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» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)28-02-2020 @ 19:56 
Hick's 200 log for a double looked pretty easy, I reckon all being well he'll have a good shot at the 230!
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)27-02-2020 @ 10:52 
Piss poor session last night, nothing was firing, so went home had a hot soak and a well overdue early night.

Axle clean and press
30 2x8
60 2x3
70 x3
80 x3
90 x1
100 x1
115 f
95 4x2
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)25-02-2020 @ 00:17 
Ive been so tired all day so wasnt looking forward to it, but wasnt too bad. Stretches and glute activation.

20 x10
60 2x5
100 2x5
140 x3
180 x2
225 x7 (p.b), 6, 5. Was meant to be 8s, but couldn't fully lock out the 1st set, then stopped 2nd and 3rd when form deteriorated.

Snatch sldl 1"defecit
140 2x5
180 x3 horrible

Dumbbell row

Strict Pull ups
6, 4, 3 with leg raises

» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)22-02-2020 @ 15:51 
Log 1 clean
Strict clean every rep
80 x3
90 2x3

Big tyre flip
4 singles, had to fight with it today, technique was sloppy tbh.

Husafelt stone - new metal loadable one.
100kg x 10m, x40m
120 x40m
140 x40m fastest run felt good. Fitness is shocking tho.
» Fury v Wilder Two (Go to post)21-02-2020 @ 22:04 
I'm hoping Fury takes the win, as he should have won it last time in my eyes. Just concerned about that eye.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)21-02-2020 @ 21:46 
Was lucky enough to tag along with my mate to train at Graham Hicks gym today. Was cool as f**k!

Sandbag toss
13kg didn't get it over but was getting higher, not a great event for me.

Axle clean and press
40 2x5
60 2x5
100 x3
110 x1
120 x1 felt great
115 2 singles, was meant to be doubles, but failed the second rep each time.

210 x20
250 x10
290 x10
320 x10,20 felt good.
360 fast pick ups with 3 steps, x4 felt good, reckon this could save me a second on a run.

140 2x20m
200 x20m
240 x20
280 3x20 all between 11 and 12s felt great. Need to get stronger,to make the pick up quicker.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)20-02-2020 @ 00:14 
60 2x5
100 2x5
140 2x3
180 5x5 belt and sbds. Might be a rep/set cheap pb in neoprene sleeves.

Single hand overhead lunges 10m each hand
10kg 2x20
15kg 2x20

Duck walk
80 x30m
120 x30m easy

Rolling thunder
Up to 70 each hand, right still a struggle tho.

Mid thigh Box jumps (no arm swings), into single leg step ups
Couple of rounds of this

5min bike
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)17-02-2020 @ 20:22 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Seriously heavy yoking! Grin

Yeah bit silly in all honesty.

100kg 2x3
140 2x3
180 x3
210 x9,8 was meant to be 3x10 but ate 1hr before andkept throwing up in my mouth. The 3rd set, it happened just bracing durinh the set up so backed out of it.

Sldl snatch grip
140 5x5

Chest supported dumbell rows
25 5x10

Bench narrow
60 2x10
80 2x5
100 x5,3

Pull ups with leg raises
4 x5/5

Light curls.

10min bike.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)15-02-2020 @ 19:31 
Events at viking.

Axle 1 clean
30 x10
50 2 x5
70 2x3
90 2x3
100 2x3
105 2x2 second set 2 cleans
110 x3
115 x1
90 x4 all cleaned.

70 x40m

260 x20
300 x20
380 x10
400 x10
455kg x5m pb Simon knowles fault lol.

110 x3
120 x3 one motioned
135 x1

Press out of rack
60 3x5
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)14-02-2020 @ 10:34 
Session at ultraflex rotherham.
Warm up

Squats in monolift
25 2x10
75 2x8
125 x5,3 felt easy
Belt and sbd sleeves on
140 x3 again felt easy
180 x2, felt ok but head wasnt in it, was meant to go 5x5 at this but bo spotters, pins, and different gym i lost my head.
140 6x3 with 2 second pauses at bottom
130 6x3 triple pause (1/2 down, bottom, 1/2 up).

Good mornings
80 4x8
» The end of the petrol and diesel vehicle in 15 years - 2035 (Go to post)12-02-2020 @ 21:16 
Funky_monkey said:Where do we get electric from to charge the new-fangled Leafs and Teslas? Is it from renewable energy sources?
The UK currently has
6 coal-powered stations generating 8.9GW
14 Advanced Gas-Cooled - 32GW
Nuclear - 9GW

10,000 Wind Turbines 20GW
Hydro-electric - 1.67GW
Solar - 22GW (est.)

Of the total 93.57 I could find, 49.9 is from coal, gas, and nuclear
43.67 is from wind, hydro-electric, and solar
53% isn't even renewable, and the solar is probably quoted over what it actually is, as that was a govt. estimate for 2020 based off old figures.

The batteries need mining (slave labour) for metals, shipped (oil/diesel) to be processed, shipped (more oil/diesel) to be assembled with cars, then shipped (yet more oil/diesel) to the UK.

Does it actually provide more benefit for the planet this way, or should we instead look into hydrogen powered cars produced in the UK?

My solar panels for the last 8 years have generated 5-12% more than the baseline figures, and I live in yorkshire, not even the sunny south east.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)12-02-2020 @ 21:14 
20 x10
60 3x5
100 2x5
140 x3
180 x3 felt easy
Straps on
220 x1...rubbish
Straps off and back on plan
180 7x3 did a few using straps amd they felt way slower. Just cant brace and get into the correct position. Most likely a mobility issue.

Snatch grip sldl
140 5x5

100 3x5

Dumbell single rows
50 3x10 each

Pull ups with pause at bottom of each

50kg 2x20m
70 x20 fast but footwork was terrible,strides were far too long.

Dumbell Curls
18 2x10 1x8

Dumbell Shrugs
50 x10
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)11-02-2020 @ 21:46 
Been on holiday for a week, did lots of walking, got sunburnt, and food was s**t.

Tired session at tsg

Axle 1 clean and (No chalk because i forgot it). Split jerk
11kg 2x10
51kg x5
91kg x3
101kg x3
111kg x2,2,3 kept failing 3rd rep.
121 close fail.

60 lots of singles trying Alsorts of different techniques, split, viper, push, strict.
80 same again, then did a few sets of 4, 1 of each tech.
100 x 1 push press felt easy.

Strict press
20 2x10
60 3x3

Spider bar squat
32 2x5
72 2x3
112 3x3

Box jumps
Box x3 did triples up to 4 plates on box.

Tyre bounce turn and catch. Easy.

20kg bumper plate 1 hand clean and presses. Messing about
» Depth check please (Go to post)04-02-2020 @ 23:15 
Looking very strong kev!!
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)04-02-2020 @ 23:11 
Had a bad bug on sunday so stomach was delicate today.

100 2x3
140 x3
180 x3
Straps on
220 x1 felt stupid hard.
f**ked straps off put belt on.
260 x2,1,1 felt great, original plan was to go for 285 for a p.b but wasnt 100% sure id hit it, so decided to build confidence with 260 instead.
220 x5 felt quick, rpe 5 was tempted to go for 10 for a rep pb but decided to not to bother.

Snatch grip, defecit rdl (with straps and belt
180 3x5 wow so hard, should have gone a little lighter in all honesty.

Barbell row straps and belt
140 3x5 again probably should have done 120.

Dumbell row single arm
50 3x10

High Incline press
60 x10
100 x3
110 x3 (alot of but wiggling) thinkits a p.b.

18kg 3x8

Pull ups
3 x6

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