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» Britain's Strongest Man U80kg 2021 (Go to post)01-04-2021 @ 13:10 
SteBaker said:cant believe i remembered my password its been 7 years since ive been on lol.

Hopefully going watch this one being on my doorstep, well done Luke on sorting this U80kg comp out and bringing it back from the dead. The prize money is insane Happy

Going to be interesting to see how much more powerful the u80kg lads are since my days.

Much Love Mini Viking the original U80KG champ lol

Big Shout out to JT and Will hope your well boys

Watching? What about the comeback??? Id take the day off work to watch that!!!
» There and Back Again (Go to post)16-09-2016 @ 12:28 
Weds 14th Sept

Seated shoulder press with 20kg KB
Lat raises with 8kg KB
Rear Delt pulls with 20kg KB
Variety of KB curls

Thurs 15th Sept

Field trip with work... 1 hour Spin class (very happy with how calf felt on this!)

Fri 16th Sept

Almost walking properly today!

Med Ball chest passes
Power Bag rows
KB snap rows
Med ball ab throws

Example of some stuff...
» There and Back Again (Go to post)16-09-2016 @ 12:20 
PeteHodgson said:Boo. Hope the calfs not too bad.

Cheers mate... better than I first thought... 55/45 in favour of being ready for next match I reckon.
» There and Back Again (Go to post)12-09-2016 @ 19:59 
Mon 5th

Football practice (full contact)

Weds 7th

football practice (light)

Fri 9th

Clean & Press:

116kg: x 1 x 3 sets
81kg: x 3 x 3 sets

Power Snatch

81kg: x 3 x 3

Sun 11th

Match Day

Pulled calf near start of first half... proper pinged this time, been tight a long time
Lost 36-0
Waited a long time for this moment and it did not go to plan!

Mon 12th

Limped into the gym to train with ste-son Joe (who is also one of our running running backs!)...


112.5kg: 5 x 5
72.5kg x 21

Pulldown Machine

80kg x 10 x 4 sets

Low Row

70kg x 8 x 4 sets

Upper Body Ergometer

1 min + 10 secs "power" (resistance shoots up for 10 secs) x 5
» There and Back Again (Go to post)03-09-2016 @ 16:26 
Sat 3rd Sept

Oly Ring Chins

60 reps in total

30kg wheel curls 6 sets of 10
» There and Back Again (Go to post)02-09-2016 @ 21:45 
Back from a week away in Spain...

New routine to fit in with new football schedule will be:

Mon - practice
Wed - practice
Fri - strength training (alternating A - deads/laying press & B - squat/overhead press)
Sun - match day

Fri 2nd Sept

Deads (belt n straps): 261kg x 4
Speed Deads: 171kg x 3 x 3

Floor Swiss Bar Press: 111kg x 4
Speed Floor Swiss Press: 81kg x 3 x 3
» There and Back Again (Go to post)25-08-2016 @ 12:28 
Thursday 25th Aug

Squat (sleeves on, no belt)

151kg x 3 SUPER-SET with Oly Ring Chins x 3: 10 rounds

Push Press

111kg x 2 SUPER_SET with Oly Ring Chins x 2: 5 rounds

5kg each hand: 50 lateral raises into 50 hammer curls each side (flushing!)
» There and Back Again (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 15:54 
Tuesday 23rd Aug

Experimenting with adding bands today...

Strict Press

81kg + blue band x 2 x 5 sets


181kg + blue band x 2 x 5 sets

Floor Press

100kg + blue band x 3 x 4 sets

Hang High Pull

80kg + blue band x 3 x 4 sets (these were a challenge!)
» There and Back Again (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 10:56 
Mon 22nd Aug

Football practice 2.5 hours, not too brutal as no scrimmage at the end tonight and most of the contact stuff done against pads instead of people.
» There and Back Again (Go to post)19-08-2016 @ 18:11 
Rodger said:Squat still pretty Strong Ben! Cool

Cheers mate... strength when I am fresh is not too bad... hard work when fooked from football though.
» There and Back Again (Go to post)19-08-2016 @ 18:10 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Hello Ben Happy

Hi Wayne! Grin
» There and Back Again (Go to post)19-08-2016 @ 18:09 
taz said:American football team in Morecambe, quality.

I remember you saying you wanted to have a go at playing it.

Offensive line, can see you playing there to be fair. Very valuable position, when I played running back it was always good when offensive line was good. If not trying to go through a non-existent is never nice Happy

Good sessions as well mate

Still need more players mate if you fancy a comeback!
» There and Back Again (Go to post)19-08-2016 @ 18:09 
Missed practice last night... which left me fresher for for the gym... began "Operation 360" down at MST...

Fri 19th Aug

Deads (belt n straps)

300kg x 3

Raw Speed Deads

160kg x 3 x 3


140kg x 3

Speed Bench

80kg x 3 x 3


BW x 5 x 3 sets
» There and Back Again (Go to post)16-08-2016 @ 19:29 
Monday 15th August

Football Practice: 2.5 hours

Tuesday 16th August:

Rest (feeling ruined)
» There and Back Again (Go to post)13-08-2016 @ 17:38 
Back to logging my training as I failed at keeping a paper-based log.

Never did quite do Crossfit but did get a bit fitter and down to 112kg.Currently 114-115kg and playing American Football for the recently founded Morecambe Bay Storm. Main position is on the line as an offensive guard (right-side), so my job is to protect the QB and block for the running backs and basically having multiple physical battles with the opposing defense.

This week...

Monday 8th August

Football practice 2.5 hours, hard intense session

Tuesday 9th August


Wednesday 10th August


Thursday 11th August

Football Practice, 2.5 hours, easy session

Friday 12th August

Garden session (have quite a bit at home now)

Squat (belt & wraps)

221kg x 2 x 5 sets

Push Press

111kg x 2 x 6 sets

Sat 13th August

Ring Pull-ups x 5 / Press-ups x 10 / Air squats x 15: 9 rounds in 20 mins

9kg Med ball throws (laying on back) into press-ups

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