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» Is there anywhere to practice strong man events around leeds? (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 03:57 
Junction gym at Wakefield mate they have everything you'll need.
» rock climbing shoes (Go to post)16-03-2013 @ 17:08 
I went to go outdoors tried a load on to find what suited me then found them on the net 20 cheaper.
» Kit for sale! (Go to post)16-03-2013 @ 17:06 
Dolly said:I'm in Oakham, next to Rutland water mate

Too far mate sorry. Don't suppose you're coming up north anytime?
» Kit for sale! (Go to post)16-03-2013 @ 11:53 
Where in the country are you mate. I'd be interested in the oly weights.
» Wanted (Go to post)13-03-2013 @ 18:32 
If a bloke called TravisFandango offers you one say no mate. Grin
» Northern Masters strongman challange (Go to post)09-03-2013 @ 18:17 
scrim said:There are a few names on the list I don't know and hopefully a few more peaple will enter the comp but at the moment my prediction is 1st Ben France 2 Billy Little 3rd Rick Perkins

Can't say I agree mate. The way were starting to push each others training you're in for a podium. Cool
» Strongman training in Spennymoor co.durham (Go to post)05-03-2013 @ 12:33 
big_al_mcgee said:Its Merrington lane, spennymoor,DL16 7RY co,durham

Thanks for that mate I'll have a look through one Sunday soon.
» Strongman training in Spennymoor co.durham (Go to post)04-03-2013 @ 22:02 
Nice one Allen its good to see new gyms getting strongman kit to train with. Do you have a postcode for my sat nav mate, hope to get over for a training session soon.
» PLing/Strongman gym in Sunderland (Go to post)26-02-2013 @ 14:28 
There's no strongman in Sunderland. There's Eddy Elwoods in Horden which is close, or Spartans at Consett, or J P Fitness in Spennymoor is starting doing strongman this Sunday with Big Allan McGee helping to coach people there.
» Masters comp (Go to post)17-02-2013 @ 09:24 
Post Edited: 17.02.2013 @ 09:25 AM by bertie
You'll need to reply to the thread it's self mate.
» Where can I buy Horse Meat? (Go to post)13-02-2013 @ 16:40 
bigwmd said:What's the best cut on a horse? Maybe an obvious question but can you get fillet?

Yeah you can get fillet and it is the most lean and tender cut.
» Cheap 'all in one' (Go to post)07-02-2013 @ 16:00 
Jacko24 said:

Replied mate. Happy
» Cheap 'all in one' (Go to post)06-02-2013 @ 18:39 
Luuuuuukey said:Will using a slightly out of date protein powder if it's never been opened kill me?

Bit tight for cash (just bought a car) so looking a short date deals.

You don't need short date stuff. I've just sourced some optimum nutrition serious mass for 25 for 5.45kgs bags. If you're anywhere near County Durham feel free to pm me and I can get you some.
» Inzer lever belt bolts (Go to post)06-02-2013 @ 18:35 
1369phil said:
Perfection - both long and short bolts work - I have used the long belt (as it's the same as the inzer provided one)

Nice one. You can get some big pb's now. Happy
» Inzer lever belt bolts (Go to post)06-02-2013 @ 15:21 
1369phil said:Massive thanks to Bertie - bolts arrived today, from the kindness of his heart

You're welcome mate. Did they fit okay?

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