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Sugden Mobile Version Launching Today

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KevC86Icon...01-04-2015 @ 20:43 
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I use an alarming amount of internet data watching stupid youtube videos at work, so anything which saves those valuable megabytes gets a thumbs up from me.

As a plus ive been on the site a few times since lunch and the mobile browser works a treat for me on android. Nice work Rob.
MotorbikerIcon...01-04-2015 @ 20:50 
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Very nice. I often browse via mobile. Nice change.
RobIcon...01-04-2015 @ 21:19 
Does f*ck all for
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, glad it's mostly positive!

Jon - you can click the 'Mobile Version' link at the bottom of each page if you fancy a nosey, it will look a bit odd on bigger screens though Happy Don't think there is room for taglines on the little screens sadly!

1) The 'Request Desktop' option in Chrome Android works for me, though Dolphin Chrome didn't. What were you trying it on?
2) Do you think per user is the right way to do this? Maybe a cookie per device would be better, if the user changes from default, otherwise you could force yourself onto the wrong version when switching devices if it's based on your user account.
3) I've adjusted the scaling now so the ratio should be better, although obviously they are a fair bit smaller.

Josh - you just need to click the 'View Desktop Site' at the bottom of any page if you don't like it and prefer using the traditional site. Why did you find it difficult out of interest?
RickIcon...01-04-2015 @ 21:35 
I am a bench-only guy
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1) chrome android.
2) per device would be much better, I meant to suggest that in an edit of my original post, but unfortunately I'm an idiot.
3) well played, sir!
JohnGymIcon...01-04-2015 @ 21:47 
Hamstrings feel activated.
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Am I right in thinking the desktop version has had some minor formatting changes too?
josh_ainsIcon...01-04-2015 @ 22:57 
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Post Edited: 01.04.2015 @ 23:00 PM by josh_ains
with nokia lumia phone usually looks same as laptop and prefer the choice of the normal , on my phone had a quarter of the normal info as usual and couldn't be arsed with it after literally 10 secs as I glance through usually on the dinner break , just switched it back like you said sorted thanks , it really is poor on my phone that mobile setting
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...02-04-2015 @ 01:33 
Still got a little bit of strength
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Neat Happy
LouweazelIcon...02-04-2015 @ 12:46 
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The interface works well. TBH application s designed for handheld functionality tend to be stripped down to the bare essential s any way.

So login, post, quote and read.

You can always add more as requested but this is a very good start.
deleted2_20210523Icon...02-04-2015 @ 13:15 
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RodgerIcon...02-04-2015 @ 13:31 
salad dodger *missing*
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kirkynick said:It looks good.

I still prefer to view the desktop version though on my phone.

May need time to adjust to it.

I fully Agree with all of this!
Good work Rob Happy
BigMaccaIcon...02-04-2015 @ 14:00 
understanding of the sport, little he has.
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Rob said:Macca - tried it on Dolphin on Android and it worked as expected, is that the OS you used?

That's the combo Rob.

Both my phone and tablet show the desktop version in dolphin no matter what the mode is set (desktop or mobile)


samue1sonIcon...02-04-2015 @ 14:37 
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Over the moon to have this as a mobile app Happy Im often on at work on my android. Saves many double taps of the screen with my chunky thumbs. Must be an occupational hazard for some of the monster handers on this forum.
PeteHodgsonIcon...03-04-2015 @ 08:05 
Has little understanding of the sugden
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Any room to squeeze the bulls**t filter somewhere? I often use it to make reviewing previous sessions easier. Ta
lukiIcon...03-04-2015 @ 08:19 
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Anyway to fit the last posters name and time/date of post on threads pls? Saves me going into a thread to see if someone replied.
mrbeigeIcon...03-04-2015 @ 09:45 
I was being a spaz!
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Much, much better! It'd be good to have a link to your own journal like in the desktop version though, or is there one I've missed?


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