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» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)21-05-2019 @ 00:23 
15" axle deads
120 2x5
160 x5
200 x3
belt and straps on
240 3x5

normal deads
210 x8,7,3 form was breaking down so stopped before I injured myself.

axle rows
100 3x10

barbell rows
140 3x5

hanging knee raises
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)18-05-2019 @ 14:46 
Log worked up to couple of singles at 110 didnt want to do this.

Yoke. Worked up to speed runs with 255 at 30m

Barrel duck farmers medley
50, 25, 50
50, 65, 90
90, 105, 110
90, 150, 160f should have v held farmers lighter for now
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)17-05-2019 @ 08:28 
Very quick session last night

Leg press
200 4x10

Leg extension
35 3x10 l,r,both

Ham curls
35 3x10 l,r,both

Calf raise
30 3x10

Seated rows
100 3x10

Roman chair knee raise

Rowing machine 5mins
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)16-05-2019 @ 00:52 
LessThanLuke said:
If your aim for the session was 300 then 280 is too heavy as a final warm up imo.

What would you suggest Luke? 270 instead?

Sorry for hijacking your journal Paul.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)15-05-2019 @ 21:51 
Axle ftoh power jerk
60 3x3
70 x3
80 x3
90 x1
100 x1
110 x1 maybe a non split pb
120 x1 split jerk

Inc bench
60 x3,5,8,8,12

Narrow bench
60 3x12

12 1 dropset 12-10-8-6reps
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)15-05-2019 @ 13:19 
What's the Target for this one Paul, and what build up lifts you're planning if you don't mind me asking?

Just because I pulled easy 260, and 280, in warm up recently and then missed 300.
» Depth check please (Go to post)13-05-2019 @ 21:11 
KevC86 said:12/5 - Englands strongest man

A mistake ridden performance which resulted in me finishing 7th in a comp where i should have been on the podium.

Ouch. Brightside is I'm injury free and the season isn't over yet, i just need to decide what that means for me.

I watched the live stream (later in the day) and i thought you did great. Didnt see the sandbag toss, is that what cost you points?
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)13-05-2019 @ 20:35 
100 2x8
140 2x5
180 x1
Belt and straps on
195 x10,11,10 felt good, wanted to spew but weight moved nicely.

140 3x8 started suffering with shakes and headache but calmed down after a 15min breather

100 3x8

Hanging leg raises

Banded lat pulls
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)12-05-2019 @ 21:08 
Post Edited: 12.05.2019 @ 21:09 PM by mark_f1
'Competed' in a highland game show yesterday, I had no idea of the events until I got there so was interesting. Turned out the events list couldn't have been much worse for me, with 3 throwing, and 1 pressing event for someone that struggles to throw a tennis ball. Was a great line up tho, some very decent opens, including uk strongest master, and the current british strongest u90 too.

Event 1 -5th
Heavy rock throw, got luckly on my first throw and managed just over 7m (way more than I managed when practicing when warming up), didn't managed to improved on it.

Event 2 -6th
Caber toss for distance. Wow I struggled to balance it when picking it up, my throw wasn't too bad.

Keg toss - near bottom
Managed all 7, but was slow, and missed the bar twice.

Event 4
Block press - failed this, realised afterwards it wasn't high enough on my chest. Only 4 people managed it.

Max distance farmers about 6th
Gutted about this as I had it in me to win this tbh. the farmers were really long wooden poles that weren't balance, weight was nothing but the front kept digging into the grass and opened my grip up.

Max distance huselfelt. - 2nd
My stomach was pretty churned up from the farmers, so this didn't feel good at all. I went early and put in a distance of 114m, and to be honest I thought it was enough for the win so put it down with more in the tank... unfortunately Shaun Plews dug deep and took the event win from me with a brilliant run.

I came 6th overall, had a great laugh, it wasn't a serious comp and was nice to try something different. Luckily no aches or pains.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)08-05-2019 @ 22:22 
90 2x1
100 2x1
110 2x1, 1x2 (might be a rep pb)
100 x1 was going to be reps but didn't feel great.

60mm Rolling thunder
64 2 sets of 3 each hand with short holds at the top
74 2 sets of 1 each hand

Incline bench
70 3x5
80 x5
90 x1, x5
100 x 3
» Benni and his 528kg deadlift prediction. (Go to post)08-05-2019 @ 11:22 
ChrisMcCarthy said:I feel as though Benni REALLY wants to say that Hall's 500kg was bo***cks and we all know it...

But Benni had the same opportunity and failed.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)07-05-2019 @ 21:38 
Narrow snatch to improve keg toss
50 5x3

80 x3
140 2x3
Straps and soft belt
180 2x10 felt easy
Thick belt
220 x5 felt easy

3 Circuits
140x8 sldl, 80 x8 axle row, pull ups x8, 60x8 good mornings

Felt great bit of back pump and knees not 100% but genuinely feel like my deadlift is starting to come back and probably had a p.b in me but going to stick to the plan
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)04-05-2019 @ 16:02 
Had a week off training and been doing quite a bit of walking the last few days.

60 2x1
105 x1


Log axle dumbell block
90 90 48 30
100 110f 52 40
100 110 62 60
100 110 67 60

82 2 ropey singles wouldn't have got them in a comp.

60mm rolling thunder
70 r 72.5 left. Had pain in right forearm not sure why it was weaker
» What fruit/veg have you had today? (Go to post)30-04-2019 @ 21:23 
I've had a picnic bar. Does that count?
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)30-04-2019 @ 14:01 
Post Edited: 30.04.2019 @ 14:02 PM by mark_f1
Weigh in 105.0 (was 116kg 36hrs out).
Felt broken from the northern opens 2 weeks ago, and wasnt looking forward to this comp to be honest. (3rd comp in 4 weeks).

Event 1 300kg dead for reps- suits allowed
I borrowed a suit, but only had 1 session to practice. Managed to pull a comfy 280kg in the warm up and thought Id be able to get one rep, but I think I rushed the set up a didnt load up the suit. 0 reps, not a good start.

Event 2 350kg Yoke 40m. 31s PB (time/distance).
I was first up, and the pressure was on as everyone kept saying this was my event. Felt heavy warming up with it too so confidence was low, but went out and gave it everything, luckily it held up as many struggled to complete it. My first event win at a national comp!!

Event 3 120 log for reps 1 rep PB.
I warmed up on a different log away from everyone else, and luckily it was feeling easy. The first 120kg went up pretty easy, and I thought Id get a second but I pushed it forward.

Event 4 130 farmers 40m 21s P.B
My belt malfunctioned as I was stood at the farmers as the pinned dropped so I couldnt lock it. Id just sorted it out and they started counting so rushed and got caught napping on the go. Think I was 6th but less than a second slower than 2nd. Gutted, especially as some were clearly going on 1 as no penalty was given. But got to get on with it.

Event 5 145kg stone for reps 7 (cheap weight p.b)
Fell forward on the 8th trying to rush it, gutted as this would have got me a joint event win too with a few others. In all honesty target was 8, but going into the comp I thought Id struggle to get 5 with how beat up I was. Could have done with the stone being heavier in all honestly as about half of us tied on 7 and 8 reps.

10th out of 18 for a second year in a row, in all honesty the goal was top 6, and the potential was there as it was only a small margin in terms of reps and time. BUT I was no where near 100% going into this, prep was terrible so all considered Im not disappointed with my result as I still pulled some P.Bs out of the bag.
Im going to have a week off, then reset and start over.

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