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» coronavirus (Go to post)26-06-2021 @ 12:28 
i'm probably going to dob out of this thread from now on as i'm trying to avoid getting into online arguments , i was only really interested in what people thought about the podcast as i found it very interesting and wondered what other people thought. From my perspective, and i'm not particularly well educated and certainly not at all knowledgeable about medical science, but with a quick google i found loads of pre 2020/21 articles extolling the usefullness and wonders of ivermectin this 2011 arctice from the NCBI describing it like this:

"Ivermectin has continually proved to be astonishingly safe for human use. Indeed, it is such a safe drug, with minimal side effects, that it can be administered by non-medical staff and even illiterate individuals in remote rural communities, provided that they have had some very basic, appropriate training. This fact has helped contribute to the unsurpassed beneficial impact that the drug has had on human health and welfare around the globe, especially with regard to the campaign to fight Onchocercias"

(link scroll down to the heading new horizons if you can be bothered)

this makes me deeply suspicious of merks post 2021 statement on ivermectin which heavily emphasizes the side effects , especially when you consider the enormous number of doses wic have been administered world wide. this seems to be massively at odds with what was being said about ivermectin pre covid.

i am more than happy to admit i find it all to easy to suspect big pharmacutical companies
of dodgy dealings and immoral behaviour in the name of profit and may be coming from a slightly biased view point , but i find the supression of discussion on this subject by people who are clearly knowledgable in the field and have very credible and relevant jobs ,very worrying nd not something that is good for society as a whole.
Just so its clear(cause its the internet) this post isn't aimed at anyone in particular and i don't hold any animosity to anyone who doesn't agree with me
i'm going to dob out of this thread now as i find arguing on the internet often makes me look like a dick and also doesn't make me happy and the one good thing about this pandemic is its made me focus on things that make me feel good!
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-06-2021 @ 18:53 
ChrisMcCarthy said:
I've listened to it
Did you finish it?

oh ok why didn't you just say that then .

yes ive finished it now , i found them credible and believable presumably you didn't

what was it specifically about them that you didn't find credible?
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-06-2021 @ 18:28 
ChrisMcCarthy said:
Or maybe I have and disagree with them?
Who can say.

well presumably you could say but for some reason are choosing not to .i'm going to continue to assume you haven't listened to it.
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-06-2021 @ 17:09 
ChrisMcCarthy said:f**king YouTube, with it's Policy of not accepting any old damaging s**t people want to shout about.


lol i assume you haven't listened to the podcast
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-06-2021 @ 16:36 
quite possibly the same , they make a very strong argument for the deliberate suppression of the use of ivermectin as a covid treatment and also they talk about the supression of any conversation that doesn't agree with the main stream view regardless of your expertise and knowledge. There was also some discussion about the spike protein but i missed a lot of that as i was listening to it at work.
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-06-2021 @ 15:33 
anyone listen to the recent Joe Rogan podcast with Brett Weinstein and Dr Pierre Kory about the use of ivermectin to treat covid 19?

they make some very interesting points .
» Belly Buster (Go to post)14-06-2021 @ 20:53 
bench press 40kx10 50kx10 60kx8 60kx8 first time shoulder has been ok for benching in a long time did a s**t load of cubans and scap rows as well to insure it stays ok
» Kaos Strongest Teen 2021 (Go to post)14-06-2021 @ 07:29 
looks like the lad you train with did well , most importantly did he enjoy himself ?

i'm still struggling to get my head round a 19 year old deadlifting 371kg and it looking relatively comfortable
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)13-06-2021 @ 22:14 
little_a said:
He sold me his weights, took the cash in hand and never heard from again. Last seen on the TOKAR express.

its a shame Smallsy was actually a really sound lad
» Belly Buster (Go to post)13-06-2021 @ 17:30 
semi sum deadlift 155kx5 165kx5 conventional 175kx1 ( was supposed to be 3 but i could tell i would have done them with bad form so left it at 1 )

5 sets of curls
» Training Log - 4. The long road to 2018. (Go to post)10-06-2021 @ 08:16 
its a hard road back when you haven't trained for a long period , it must be difficult trying to lose weight and train at the same time . i found training on reduced calories miserable!
» Belly Buster (Go to post)09-06-2021 @ 20:21 
i was supposed to squat tonight but i did not have the mental fortitude , back and biceps instead.

bor 70kx8 70kx8 pendalay rows 70kx8 cheat rows 100kx3 100kx3

cheat curls 50k 5/5 strict curl 35k x10 then some 21's for the pump
» Belly Buster (Go to post)07-06-2021 @ 21:56 
WILLSAN said:teenagers are hard work.

my oldest finished school for good a couple of weeks ago and has spent pretty much every day since sleeping all day then getting blitzed at night and decimating the kitchen with munchies when he comes home.

why get a job when you get 2 grand free courtesy of your child trust fund to piss up the wall?

ha ha ,just 3 days ago i bollocked my daughter for spending £300 of her trustfund on the piss with her mates
» Belly Buster (Go to post)07-06-2021 @ 20:42 
tonight deadlift semi sumo 150kx5 160kx5 160kx5

crazy busy at the moment seems like there is very little free time that isnt work or running teenagers around.
» Eddie Hall vs Thor Björnsson boxing match (Go to post)03-06-2021 @ 21:27 
Wiegieboard said:Thors prep IS smarter, but in my experience with two novices, aggression often over rides that level of skill.

this is a good point !

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