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» 6 nations rugby (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 17:24 
England have the quality in the side to win it, it all depends on how the new manager settles in and has them playing.
» McDonalds Happy Meal Challenge/two fat bastards having a laugh (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 12:48 
Thing said:
so what do i have to look forward to now when i'm down with the lads driving them to the SSM qualifier?

A man of you're stature would prefer a burger king double wopper. There more man size. Cool
» funny letter (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 19:23 
The first proof in writing that there's more wa**ers about than ever lolGrin
» I NEED A NEW BAR SUGGESTIONS (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 20:23 
Nice cheep black coated one from strengthshop
» Man vs Food (Go to post)24-01-2012 @ 22:33 
Funky_monkey said:
Would you bone an American, then?

Hmm beastiality is not my thing Funky_monkey Tongue
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)24-01-2012 @ 13:23 
Grips arrived today thanks great service as always. Happy
» Shoulder Tear advice....! (Go to post)22-01-2012 @ 10:10 
drew2 said:
Thanks for that Milsy, I've had on and off pain in both front delts for a couple of years now and nothing I've done seems to make a difference. I never thought of this one though, time to give it a try!

I had pain in what i thought was my front delts for a while, turns out it was my rotator cuffs, a bit theraband and some rotator cuff exercises learned off youtube and a month later its fine. Still do the exercises to warm them up now before i train to avoid it happening again.
» Smarter than nike romaleos (Go to post)21-01-2012 @ 12:50 
Shaun said:Are these not designed for Crossfit rather than weightlifting and have a compressible sole?

I don't know, but Loz put on fb that he'd got a free pair sent over from Reebok. Can't see him doing crossfit IMO
» Smarter than nike romaleos (Go to post)21-01-2012 @ 08:44 
The new Reebok weightlifting shoes, imo lots smarter than Nike romaleos
» New Belt (Go to post)20-01-2012 @ 18:46 
BigT said:Cheers Bertie, if I decide to go for a prong belt, I will bring the levers to training.

Nice one, thanks.
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)20-01-2012 @ 18:02 
buzz said:
Your order was packed before I saw this, and will be sent out on Monday, but they're all the same anyway. For the numbers which are a bit wider, it's generally just a case of setting them with the other hand, as with all grippers.

Okay thanks, looking forward to getting healed up so i can build my grip up again.
» New Belt (Go to post)20-01-2012 @ 17:07 
BigT said:Need a new belt as I am now a fatter bas***d than before and my APT lever belt I got for free is now too small.

Was either going to go for another lever belt as I have 2 spare lever/buckles or a single/double prong powerlifting number.

Any personal recommendations for a Strongman belt use would be hugely appreciated.

I'll give you 10 each for you're spare buckles then u can put that towards you're new belt.
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)20-01-2012 @ 14:32 
Just ordered 3 grippers, if possible could you pick me ones with handles not greatly far apart as i've only short fingers lol. Its under Christopher Withers.Happy
» SQUAT RACK FOR SALE.... ON EBAY STARTING AT 99P (Go to post)20-01-2012 @ 14:24 
It says on there free standard delivery. That means either someone has f****d up or there giving free delivery with the auction price.
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)15-01-2012 @ 09:53 
buzz said:
Yes, feedback has been really good 99% of the time. I think one customer returned one because the 'handles were too far apart', but other than that everyone's been impressed. What we found is that 1-2.5 are generally doable - I think Beard closed the 2.5, or the 2 and got close with the 2.5. 3 and above are virtually impossible for us mortals, but I think it'd be the same on the COC's. Shouldn't loose their tension/strength over time, they're well made imo.

Nice one, i'll place an order soon, got to have a carpel tunnel op on both my hands this week so going to need to do lots of grip training soon.

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