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» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)04-05-2019 @ 16:02 
Had a week off training and been doing quite a bit of walking the last few days.

60 2x1
105 x1


Log axle dumbell block
90 90 48 30
100 110f 52 40
100 110 62 60
100 110 67 60

82 2 ropey singles wouldn't have got them in a comp.

60mm rolling thunder
70 r 72.5 left. Had pain in right forearm not sure why it was weaker
» What fruit/veg have you had today? (Go to post)30-04-2019 @ 21:23 
I've had a picnic bar. Does that count?
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)30-04-2019 @ 14:01 
Post Edited: 30.04.2019 @ 14:02 PM by mark_f1
Weigh in 105.0 (was 116kg 36hrs out).
Felt broken from the northern opens 2 weeks ago, and wasnt looking forward to this comp to be honest. (3rd comp in 4 weeks).

Event 1 300kg dead for reps- suits allowed
I borrowed a suit, but only had 1 session to practice. Managed to pull a comfy 280kg in the warm up and thought Id be able to get one rep, but I think I rushed the set up a didnt load up the suit. 0 reps, not a good start.

Event 2 350kg Yoke 40m. 31s PB (time/distance).
I was first up, and the pressure was on as everyone kept saying this was my event. Felt heavy warming up with it too so confidence was low, but went out and gave it everything, luckily it held up as many struggled to complete it. My first event win at a national comp!!

Event 3 120 log for reps 1 rep PB.
I warmed up on a different log away from everyone else, and luckily it was feeling easy. The first 120kg went up pretty easy, and I thought Id get a second but I pushed it forward.

Event 4 130 farmers 40m 21s P.B
My belt malfunctioned as I was stood at the farmers as the pinned dropped so I couldnt lock it. Id just sorted it out and they started counting so rushed and got caught napping on the go. Think I was 6th but less than a second slower than 2nd. Gutted, especially as some were clearly going on 1 as no penalty was given. But got to get on with it.

Event 5 145kg stone for reps 7 (cheap weight p.b)
Fell forward on the 8th trying to rush it, gutted as this would have got me a joint event win too with a few others. In all honesty target was 8, but going into the comp I thought Id struggle to get 5 with how beat up I was. Could have done with the stone being heavier in all honestly as about half of us tied on 7 and 8 reps.

10th out of 18 for a second year in a row, in all honesty the goal was top 6, and the potential was there as it was only a small margin in terms of reps and time. BUT I was no where near 100% going into this, prep was terrible so all considered Im not disappointed with my result as I still pulled some P.Bs out of the bag.
Im going to have a week off, then reset and start over.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)18-04-2019 @ 15:10 
Post Edited: 18.04.2019 @ 15:10 PM by mark_f1
Last night

20 2x8
60 2x6
100 2x3
140 2x3
180 2x3
Suit on
220 x1
250 9x1 lots of variations with belt, straps, and suit tightness.
250 x3 just suit felt easy
270 x1
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)15-04-2019 @ 20:56 
60 6x1
80 2x3
90 2x3
100 x1
110 x1 easy!!!
120 3 fails, gutted as its there.
100 x3
100 x3 strict
100 2x3 ftoh

Incline press
70 x2,3,10
80 2x6
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)14-04-2019 @ 23:22 
Firstly congrats to Kev on his win, he said he would and backed it up. Well done.

No expectations for this, just wanted to test myself against the best in the North and see how I faired.

Max Log starting weight 130 - fail
On the plus side, the warm ups felt light I was just really off balance once it got to my shoulders.

300kg dead for reps - Fail
Gave it a tug, but my back was in pain before the comp started so knew this wasn't going to go.

320kg frame - 11th about 5m
Couldn't pick this up in training so happy I moved it, but unfortunately I didn't get my thumb locked properly and dropped it. Only had the 1 lift in me so that was me done, bit of a school boy error.

380kg yoke - I think it may have finished as high as 5th or 6th as alot stuggled and i completed about 28m.
Set the bar too high and the Yoke caught with every step, banging down my back and has left me in some pain. Stupid error, i was in between heights and thought Id get away with the higher pick up. Ran out of time and legs 2m from the end. Gutted as I genuinely think I could have given the top spots a run for it on this. Just glad this error was on a comp that I was never going to progress further on.

