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» Is bacon good for you? (Go to post)17-10-2012 @ 05:30 
walker said:
Lol! You always had that tagline?!

Yeah I've had it a while nowHappy
» Is bacon good for you? (Go to post)16-10-2012 @ 21:58 
MattD90 said:
What do you do in the meat industry?
The system is far from perfect. It will always intrinsically have flaws. That's why whilst I eat meat and will work one day just like you to try and help contribute towards the most welfare-friendly system possible in this country, I can never argue against people of the opinion that some problems still (and always will exist)

I work in an abortior, I'm on the boning line at the moment. However I've done everything from buying from farmers, slaughtering, and boning. I've also worked in small privately owned abotoirs to wholesale ones. So what do you think are flaws in the trade?
» Is bacon good for you? (Go to post)16-10-2012 @ 17:54 
Post Edited: 16.10.2012 @ 17:55 PM by bertie
king_mob said:

Do i think the meat industry is inhumane? Well yeah. Do i think people should not eat meat? Yes to a degree. Am i going to try and push my ideals and values onto other people? f**k no.

Can i ask you to explain this further for me? As in what way you think the meat industry is inhumane! I've worked in the meat industry in numerous job from start to finish of its production for over 20 years, and imo animal welfare is a high priority in the production of meat.

I'm also not looking for an argument with you. Just would like to know if you're opinion is based on any sort of fact, or is it just you're opinion.

EDIT i personaly don't care if its good for you of not. Bacon tases far too good to worry about that. Grin
» Elite strongman's North East strongest man 2012 (Go to post)25-08-2012 @ 18:27 
Good luck to all the lads for tomorrow. Sorry i had to pull out, but due to carrying knocks from previous comps training hasn't gone great and i'm just not strong enough for it at the moment.
» Mark Kerr highlight (Go to post)27-07-2012 @ 18:12 
The man was great in his day. His video is well worth a watch. Just a shame he wasted his tallent.
» WSM- challenge tv (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 18:46 
Nice one, its got a series link on too so must be a few of them getting put on.Happy
» Ultrasound (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 16:49 
I'm just wondering if anyone here has used a cheep portable ultrasound machine?

I've had proffessional ones used on me at the physio quite a few times and they seem to work well with bruising/swelling. However the ones i'm looking at on ebay are from 20 upwards.

Pretty cheep imo if they work.
» Newark first timers charity strongman comp. (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 16:39 
richieallen said:
8th. Sorry mate Kevin has transformed into Keith! Keith D. is actually Kevin D

Thanks mate.Cool
» Newark first timers charity strongman comp. (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 16:12 
Where did Kevin Douthwaite come Richie you've not put his name up.
» intermediate comps (Go to post)15-07-2012 @ 18:56 
bigdave30 said:Will do m8 thank u

You're welcome. I was on my phone before so couldn't be much help. The link below should take you straight to the comps group on there.
» intermediate comps (Go to post)15-07-2012 @ 16:43 
Check streetwise supplements Rotherham on Facebook. He's running an inters comp on first Sunday in September.
» Newark first timers charity strongman comp. (Go to post)15-07-2012 @ 15:14 
Any news from this today?
» Pec injuries while deadlifting? (Go to post)10-07-2012 @ 18:18 
Post Edited: 10.07.2012 @ 18:18 PM by bertie
I get this everytime i'm near or at my max when deadlifting. Its always okay the next day though so i never worry about it.
» Bikers (Go to post)10-07-2012 @ 05:36 
I've got a 2004 R1 in red, black and white. I've also got use of a blue SV650S at the moment due to the wife being heavily pregnant and not been able to ride.
» Keeping The Dungeon/Store Room Tidy (Go to post)09-07-2012 @ 19:45 
I don't train there, but you're far from being a dick. People who don't put s**t away after themselves are cocks and deserve banning from gyms.

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