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» ankle/shin pain (Go to post)06-02-2013 @ 05:38 
I used to get shin splints when playing rugby. Get some good footware and massage you're shins with deep heat before a run helps lots too.
» Tacky alternative? (Go to post)01-02-2013 @ 19:42 
Yeah the wax they use for hair removal mate.
» Atlas Stone trade (Go to post)31-01-2013 @ 16:35 
Tacky is the way forward you'll be able to get it easy with some on.
» Inzer lever belt bolts (Go to post)30-01-2013 @ 18:43 
All lever belts I've seen have the same bolts in. I've some spare if you want them.
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)29-01-2013 @ 13:20 
Strengthshop said:
The spider tack light is your best bet for really cold temperatures. Cool weather is good for the cold too.
Fair different between the comp grade and light spider tack, light is just softer, a lot easier to clean off. Not as sticky as the comp grade, but ideal for training and cold weather.

Thanks I'll put an order in next week mate.
» Barrells (Go to post)29-01-2013 @ 13:18 
Post Edited: 29.01.2013 @ 13:18 PM by bertie
It all depends on the size of the kegs. Mark Lawson has a 168kilo barrel and I'm fairly sure it's just filled with water.
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)28-01-2013 @ 14:10 
What tacky would you recommend for use in the winter mate, also in all honesty are any of them any good in the temps were getting at the moment. Oh and is there much difference between spider tack competition and light?
» does it put you off? (Go to post)27-01-2013 @ 20:53 
Hell no it doesn't put me off. I'm 37 over 20 stone and only 5'7" so genetics are all against me, and age as this will be only my second season in the sport. For me this is all about personal goals, I've always been fat but slowly am getting a bit better shape to me, that's one plus side to it. Another is I enjoy the training and competing gives you extra drive to train harder. So my goals in the sport is not to reach the top of the world but to just improve on the past. Happy
» Biggest atlas stone in the uk? (Go to post)26-01-2013 @ 20:49 
herman said:Big concrete balls are often used in civic architecture, you know around town squares and stuff. I wonder how much they weigh and if they are actually fixed to the ground?

Perhaps someone could walk up and lift one.

There's some of these in bishop Auckland town centre close to where I live. They must be 300+ kilo.
» Best Deadlift Suit (Go to post)14-01-2013 @ 20:26 
vausie said:
I did Unhappy

Me too I ended up buying a Titan off eBay and stitching the Velcro straps from the strength shop suit to it to make it like a metal suit.
» Best Deadlift Suit (Go to post)14-01-2013 @ 19:19 
Funky_monkey said:

Under 20 for a suit. Can't go wrong, just train in it to get used to a suit.

He'd spend more time stitching it than wearing it.
» Diet-Nutrition app for iphone (Go to post)14-01-2013 @ 16:42 
Post Edited: 14.01.2013 @ 16:44 PM by bertie
Thanks for these. I think the spark people could be the best for her as it gives her simple healthy recipes to follow. Cool
» Diet-Nutrition app for iphone (Go to post)14-01-2013 @ 13:05 
Does anyone know of a good diet-nutrition app for the iPhone? It's for my wife who had a baby 6 month ago and is struggling to loose the extra pounds she put on. She is doing a fair bit running and exercising to try and burn calories but I honestly think her problems stem from not knowing what to eat to help herself.

I know this sounds a bit silly as I should be able to help, however I've always been fat so would be the worst person in the world to give her advise lol. Happy
» Is bacon good for you? (Go to post)17-10-2012 @ 16:52 
king_mob said:
Fair enough mate and my original comment wasnt intended to run down your chosen profession. I realise that the meat industry does have animal welfare high but to be it always seems the thin end of the wedge, at the end of the day something is being killed, which i dont consider to be moral, personally.

That's fine I didn't take anything from you're original comment. I was just interested in you're true reasons for it.

I also understand you're moral stance on the issue, however the way I look at it is if we all didn't eat meat the majority of farm animals would still be killed and even some breeds wiped out, but they'd just be killed or no reason but to make space for growing crops and other foods for us. In a way by eating them were giving them some life before that which they'd not have if we all were vegans.
» Is bacon good for you? (Go to post)17-10-2012 @ 16:45 
MattD90 said:
The main problems IMO arise at the farm end. If you're gonna have a welfare problem it's more than likely at the farm/transport end* Interestingly I'd probably say the part with least flaws is probably the slaughter end, nowadays everything is very standardised and there's very little room for f**k ups.
* SO what i mean is,
Animals being transported when they shouldnt
Transport being inadequate for the number of animals/purpose
Unnecessary stress/poor execution of loading
As for farm factors take your pick, depends on the animal and the system but none are without flaws.

I agree with you on the farmers, however the majority of them are getting better, being as prices are that high they value them and there welfare more. As for transport it's come on leaps and bounds and you hardly see any crowding like went on years ago.

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