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» Training Mojo (Go to post)03-02-2012 @ 20:47 
Take a week off, it sounds like you're run down and need a bit rest to repair.
» Strongman Natural Qualifiers 2012 (Go to post)03-02-2012 @ 18:28 
Got a pal wanting to do the northern U90k qualifier. Is there any spaces left?
» No Games for Misha ? (Go to post)03-02-2012 @ 11:47 
MarkClegg said:
Right i gotta ask now COZ its pissing me off !!
What the f**k are you doing in Russia ? I`ve never known of anybody name-drop where they live so much in my life ! You`ve been dying for someone to ask you ?

I recon he's the worlds worst spy. After all why else would you have a pony tail apart from being undercover Grin
» No Games for Misha ? (Go to post)02-02-2012 @ 19:16 
Could we not adopt him and have him lifting for GB?

Such a shame after he left strongman and will have trained so hard for it.
» Couple of random questions! (Go to post)02-02-2012 @ 18:38 
Post Edited: 02.02.2012 @ 18:38 PM by bertie
The neoprene belt keeps warmth in you're back which saves you pulling it due to the muscles being cold.

Like he said and beat me to it.
» allendale strongest man (Go to post)02-02-2012 @ 10:58 
Have you received my form and cheque yet Bob?
» Motor Bike - To Buy Or Not To Buy? (Go to post)01-02-2012 @ 19:31 
Martin1956 said:
Thanks for the advice mate. I was just reckoning that under 2000 miles a year plus good service history and really good nick = not hammered. 800 might be better but the seller is messing me about and it's a trek to get it. 750 is there and ready to go and at a grand I can't really lose much on it. And some people have said the 750 is a better bike than its replacement. And I won't be thrashing it, but I want it to be reliable enough to take me to England a couple of times a year (1000 mile round trip).

Well tbh if it all feels nice and tight and plenty power at a grand the 750 is still well worth a punt. After all it'll still be worth that in ten years time as long as its still running.
» Motor Bike - To Buy Or Not To Buy? (Go to post)01-02-2012 @ 19:09 
Martin1956 said:
Thanks for the comments guys. MX5 it is then! Seriously, think I will be investing. One problem - my gammy leg won't rest properly on the footpeg (not enough flexion) so I plan to go to the local bike garage tomorrow and discuss either peg lowering or some kind of a booster seat to get me 2 inches higher. If neither of these are possible I'll sadly have to pass, but if they are... Bike I'm veering towards is a V reg (97) VFR 750, everything that should have been done has been done, mint for year, 25,000 miles, 1050. The other one is a VFR 800 Anniversary (99) for 1350 that's been garaged for years but one owner from new and 4,500 miles only. I just have a sixth sense that the one that hasn't been used for years might have a lot of stored up problems that I might have to fork out for, whereas the older, higher mileage one just seems a quality bike. Maybe I'm being hasty? Oh, and the 750 is on the island, the 800 is in Inverness.
Moz, you're more than welcome mate. That would be a hell of a cycle trip! Over 450 miles plus a 3 hour ferry crossing!

I'd go for the 800 mate, the lower miles will be a lot better, plus they don't take much harm being garraged up, i know 25000 miles doesn't sound a lot but it is for bikes especially if its been hammered for them. Also you can get adjustable rear sets these days for most bikes so probs will be able to get them for you're footpeg problem, think a company called harris do them.
» Motor Bike - To Buy Or Not To Buy? (Go to post)01-02-2012 @ 09:49 
Go for it. I've an R1 and to be honest i don't get out on it half as much as i'd like to, but when i do its quality time and something i wouldn't change for the world. Because i don't do many miles on it the insurance isnt bad, the tax on them are cheep too, plus the bikes you're on about will hold there price so you've nothing to loose.Cool
» axl deads (Go to post)30-01-2012 @ 09:52 
Not done a comp yet, but the ones i've seen have varied between 15" to 18"
» Motabilism (Go to post)28-01-2012 @ 19:14 
Clenbuterol is supposed to be the best i've heard for speeding it up, however i kind of think it will be banned for drug free feds.
» 6 nations rugby (Go to post)28-01-2012 @ 12:27 
Carl said:Sugden league pin is 6018

I'm in.Cool
» has anyone ever seen a stones accident as bad as this? (Go to post)28-01-2012 @ 10:07 
I realy wish i hadn't watched that now ouch.
» does anybody worry about there health (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 18:08 
I'm starting to, i used to play rugby and even though fat was quite fit. Now i do no cardio at all, i'm so bad i went for a long walk with the dogs the other day and on the way home hit a bank that i used to run up easily and was blowing out my arse just walking up it. Not good fat and unfit now Unhappy
» Friday Treat (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 17:27 
Second from the right, can't beat a pert arse.

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