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u80kg strongman tries to suck less in 2014

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fctilidieIcon...18-11-2013 @ 20:20 
Grandad Goatse
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SQ 120, BP 110, DL 125
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Well done at the comp
MotorbikerIcon...18-11-2013 @ 22:36 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
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fctilidie said:Well done at the comp

Thanks. I was very pleased with my improvement on the events.

Less impressed with the worlds ugliest deadlift form but at the end of the day they went up and i feel fine afterwards so not too bad.

Will be heading back to that gym to work on going heavier on the events and working more on speed at transitions etc with a lower weight.

Only problem is i wanted to Axle deadlift as well but both the gyms axle bars got bent during the Inters 250kg Axle deadlift.
MotorbikerIcon...19-11-2013 @ 13:32 
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SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Signed up for East Midland's Strongest man 2014 u80kg Class.

Plan is to get awesome and smash this.

Event 1:
-Max axle bar deadlift (30 seconds per attempt)
3 nominated lifts after the starting weight (No straps or suits!). Starting weight is mandatory. Deadlift will be from normal height.

U80kg Men starting weight - 160kg

This is a bit heavy for an axle starting weight but sure i can get there as have done 140*5 on a fat grip deadlift.

Event 2:
-Floor to overhead reps (75 seconds limit)
U80kg Men - 60kg thin log

Lightweight! Got 7 at 65kg two days ago so would want to be at a solid 10+ and getting them quick.

Event 3:
-Rope pull to prowler push (75 seconds limit)
Seated pull for 20 metres straight into a 20 metre push back.
U80kg Men - Prowler + 100kg

Need to work on my rope pull as this was my weakest event last weekend and it killed my overall placement.

Event 4:
-Keg carry and lift (75 seconds limit)
This event is a bit different! This will involve carrying a keg 20 metres and then lifting it overhead, and repeating this without putting the keg down. Maximum reps in the time limit wins, reps will be split timed in case of ties.
U80kg Men - 60kg

Never tried pressing a keg but the owner of the strongman gym i train at is also entering in u105kg so going to get help from him in pressing this keg.

Event 5:
-Tyre flips to farmers walk (75 seconds limit)
5 flips of the tyre and then 20 metres of farmers walk.
U80kg Men - 180kg Tyre, Farmers 85kg each hand

Done some tyre flips before but will work on technique to get it done fast.

Never been that heavy with farmers tbh but will work up to it and try and still keep the speed up.

Event 6:
-Crucifix hold (No time limit)
U80kg Men - 8kg per hand

Have worked up to 30ish seconds with this already. Is nice since i can do it at my gym at the end of any workout.
MotorbikerIcon...20-11-2013 @ 21:51 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Crap day.

bw*7, 40*5, 77.5*3, 97.5*1p,
110 * 1, 120*1,
130*f, 115*f,
meh, legs still not great after comp. The 115 fail was weird though. 130 was close. Got halfway up then died.

70*5, 100*4, 120*2, 140*1, 1,
150*1, 160*1,
170*1, 1, 1 ,
160*1, 140*1

working on form. Still sucks.
Annoys me that it sucks but probably tied legs not helping as it will force me into a stiff legged position.

+18kg*6, 6, 5

Easy pb on dips. Lol.

Still feel depressed about the session which is stupid since its two days after a comp that I went completely to my max efforts.
MotorbikerIcon...22-11-2013 @ 19:32 
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SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Still feeling crap in general and achey and headaches etc etc but went gym anyway. ..

Bit of a piss about day as I haven't been training normally since the comp.

20 * 8, 40 * 5, 70*5, 100*3, 120*2,
140*3, easy. Video.
Was supposed to be 137 this week then the jump to 140 but I got peer pressured into it by smalls who was training at my gym again today. Yay for peer pressure.

non paused
Alright. Re introducing heavy belted sets on Mondays.

20*8, 40*4, 50*3,
tough. Warm ups were fine but workset was just crap.

+ 22.5kg*5,

Just got it. Meh. Alright.

straight bar pull ups
bw*6, 5, 5

pissing about with curls etc.

8kg * 37 seconds.
Got this in a comp in March. Want over a minute by then.
MotorbikerIcon...22-11-2013 @ 19:37 
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SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
140 Pausies triple video

Featuring Smalls as background man barely paying attention to my awesome PB that he pushed me into.

First two reps were piss easy. This tough but done.
JNTIcon...22-11-2013 @ 21:09 
Member 4773, 192 posts
SQ 160, BP 116, DL 215
491.0 kgs @ 76kgs UnEq
Really well done dude! Awesome squats
MotorbikerIcon...22-11-2013 @ 23:05 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq

That 12th rep of the 160kg Deadlift is a true "Do i even neck?"




JNT said:Really well done dude! Awesome squats

Thanks. Also Thanks to Smalls for pushing me into it. I would have been happy to hit 137*3 if he wasn't there.
MotorbikerIcon...26-11-2013 @ 21:44 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
20 * 8, 60 * 5, 80*3, 110*3,
belt on first hole, 130*3, 135*3,
belt 2nd hole, 140*3, 145*3,
1st hole, 145*2, 147*2, f

belt was suffocating me on 2nd hole.

Lol, belt squatting is very weird.
130*3, Bleh, not as good today as I wanted. Knackered me as well.

