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tokarIcon...12-06-2007 @ 21:38 
Невыносимо Высокомерный (RIP)
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Originally posted by HVince...
That looks like you have really planned ahead and very sensibly at that. Best of luck with the treatment and i hope everything goes well.

I agree, looks like a really well-thought out cycle to me. I like it a lot. Happy
marcIcon...14-06-2007 @ 11:47 
Dancing queenfeel the beat from the tambourine
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good luck with your injuries and new routineHappy
HaydenIcon...01-07-2007 @ 00:33 
memories , like the corners of my mind ....
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Everything ok?? Havn't updated log in a while.
jimblanchflowerIcon...01-07-2007 @ 00:45 
Teabagger for hire
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It is probably not what you want to hear, but I have looked at the cycle that you have set,and I think it is too much volume.

Being good at PL requires longevity, - you have to push yourself, but at the same time you have to make sure that you know when to push and when to step back.
big49ersfanIcon...03-07-2007 @ 18:57 
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for what it is worth sort the injuries out first they will only get worse... it i syour call i know you like to lift but health is more important and minor niggles tur into bigger ones yatta yatta yatta
littlegirlbunnyIcon...17-04-2008 @ 20:55 
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It's been a long time........9 months and no major lifting to speak of. So there is a lot of rebuilding to be done. But that's ok because for the first time in 9 months I really feel like lifting heavy and getting strong again. I have a plan and this week has been the first week of a come back cycle.

Watch this space if your interested Wink
RobIcon...17-04-2008 @ 21:12 
Does f*ck all for
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Long time no see!! Great to see you posting Jo, best of luck with the training Happy
RusevIcon...17-04-2008 @ 21:34 
Can still nail the snatch
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i will show this to my wife 100+ deadlifts very impressed

(she and her sister have only been training a few months since i set up a proper gym in our garage squat stands bench solid platform for deads and clean/snatch)
RickIcon...17-04-2008 @ 21:49 
I am a bench-only guy
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Excellent to see you back Jo!
HaydenIcon...17-04-2008 @ 21:51 
memories , like the corners of my mind ....
Member 49, 2298 posts
SQ 200, BP 132.5, DL 220
552.5 kgs @ 123kgs UnEq
Welcome back jo. Happy
brynevansIcon...17-04-2008 @ 21:54 
Scotbasher - forever
Member 59, 2115 posts
Good to see you back again, hope you avoid the overtraining route now!
littlegirlbunnyIcon...17-04-2008 @ 22:52 
Member 7, 621 posts
SQ 80, BP 45, DL 125
250.0 kgs @ 55kgs UnEq
Ah thanks guys Happy

So, briefly to what I have been doing over the last 9 months – well….

Firstly – an awful lot of Muay Thai in Manchester and then a short break when I moved South until found a decent club. However, due to time commitments, lack of practice and the terrible effect it was having on my strength I finally decided to give up Muay Thai a couple of weeks ago. I had got to the point that I had set out to reach – to be good enough to fight (actually I was asked to several times but didn’t want to compete) It was a hard, but in the end sensible, decision. There is only room in my life for two sports – Powerlifting and………mountainbiking.

Which brings me on to the other reason my lifting has been suffering somewhat from lack of commitment. Yup – I found a new bug which has taken over my life since I got a bike last year and scared myself half to death on the peaks descents. From that scary day forward it became a mission to become a decent mountainbiker. I was doing OK until two weekends ago when I knocked myself unconscious on the downhill course at Cannock and have only just recovered from the concussion associated with it Embarassed

Anyway – during the convalescence I realised just how much of my life had been spent running around doing three sports – all of which were fun, but all of which were really going nowhere. I also realised that my first love was being strong so I had to do something about it. Thus, back to the gym with some new found motivation I go.

Just one more thing before I detail the plan – part of the reason for my new found motivation is due to finally – after so many months – have a cure for my shoulder problems. They got so bad I can’t tell you – I was struggling to even lift books from shelves by the time I moved South. However, the NHS down here seems much equipped to deal with physiotherapy needs than Manchester ( I guess less addicts using up the resources) and I was referred immediately. It turns out everything is related to various muscle spasms which are so ingrained it has taken several sessions of evil pressure therapy and extensive stretching to make inroads into them. However, the stretches he has given me really do seem to be working – despite me being a lazy ass and not doing them often enough. Giving up Muay Thai has also helped. So, although not cured – at least I finally know exactly what the problem is and that it is getting better Happy

So – the plan looks something like this….I’m not starting from zero as I have been doing some maintenance lifting. However, the next six weeks are really about re-finding my form and assessing my limits. My bodyweight is currently somewhat reduced since living in Manchester – all the cycling and lack of flatmates cooking has left me around 52 kgish…..although prolly not for long – I have done nothing but eat since squatting this week! Shame though – cos if I could stay in the 52 kg class I’d definitely compete again lol

Monday: Squat Day
Squats 5x3 Starting at 50 kg and upping 2.5 kg per week (except the second week where it will go to 55 kg). I haven’t been squatting heavy at all – but I have been squatting really deep.
Squat assistance – leg extensions and good mornings
Ab work

Tuesday: Bench assistance
Light latwork
Push press or seated shoulder press (shoulders are very weak at the moment due to not being used for so many months!)

Thursday: Deadlift day
Warm up to 5 singles starting at 100 kg and upping 2.5 kg per week – really for practice. Not sure how far I’ll get but this method has worked well in the past to get me back into practice.
Speedwork off plates with 50% alternate with rack pulls
Speed squats with 50%

Friday: Bench day
Bench is the only thing I have been consistent on since Christmas when I nearly failed 35 kg!!! So I have been easing back up to my former working weights, although, my shoulders have been a hinderance until the last month or so.
Bench – triples starting at 36 kg and upping 1 kg per week
Heavy rows
Tricep work

So that’s the plan. The first week and a half has been easy, but has left me sore as hell! There are so many little things that need to be built back up gradually – callouses for a start as my grip has been suffering the most on the two deadlift sessions so far. The formwork I did tonight has been so useful – re-finding the squat bar position and grip really helped both speed and form.

Obviously input appreciated Happy

I have been training at a gym in Worcester with Adam and a National Level powerlifter called Dave - great guy - proper old school and a bible of useful training advice (although his seated good mornings scared the s**t out of me!!)

Don’t worry – the rest of my posts wont be as long as this one!
JoniIcon...18-04-2008 @ 08:24 
left the country satisfied
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sounds like you have had pretty good going sports wise in past 9 months though!

Plan looks solid, and squat starting weight looks high, but if its easy for you, then the mountain biking must have kept the legs powerful!

Welcome back, and tell that Adam mofo to drop by a bit more often as well Grin
dr_hazbunIcon...18-04-2008 @ 09:20 
tabbouleh and fattoush salads were very refreshing
Member 267, 8733 posts
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jimblanchflower said:
Being good at PL requires longevity, - you have to push yourself, but at the same time you have to make sure that you know when to push and when to step back.

Just read the last page of your log. Good luck with your training!

I was told by a several times BWLA British, European IPF, and Commonwealth (female) champion exactly what Jim has mentioned above: 'successful powerlifters are like thoroughbred racing horses, pushed hard only when they have to. Rest and periods of backing off are paramount.'
CuddlesIcon...18-04-2008 @ 09:45 
Member 2, 12525 posts
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Welcome back, good to hear the injuries are on the mend. How's life Darn Sarth? and how fat is Adam these days?

Good luck with the training!

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