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FlashIconFlash A-ah27-11-2011 @ 15:22 
King of the impossible
Member 3130, 2082 posts
SQ 310, BP 200, DL 310
820.0 kgs @ 85kgs UnEq
Hello Sugden my name is Danny Ashcroft, better known as Flash and have been training and competing for just over a year. I'm orgionally from Morecambe but have been living in Loughboough for over 6 years now. My comp history includes Olympic Dragon II, Midlands u90kg, Superstength u80kg (ANTS) and Olymic Dragon III. I have been training with JT and the crew at the container and the cauldron during this time and have finally been bullied in to joining Sugden and logging my training. Hoping to get some good feedback and helpful advice from the beasts of Sugden.

I've got a full book full of training but can't be arsed writing it out so am just gonna post the last weeks stuff coz I had a max week at the end of a tough 5 week programme. So here goes ....................

Tuesday 22/11

Strict Press

Bar x loads
50kg x6 (2 sets)
60kg x5 (2 sets)
70kg x3
75kg x1
80kg x3
82.5kg x3 (2 sets)

Barbell 1 motions (working on speed on this coz I felt like s**t)

50kg x4 (4 sets)

Strict Press Pin Lockouts

60kg x6
80kg x6 (3 sets)

Tate Press (Dumbells)

16kg x8
34kg x6 (3 sets)

Standing Straight arm pushdown

20kg x10
35kg x10
40kg x8

Left it there for the day coz I felt like arse and was nearly thowing up after every set.

Wednesday 23/11

Front Squat (Clean Grip)

bar xloads
60kg x3 (2 sets)
100kg x3 (2 sets)
120kg x1
Put Belt on
140kg x1
150kg x1
160kg xf
160kg x1 PB!

So happy with this squat esecially after failing it first time

Olympic Back Squat

100kg x3
120kg x2
140kg x2
160kg x1
180kg x1
140kg x5

Plan was to go over 200kg but lack of spotters and fatigue in legs meant I had to call it a day.

Good Mornings

80kg x6 (3 sets)

Reverse Lunges

60kg x6 each leg (3 sets)

Bulgarian Split Squat with barbell

55kg x6 each leg (3 sets)


bw x10
bw + 10kg plate x10 (2 sets)

Then finished on a core circuit of barbell roll outs, V-sit ups, plank and crunches

Thursday 24/11

Power clean

Worked up to 90kg for some singles, use these as a speed exercise and a warm up to the rest of the session

Push Press

60kg x5
70kg x3
80kg x2
90kg x1
100kg x1
105kg xf
105kg x1

Behind the neck push press

90kg x1 (3 sets)
100kg x1
105kg x1

Snatch Press

60kg x6
65kg x6 (2 sets)

Face Pulls

Full Stack x15 (3 sets)

Hammer front raises

22kg each hand x6 (3 sets)

Lateral raises

16kg x6 (3 sets)

Then finished with hanging leg raises superset with hanging knee raises

Friday 25/11

15" deadlift

bar x6
60kg x3
100kg x3 (2 sets)
140kg x3
180kg x2
220kg x1
250kg x1
270kg x1 PB
280kg x1 PB - So hapy with this co never maxed out on this height and really worked hard to finish this pull

Defecit deadlift on a 5 1/2" box

60kg x3
100kg x2
140kg x1
180kg x1
210kg x1 PB


100kg x10 (3sets)

Bent over barbell row

100kg x10 (3 sets)

Lat Pulldown

100kg x6 (3 sets)

Narrown grip lat pulldown

85kg x6
95kg x6 (2 sets)

Standing abs

30kg x15 (3 sets)

Then finished with some gun work and left the gym with a serious back and gun pump and some healthy PB's. Niiiiiice

Saturday 26/11 @the Cauldron HTC

Was always gonna be a tough session after 2 1/2 hours sleep thanks to my shift at work dagging on but got some work in so all good in the long term

Farmers Walk

Took 4 trips of 20m with the minging 100kg suitcases that will be used at this years Midlands u105kg. Famers is a huge weakness of mine so really looking to work on these every week.

Strict log

47kg x6 (2 sets)
67kg x3 (2 sets)
77kg x1 (2 sets)
87kg x1 - this was a grinder so left it there, my body just wanted bed at this point. Considering I had a PB of 94.5kg on this last week I was annoyed but put it down to fatigue.

