-2007 @ 17:34 
memories , like the corners of my mind ....
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Welcome mate. Good to have you on board.
TonyIcon...16-12-2007 @ 17:53 
Is partial to the odd bender.
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Good to see you here mate.
RickIcon...16-12-2007 @ 17:55 
I am a bench-only guy
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SQ 185, BP 175, DL 235
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Good to have you here. That means there's only one log I need to go to MT to read now (other tham my own Happy).
CarlIcon...16-12-2007 @ 19:03 
Loves rugby league ...
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SQ 230, BP 180.5, DL 262.5
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me 2 rick, but we can hope

woooo, finally, you may get some peace on monday now lol

oh, all phils vids are on my username on youtube
CarlIcon...16-12-2007 @ 19:06 
Loves rugby league ...
Member 13, 14460 posts
SQ 230, BP 180.5, DL 262.5
673.0 kgs @ 128kgs UnEq

or for the lazy
just_tIcon...16-12-2007 @ 19:08 
Member 164, 5028 posts
SQ 170, BP 135, DL 230
535.0 kgs @ 84kgs UnEq
crazy bent over rows, said it before and ill say it again!
marcIcon...16-12-2007 @ 19:20 
Dancing queenfeel the beat from the tambourine
Member 84, 2413 posts
SQ 225, BP 170, DL 275
670.0 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
welcome aboard mateHappy hard luck on having to train with carlGrin
nicoIcon...16-12-2007 @ 19:30 
just smoked Ed and Neil - EAT MY GOAL
Member 120, 1576 posts
welcome phil
IainKendrickIcon...16-12-2007 @ 20:11 
some nice relaxing jazz.
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Nice one pal!
BoarIcon...16-12-2007 @ 20:20 
Member 5, 25474 posts
good man phil !!

SB is the journal capital of the UK !! (and france)

your a great lifter, long may it continue
BazIcon...16-12-2007 @ 22:59 
Weak training is still training.
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SQ 135, BP 110, DL 195
440.0 kgs @ 78kgs UnEq
Great lifts Phil
CarlIcon...17-12-2007 @ 00:51 
Loves rugby league ...
Member 13, 14460 posts
SQ 230, BP 180.5, DL 262.5
673.0 kgs @ 128kgs UnEq
marc said:
hard luck on having to train with carlGrin

its the best thing that has ever happened to him, ever

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