Car hold. - 32.69 - 4th
Little disappointed as done several sets of 40s on the exact kit on colder and wetter days so was aiming for more, but could feel it moving at 30s so didn't push it as I knew i'd got decent points and wanted some skin left for stones. Again this is an event I was aiming to try win, but the winners time would have been well out of reach even if i risked a callus.

Stones 110 -170 - I did a quickish 3 (released the 3rd a touch too early so had to give it a nudge). Tried the 160 but just couldn't get a grip of it,wasn't a strength issue bit gutted as again had been doing runs up to 160 fine.

Overall I came 12th out of 17 (not 13th as called out as I had 0.5pt more that the guy in '12th') with 36 points form 4 out of the 6 events, an average of 9pts for each of the none static events. I feel even with a under par performance I justified my entry and didn't look too silly turning up to the Big lads comps with a 115 log and a 280 dead pb's.

Toying with the idea of maybe moving up into the opens properly next year, and see if i can get near the sharp end in 3 more years. Although I quite enjoy the opportunities I've had at u105 and doubt I'll be able to repeat that in the opens.

Been fortunate to train with a great bunch of lads in the build up to this, who have pushed me each session.
» Depth check please (Go to post)14-04-2019 @ 22:43 
Well done Kev, great performance!
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)09-04-2019 @ 20:55 
Warm up

20 2x lots
60 2x 5
100 2x3
140 2x3
180 2,2 2,1,1,1 just practicing rolling it in with normal straps.

60 3x10

Knees raises
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)08-04-2019 @ 20:54 
60 x1,3
70 x3,3
80 x1,3
90 x1,3,3,3
100 x1,1
110 x1,1,1 felt good

Cg bench
100 3x5

Side,front rear raises

» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)06-04-2019 @ 17:46 
Post Edited: 12.04.2019 @ 10:14 AM by mark_f1
Northern u105s 2019

Weighed in at 105.0 day before, glad there was a few in the room, got it perfect.

1. Deadlifts 250kg - 12th
Got 4 - thought i was disallowed my first as it was a close call on the down command, as I forgot to wait, but got given it.

2. 110 axle 120 bar 130 yoke
Got the 1st 2 ok with split jerk. Didnt budge the yoke press much. last year only the final implement was timed, so I didn't rush it... they did split times this year so may of cost me.. but the 120 was pretty much my 100% on the day so may not have got it if rushed.

3. 260 frame 40m
19s to be honest thought i was faster than that but must have been a slow pick up as i moved quick when going. Came 2nd

4. 350 yoke 20m
13.9s. Felt ok but was aiming for sub 12. I won this and was nearly 20s faster than 2nd place.

5. 180kg husafelt stone from floor max distance.
37m came 2nd. Felt a bit ligther although the metal sheild was easy to grip

Came 4th overall 0.5pts of 3rd and ive qualified for England u105.
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)02-04-2019 @ 22:23 
Warm up
Jerk from rack
20 2x10
40 2 x5
60 2x3
80 5x1

Viking press
Empty 2x lots

Pull ups and toes to bars.
» WSM date and location (Go to post)02-04-2019 @ 14:30 
Yeah there's been rumours that they may be dropping the heats and the number of athletes?
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)01-04-2019 @ 20:42 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Strong yoke and stone work.

Not "weak" Happy

Cheers mate, just struggling with inconsistency. Felt shattered all day today then had a great session.

180 5x2 moved fast finally

30 3x5
110 2x3
190 x3
Belt on
270 x1 felt ok

80kg in plates husefelt style carry 50m.

Wide pull ups x8
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)31-03-2019 @ 12:51 

Monster Log
60 3x3
70 2x3
80 2x2
90 2x2
100 2x1
Failed 110, really struggled with the clean and then would be wasted for the press.

110 x40m
190 x40m

135 2x1
150 x1 no tacky

Felt weak,
» Unimpressive journey to mediocre. (Go to post)27-03-2019 @ 19:47 
135 2x40m
215 x40
285 x40
Belt and sleeves on
375 x20 pretty sure it was pb time.

Stones to 52"
110,120,135 150,160
110,120,135,150 faster but mistimed the 150 and it took it out of me. Then loaded the 160 about 20s later

10mins bike

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