Stones (No tacky)

80kg to 45 1/2" platform x9 in 75 seconds

Inch Replica dumbells

50kg x2 (4 sets)
56kg x1 (3 sets)
Then for fun I cleaned the inch which weighs 78kg. After this my bed was defo calling so I called it a day. Hopefully get more sleep and won't train on the friday next events session so I can post some more impressive numbers for all the Sugdener's.

So thats my weeks training and will hopefully be able to keep on top of this. Like I said any help, advice or constructive critique would be most appreciated. Oh and any of the guys that train at my place and know how to get the videos of my youtube on to here please help a bother out. Looking at you JT, Skip or JH. Cheers.
pikey_danIcon...27-11-2011 @ 15:26 
Dropped a bollock somewhere
Member 808, 1241 posts
SQ 225, BP 120, DL 250
595.0 kgs @ 98kgs UnEq
About time flash
Nice sessions aswell
BoarIcon...27-11-2011 @ 15:27 
Walk your talk
Member 5, 25497 posts
great stuff flash !! i have done 3 of those comps with you .... are you in for BSM u80 ? i would presume you will do pretty well !

all the best !
shanejerIcon...27-11-2011 @ 15:42 
Member 1307, 14148 posts
SQ 340, BP 210, DL 350
900.0 kgs @ 99kgs UnEq
Hey mate !!

Good training and PBS will follow Happy
Paul_DIcon...27-11-2011 @ 15:50 
Hey mate, my name is Paul Dudley
Member 632, 3625 posts
SQ 200, BP 155, DL 282.5
637.5 kgs @ 77kgs UnEq
Good to see your training mate. Strong stuff.
ursusIcon...27-11-2011 @ 15:58 
Man up and have a fuckin coffee
Member 2086, 9728 posts
SQ 340, BP 252.5, DL 300
892.5 kgs @ 158kgs UnEq
Alright Dan nice to see you are no longer just a lurker on the forum ,see you on Saturday mate
JHIcon...27-11-2011 @ 16:01 
Member 1739, 1268 posts
SQ 365, BP 245, DL 332.5
942.5 kgs @ 105kgs Eq
Just copy every thing after the = sign in between the YouTube tags.
MrSmallIcon...27-11-2011 @ 16:37 
Gone and easily forgotten.......
Member 331, 22342 posts
SQ 185, BP 100, DL 230
515.0 kgs @ 85kgs UnEq
welcome mate!
SkipIcon...27-11-2011 @ 16:39 
too large
Member 2411, 824 posts
SQ 240, BP 162.5, DL 300
702.5 kgs @ 109kgs UnEq
Alright pal! Good work so far.

Cracking lift, had EVERYone in the gym looking!

Might be handy for you -

See you Monday
PAGANIcon...27-11-2011 @ 16:48 
I took about 4 out of Sooty's bottom
Member 685, 8719 posts
SQ 225, BP 150, DL 290
665.0 kgs @ 93kgs UnEq
Strong fronties mate Happy
BoarIcon...27-11-2011 @ 16:50 
Walk your talk
Member 5, 25497 posts
i was thinking ...i can see the dwarf ...but where is the screaming ...... and then it came .....
vausieIcon...27-11-2011 @ 16:58 
in real life im massive like big fridge
Member 1317, 7144 posts
SQ 140, BP 85, DL 180
405.0 kgs @ 74kgs UnEq
very nice deadlift pal very strong
jtIcon...27-11-2011 @ 18:19 
old age traveller
Member 332, 7827 posts
Post Edited: 27.11.2011 @ 18:21 PM by jt
flash is alive!
bigbadbishIcon...27-11-2011 @ 19:22 
A World class farmer
Member 576, 3429 posts
SQ 350, BP 200, DL 400
950.0 kgs @ 136kgs UnEq
Daniel G-Ashcroft has landed!
WiegieboardIcon...27-11-2011 @ 20:22 
as crimson as my last victims underclothing.....
Member 899, 11191 posts
SQ 180, BP 122.5, DL 190
492.5 kgs @ 118kgs UnEq
You're strong as an ox man! Very impressive!

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