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» Belly Buster (Go to post)01-06-2021 @ 22:29 
i've been a lazy t**t for a couple of weeks , just doing some boxing and not a lot else , i've decided to make more of an effort !

tonight: squat atg 100k 5 sets of 3 standing strict press 50k 5 sets of 3
» Belly Buster (Go to post)01-06-2021 @ 22:26 
jt said:Civil War, I say old chap do you mind awfully If I run my sword through your guts?

not at all crack on!
» Hey Rick (Go to post)01-06-2021 @ 19:44 
BigMacca said:
Comrade Nick - The Russian secret service got to him unfortunately...

ha ha i would imagine he fought them off given his combat ability
» Hey Rick (Go to post)01-06-2021 @ 19:43 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:
You have a PM.

thanks mate
» Hey Rick (Go to post)31-05-2021 @ 22:01 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:This member had their username and posts deleted...

(I've worked out who it is.)

Of course, if people have quoted your posts that is much harder to deal with.

was it either fanny fandango or that dude who lived in Moscow? i'd like a how and why pm please Wayne
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)30-05-2021 @ 20:03 
very impressive benching
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)30-05-2021 @ 20:01 
Boar said:someone next to me left his weights out and just f**ked opff to the chest press machine !!! what kind of f**king loser does this ?

OH....and tyhe entire time i was squatting next to me ...he did just 1 of the most awful reps i have ever ever seen , just 1 terrible rep in 15 minutes !!!


  • Squats x 4 sets
  • Military press x 4
  • bench press x 4
  • Lat pull down x 4
  • hyperextentons x 4
  • single dumbell shoulder press x 4
  • chin ups x 2

enjoyable session , been about 3 weeks doing 3 sessions a week.

i get the impression that all this work i am doing involving mynback is a bit like Uri Gellar rubbing a spoon ...... my back was showing signs of being grumpy and i dont want it to snapp ,so i had a day off rowing yesterday.

i realise i am lifting even less that fat spaznet Edwardo (who is nortoriously fat and weak) but its been a long while and if i can get back to repping 100+ for squats i will be ok with that

didnt realise i was bald back there ....thought i had a ponytail

did he leave some bog roll behind as well as all his weights? i hated training at a commercial gymn because of the lack of putting weights away , some people just left them scattered everywhere ! i do miss the womens arses in lycra though
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)20-05-2021 @ 22:52 
ha ha i love the axe head story , i took my son metal detecting in a field near to us and we were convinced we'd found an english civil war musket ball only to find when we got it home and cleaned it up that it was a rusty ball bearing.
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)20-05-2021 @ 12:31 
that's mental sped up like that , the music was perfect , the only thing that would have improved it would have been an epic wipe out into the canal!
» Belly Buster (Go to post)19-05-2021 @ 19:39 
tonight 1 mile run some shadow boxing and 3 sets of 8 pullups
» Training Log - 4. The long road to 2018. (Go to post)18-05-2021 @ 21:51 
ha ha ive just read your post back , i meant not long till the farm reopens

Finch said:I'm not planning on going anywhere for a while Ed, besides the Farm opens on Monday for the first time this year so i've got something to look forward to.
» huel. (Go to post)18-05-2021 @ 21:48 
i'd forgotten how good this thread was ! my mates wife is trying to lose weight using huel
apparently it gives her horrendous farts , he's nicknamed it hueligan arse !
» Belly Buster (Go to post)17-05-2021 @ 23:13 
ate a bit more food today felt like i had a lot more energy and actually enjoyed training

squat atg 105kx6 1110kx5 bottom up pin squat deadlift stance 120kx3 120kx6

standing strict press 50k 5/5/5/5
» Guess a food Pete hasn't eaten (Go to post)16-05-2021 @ 21:02 
Fatpete said:
Yes, horrible, like semi-liquid fire. Never again

my feelings exactly

eton mess
» Guess a food Pete hasn't eaten (Go to post)16-05-2021 @ 18:56 
a vindaloo

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