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old timers occasional log

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jtIconold timers occasional log19-04-2009 @ 15:34 
“Only slight rubbing”
Member 332, 5860 posts
training at the farm with will and the hobbit


360kgx20m 1 drop about 18m
375kgx10m wanted 400kg but this was all the weight we had

much better this week but need 350+ to be competitive with the 300kg speed merchants


170kgx2m ish pick up very hard about 4' lower than my farmers tried 2nd pick up but was shot

pressing medley all 100kg ish

did this quite quick on first set up until the sandbag which has the slippiest duct tape ever! failed sandbag on 2nd set

first time i have done yolk press think i will like it first time i have done sandbag press think i will dislike it!

sandbagx1 no leg drive bit easier to control

really enjoy training with wayne and will this will be a regular feature in my training from now
CHESTERIcon...19-04-2009 @ 17:41 
used to be WEAK AS PISS
Member 37, 2612 posts
SQ 130, BP 90, DL 170
390.0 kgs @ 80kgs UnEq
Looking strong as always Wink
BoarIcon...19-04-2009 @ 17:43 
Ask me who I was ™
Member 5, 24378 posts
how old are you anyhoo ? im a creaky 37 .... you look handsomer and therefor younger than me !

did you used to dabble in powerlifting or mabie ........ bodybuilding ?

life in the old dog yet !!
SparrowIcon...19-04-2009 @ 17:44 
always lookIng for the easy option
Member 9, 16832 posts
SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Great to see a log from you JT and looks like a top session to start it off! Everything impressive, particularly 140kg farmers for 40m. Also 100kg sandbag press as the 4th object in an overhead medley is mighty impressive too!
JoniIcon...19-04-2009 @ 18:14 
left the country satisfied
Member 10, 19243 posts
SQ 240, BP 150, DL 270
660.0 kgs @ 107kgs UnEq
jt said:
really enjoy training with wayne and will this will be a regular feature in my training from now

thats it mate - training in a crew is great!

Good to see a log old man!
WILLSANIcon...19-04-2009 @ 19:13 
my chickens wont eat ants.
Member 126, 15159 posts
SQ 180, BP 125, DL 240
545.0 kgs @ 86kgs UnEq
nice one jason. strong as always today mate. I said id be impressed if anyone could press the sandbag and I was! ill get to work on the vid.
jtIcon...19-04-2009 @ 19:52 
“Only slight rubbing”
Member 332, 5860 posts
thanks guys

boar i'm past 40 used to lift in bwla

i'm ashamed to say as a callow teenager i twice paraded in little pants in a homoerotic way

SparrowIcon...19-04-2009 @ 20:00 
always lookIng for the easy option
Member 9, 16832 posts
SQ 210, BP 167.5, DL 260
637.5 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
Past 40? LOL

Did we really need to know about your homo-erotic past?
JCIcon...19-04-2009 @ 20:22 
technical retard
Member 172, 36834 posts
SQ 310, BP 205, DL 335
850.0 kgs @ 108kgs UnEq
Great session mate and great to see a log. 140 farmers for 40m is impressive mate
cuntosIcon...20-04-2009 @ 08:33 
old fat fingers needs to find 10kg
Member 192, 640 posts
SQ 280, BP 210, DL 245
735.0 kgs @ 122.7kgs Eq
You'd better not write up training when I come up for a session Jase!
MarkCleggIcon...20-04-2009 @ 11:05 
knock knock !! who's there ?? OLD SCHOOL SUGDEN
Member 212, 11424 posts
SQ 325, BP 212.5, DL 370
907.5 kgs @ 100kgs UnEq
You could be WORLD MASTERS STRONGMAN CHAMPION in my opinion ..Ha HaGrin

great vid you stong f**ker !!!!!!!!
jtIcon...21-04-2009 @ 21:18 
“Only slight rubbing”
Member 332, 5860 posts
tom i think you should join us at the farm so will can video you every move!

log monday 20th

crap session even less leg drive than usual only stuff worth reporting

log cleans
145x1 felt twinge in delt so left it there


jtIcon...21-04-2009 @ 21:24 
“Only slight rubbing”
Member 332, 5860 posts
first real play with mostly my own stones

to 48"

180x3 rather pleased with this

tried 180 to 54'' 2 close fails need spice girl boots!

stone "runs"

60'' 54'' 48'' 42''

125 135 155 180 pretty quick upto the 180

66'' 60'' 54'' 48'' 42''

110 115 125 135 155 about 30 seconds

verdict= i like my stones!!!
TonyIcon...21-04-2009 @ 21:26 
Is partial to the odd bender.
Member 6, 10240 posts
SQ 280, BP 192.5, DL 317.5
790.0 kgs @ 102kgs Eq
Nice stonage mate.
kevIcon...21-04-2009 @ 21:45 
u75kg World Powerlifting Champion.
Member 601, 3067 posts
SQ 222.5, BP 177.5, DL 272.5
672.5 kgs @ 80kgs UnEq
cant believe the f**king about we did with the planks to put the stones in my van after reading that? u could av just popped em in...Grin

looks like an awesome session

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