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» Best buy of the year (Go to post)26-12-2011 @ 21:12 
Jabba said:
Unless I'm doing something wrong, they won't open a case until 3rd Jan.....Supposedly giving him time to send the item.

I'd contact them on a contact us form, cut and paste sellers email saying he wont sell you it.
» Best buy of the year (Go to post)26-12-2011 @ 21:02 
Jabba said:Not so jammy, the wa**er is claiming there was a reserve (there wasn't) and is refusing to sell them........t**t !

Get in touch with ebay, they'll either force him to sell at that price or ban him off for not going through with the sale.
» Best and worst xmas gifts. (Go to post)25-12-2011 @ 17:32 
drew said:Best gift
Butchery course

Worst gift
Having Christmas last sun and working in a+e today

I'd of cried if i had a butchery course, i'm a butcher Roll-Eyes
» Best and worst xmas gifts. (Go to post)25-12-2011 @ 16:37 
Merry Christmas to you all, even though its all nearly over. Just thought it would be interesting to find out you're best and worst gifts of the day.

My best one was Giants and Legends book, over the moon about getting this and can't wait to read it. Cool

My worst today though is a one of strengthshops cheep deadlift suits which my mother gave me the cash to get, i put it on got it velcro'd nice and tight, bent down as i would to pick the bar up and split it straight in two lol, never mind i'm sure it'll be fine once i get it stiched up properly. Roll-Eyes
» Goals for 2012 (Go to post)19-12-2011 @ 20:56 
Loose some fat and build more muscle.

Squat 260
Deadlift 300
18" deadlift 340
Floor to overhead 125
log 120
Axle 115
strict press 110

And compete in at least my first two comps.
» 2nd hand shirts? (Go to post)18-12-2011 @ 21:03 
There's often bench shirts on ebay mate, some go pretty cheep too.
» Insurance (Go to post)15-12-2011 @ 19:59 
Hi everyone, I've been on here for a few weeks without introducing myself. My names Chris but all my pals call me Bertie.

My reason for this thread is, I'm new to strongman as in so new I train it but haven't yet had a comp, however i do plan on doing a few in 2012 but firstly want to get some sort of personal injury cover to help pay the bills and support my family should i not be able to work.

Does anyone have any advise or know of a good company to get cover through. I was insured by combined insurance but when i looked into it the policy wasn't worth the paper it was written on.
» Atlas Stones (Go to post)14-12-2011 @ 17:42 
RyanH said:Is there anyone in the south west other than simon mansell, as he can only make 100 and 150 stones. That makes atlas stones? or has any for sale preferably 120 to 160kg?

There's someone in swindon making them and selling them on ebay.
» Ed Hall (Go to post)14-12-2011 @ 17:25 
BigLoz said:Awesome Vids Ed, i thought i was the king of hitching but that was great.

Gota say after watching the UK's its been much more enjoyable watching group 1 as guys like Ed, Rob, Ken etc are a lot more entertaining and we need that.

Good work

Know what you mean, group B just kept going back to the same bloke rambling on about nothing. Funny thing is he's the same when he's training. (sorry Tom couldn't resist lol)Grin
» Ibuprofen (Go to post)14-12-2011 @ 17:15 
Tramadol, my doctor nicely gave me them on repeat perscription in mt old rugby playing days as i kept breaking things and over the counter things dont work on me. They not only kill the pain but help you drift off to a happy place too.
» Keto Bulk (Go to post)11-12-2011 @ 21:34 
This sounds interesting. Where would i find details of this diet?
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)11-12-2011 @ 10:09 
I've just ordered a deadlift suit for me and one for my pal off you're site the other day. I'm also looking for some squat pants and a squat suit sometime but in no great rush. Just thinking are you planning on having any of those made too before i start looking at other brands.
» Stepping Down (Go to post)07-12-2011 @ 20:53 
Thing said:
Shetland Islands Mate so a wee bit oot the way

Yeah quite a bit. I do know that even when Marks back went he kept training to the best he could. He hardly ever misses a session and always puts 110% into it. Something i've learnt from as i was deadlifting not a week after having a knee op recently lol.
» Stepping Down (Go to post)07-12-2011 @ 20:31 
Thing said:
if i could ever get to a comp with him i would certainly like to speak to him and get his knowledge for coming back from injury from my on prespective

Where you from mate, i live close to Mark and train with him 3 times a week.
» Ed Hall (Go to post)07-12-2011 @ 20:23 
Am i the only one thinking Ed Hall is probably watching this thread thinking how did a thread about him turn into one about everyones eating habbits.

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