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» 2012 Bodypower - the no BS thread (Go to post)18-02-2012 @ 21:14 
FatHubble said:
I had to save it as a picture and then print it off as a picture rather than a word document..
Sent my form and entry money off Grin looking forward to this one.. Does anyone know when all events will be finalised and when a starting list of competitors will start being shown?

Thanks mate. I ended up re-typing it out. I didn't want to miss out on it. Posted last monday so fingers crossed i'm in for my first comp. Just the novice but got to start somewhere.Happy
» FARMERS FOR SALE (Go to post)18-02-2012 @ 16:28 
Villa_Ste said:
damn you

Nice bits of kit, you missed out there Roll-Eyes

Cheers Olli too i'm well happy with them. Cool
» FARMERS FOR SALE (Go to post)17-02-2012 @ 21:48 
Flynno said:will have them only if you send em ........

I'm picking them up tomorrow Tongue
» Do-Win Shoes, any good? (Go to post)16-02-2012 @ 16:49 
NoClue said:
Yeah I know its not good form, something at home is a great idea, don't have room inside but do have a load of hard standing out the back, maybe I could get a used rack from somewhere, would be great for the pressing too. Im going to have a look about.
I need to improve my squat badly as legs are well behind so it needs the extra effort to sort out of the gym

Where are you from. Maybe someone on here knows of a better gym close to you.
» Do-Win Shoes, any good? (Go to post)16-02-2012 @ 15:39 
NoClue said:Just did a legs session with them, duno if it was me or the shoes but could not goet on today, felt alot of pressure in kneees on sqauts. But then I am using a smith machine, my free weight warms ups felt fine.
See how it goes with deadlifts, and pressing tommorow.

Why do warm ups with free weights then go onto smiths machine?
» First Strongman Competition (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 20:56 
Benvie said:
Spider tack is good but I don't think that it is enough better than wax to justify the difference in price, best bet is to try and get some of the black hair wax, it is about as good as you can get.

Interesting. What make would the black be? Sure it'll be about on the net somewhere.
» First Strongman Competition (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 19:37 
Turps or wd40 removes it. Also i've been told spider tack is about the best money can buy. I use hair wax for training, but was going to buy some spider tack for comps as u need all the help you can get when it counts.
» First Strongman Competition (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 19:06 
Stuff to remove tacky, rock climbing shoes if there's a truck pull.
» Airbag test.... (Go to post)14-02-2012 @ 16:38 
Thats the funniest thing i've seen in a while. Grin
» WSM 2012 (Go to post)13-02-2012 @ 15:56 
Wherever it is i'll be quite happy to help crew it if they'll pay my expenses Roll-Eyes
» Torn cartilage in knee (Go to post)12-02-2012 @ 10:14 
Post Edited: 12.02.2012 @ 10:14 AM by bertie
Double post Embarassed
» Torn cartilage in knee (Go to post)12-02-2012 @ 10:13 
beza said:Thank's for that mate. I was in two mind's because iv'e heard from a few people your knee can hurt more after you've had it done and you'll be like an old man every time it's cold etc lol. Might get it done and out the way then. Don't want it in my head for the rest of my life if you know what i mean.

Yeah i know exactly what you mean, tbh either way its going to give you a bit trouble in the future, but from experience mine's a whole lot better and stronger now. I'm repping now as much weight squatting without wraps than i could with wraps before. Just when you get it done dont stay idle, the physio told me i could do whatever i wanted aslong as it didn't hurt, so i went straight to the gym and did some squatting lol.
» Torn cartilage in knee (Go to post)12-02-2012 @ 09:50 
I tore the cartlidge in my left knee last june, took 4 weeks for mri scan and they decided to operate and tidy it up. The surgeon told me if i wanted to train until my op it would hurt but do it no worse so i did. I had the op on 7th october wich was keyhole surgery. I was walking unaided within hours and back in the gym 5 days later doing leg raises, however the physio told me i could do that as i was past the point of her helping me, she also said though that she'd seen a man the same day still on crutches 3 weeks after the same op. The surgeon said my recovery was so fast due to me keeping training until the op.

I've since put 20kg on my pb squat. My knee still clicks now and again where which is painfull when it does, but its not that often it happens.

My advise is if you're offered the op take it, but do keep squatting if not only just light, it will help you recover sooner, well that and GHRP-6 helped me.
» Window Cleaner banging on my door !!! (Go to post)11-02-2012 @ 17:59 
Hide behind the sofa and shout he's not in.Roll-Eyes
» 2012 Bodypower - the no BS thread (Go to post)11-02-2012 @ 17:44 
Got a form via email off Denny, thing is i cant save it to my computer so i can fill it in. Can anyone tell me what to open it with to do this.

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