Will do 3 at 147 next week then light Pausies afterwards. Then work up in weight each week.
20*5, 30*5, 40*3,
50*5, 5, 5, 5, 5, Tough, feeling crap.

Db row
26*5, 42*10, 10, 10

These were alright I suppose. Grip tough.

trap bar deads with bands with Keith,
40*6, 60*5, 80*5, 90*3,
100*2 reps* 12 sets, 30 secs rest,
bands heavy at top. +70kg says Keith.Nothing at the floor. Interesting tbh.

Did one rep at 100 after the bands were taken off and i almost cleaned the bloody trap bar.

Can't beleive that i only got 5kg more(145 instead of 140) for an unpaused belted set than i did for a paused beltless set of squats. Wtf...

This is the second time in the last 12 months i've put on my belt though. Need to learn how to use it better and use it more often.
MotorbikerIcon...28-11-2013 @ 22:40 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Ok, my motorbike has broken so i can't get to the gym at my usual time.

Can't go straight from work and can't leave work early.

Had dinner.(half 6-7) Took two scoops of Kinetica Prefuel,NICEST preworkout ever. Delicious and awesome.

Then took the train in listening to eye of the Tiger. Train at like 7:15

Got psyched up to hell to go smash this workout.

Got into gym at 7:40 after long walk from train station and changed.

Gym packed with noobs. Bro doing 70kg Deadlifts with straps. Other bro half squatting 60kg with the tampon on. It was embarrassing. Luckily there was a spare bar/rack so i got to work.


20 * 8, 40 * 5, 70*4, 90*2,
126*1f, hit fail rail. Hadn't adjusted it and it was slightly too high. FFs
126*1, 1, 1. Working on slower descent a bit as often i divebomb my fronties.
These were all lovely. Some sort of reps PB. Wink

Then i decided to try to beat my old 5RM of 107kg. Decided to go for 111kg.

This was the best set ever. Did four reps. First three nice and easy and controlled, fourth was tough.
Descended fifth too fast and failed it, i got up an inch then stopped and sank back to the bottom posiiton.

Then sat at the bottom and thought to myself.
" This weight is nothing. This is crap, I can't fail this. I have pausie frontie'd 9kg more. I will not allow this failure"

So I summoned the power of Heman and powered up with a mighty roar. Estimate time of pause 5-7 seconds...
111*5kg 5RM PB In b4 i get told off for "cheating" by pausing down the bottom for a little rest. Wink

DB bencn, no racks free to barbell bench.
Spent 5 minutes putting all the DBs in the right place since some idiots had put almost all the 22s to 32s in the wrong places.
16*5, 22*6, 24*6, 28*6,
30*10, 10, 9,
Nnice weight for 3*10. Good guess ish. Maybe could have squeezed out that last rep but not used to DB benching.

Double Overhand Grip
70*5, 100*3, 120*2, 140*1, 155*1, just locked out then grip failed(would probs fail in a comp but gym lift it was fine). doh pb by 5kg,

mixed grip
170*1, FLEW up
180*1, Comfy
191*1, 1kg pb. Felt nice,
195*1, 5kg pb.
This was quick off the floor then slowed down just above the knee and i slowly locked it out. Was tough. Would have probably failed if i tried ego lifting 200 instead but next time maybe.

Deadlift doh hold for time, (Just for grip practise)
120kg*22 seconds.
Terrible. Expecting 30+

Then I had to run the kilometre ish to the train Station. Just made the train. Legs then cramped up majorly on the train.

OVerall, Good session. Poor start with fronties fail but i recovered nicely for some PBs.
SawyersIcon...28-11-2013 @ 22:59 
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Nice log, not come across it before (I think). Good to see some more lightweights on here! Happy - and well done on the comp.
MotorbikerIcon...28-11-2013 @ 23:34 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Sawyers said:Nice log, not come across it before (I think). Good to see some more lightweights on here! Happy - and well done on the comp.

Thanks. I've only been logging here for a few weeks so probably not seen it before.

I hadn't seen your log either but just gone and read some now, sounds like a nice session with the stones/logs. And some strong sumos. I've never seriously tried sumo but have been told i should due to my leverages.

The other light guys on here who i'm following are Vausie, grandad Goatse and drew. Not sure who else i'm missing but these seem to be the main sub 80kg guys i've come across.
MotorbikerIcon...30-11-2013 @ 20:18 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
ATG Beltless Squats
20 * 8, 60 * 4, 3 80*3, 100 * 2, 110 * 2, 120*1,
130*5, 5, 5, 5, 5
long breaks as chatting with Sam. Lol. 5*5 pb though.

20 * 8, 40 * 4,
Not feeling it today. Very slow. No power left.

Push press
Haven't been doing these enough lately so did an easy 5.

DB Row
42*15, 12+3,
Meh, Grip sucks

10kg * 25 seconds,
6kg*43 seconds.
Happy with these. Comp at 8kg in March.


oly bar*1,
10kg db* lots
SimeonIcon...30-11-2013 @ 20:43 
tight in the hole
Member 2057, 3121 posts
SQ 205, BP 140, DL 260
605.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
needs to learn to use belt... Does beltless squats anyway
MotorbikerIcon...30-11-2013 @ 21:22 
Member 4115, 1247 posts
SQ 195, BP 140, DL 220
555.0 kgs @ 82.5kgs UnEq
Simeon said:needs to learn to use belt... Does beltless squats anyway

Doing belted Squats monday for heavy sets.

This is just volume day...

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