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» Guess a food Pete hasn't eaten (Go to post)15-05-2021 @ 18:12 
Fatpete said:
I don't know what they are ?

apologies i had forgotten your distaste for cheese
» Wiegieboard doesn't even lift. (Go to post)15-05-2021 @ 16:42 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:For strength training slow reps seem to be frowned upon, but I've never totally agreed with lifting everything as fast/explosively as possible. Speed gets you through a sticking point. On a slow rep your muscles are forced to work at that weak point, and at every other point of the movement, without any momentum. That's how I see it. I like doing slow reps on chins sometimes.

i agree with this i like to mix in some slow stuff as well , certainly makes stuff a lot harder
» Guess a food Pete hasn't eaten (Go to post)15-05-2021 @ 16:37 
dirty fries?
» Belly Buster (Go to post)15-05-2021 @ 15:54 
deadlift semi sumo 145kx5 155kx5 conventional 155k plus pink band x3

close grip bench 50kx10/10/10
» Belly Buster (Go to post)15-05-2021 @ 12:16 
fantastic ! i must make the effort to come up and train with you this year
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)15-05-2021 @ 12:15 
i predict hard and toned underneath a nice wobbly layer of old man fat , just like mine!
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)12-05-2021 @ 19:34 
how long did that little lot take? puts my 3 sets of squats yesterday to shame
» Belly Buster (Go to post)12-05-2021 @ 19:33 
Finch said:Nice to see you still posting Ed.

Hi Ian how's things mate ? is the farm open again now?
» Belly Buster (Go to post)11-05-2021 @ 21:22 
squats atg 100kx6 110kx4 bottom up pin squat deadlift stance 110kx8
» Belly Buster (Go to post)09-05-2021 @ 22:26 
tonight deadlift semi sumo 150kx5 155kx5 left it there as it felt like injury was imminent
Bought a new motorbike yesterday and did 250 miles on it today which i have discovered is the worst possible preparation for deadlifting
» Belly Buster (Go to post)09-05-2021 @ 22:25 
Boar said:Nedward, as you have back issues , how do you even manage to do your job ?

the thought of being in that particular 'floor laying' position would see me unable to straighted up afterward !!!

anyhoo, did you mention you fancied doing a boxing match ? would be fun to see you get smashed in.... I am enjoying mountain biking and if a 24 hour endurance event pops up at the right time/place ....i am gonna do it

yoga my friend , every f**king day! morning and evening !
yes i think i will do a boxing match , i'm sparring my son most days and we'll be signing up to the local boxing club when it reopens. Sparring my son has revealed that i have a leaky defence ,virtually no head movement and that i am very very slow !
» Guess a food Pete hasn't eaten (Go to post)09-05-2021 @ 22:18 
vegan pizza
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)08-05-2021 @ 19:37 
Fat Ed feels your pain
» Fermented Foods (Go to post)08-05-2021 @ 19:35 
i make bone broth pretty regularly and drink it , its supposed to be good for gut health , doesn't taste great though.
» Belly Buster (Go to post)06-05-2021 @ 17:34 
wednesday squat atg 100kx5 105kx5 105kx5

today strict press 40kx10 50kx5/5
60 pullups and wide grip chins 5 sets of 6 of each

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