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Sugden Mobile Version Launching Today

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McMuffin_GainsIcon...01-04-2015 @ 13:14 
Help me rescue my Insulina.
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b_rex said:
There are existing apps for using forums (e.g. Tapatalk). I don't know if it's possible to add some sort of Tapatalk integration? I don't know what that requires, i.e. if it's a page-scraper that works with off-the-shelf forum software or if it can work with custom-built sites like this one, or with an API.
Mobile site looks great. Personally, I'd prefer the fonts to be a size smaller so as to get more on the screen at one time.

Fairly sure tapatalk is for standard phpBB forums, I think sugden is completely bespoke.
RobIcon...01-04-2015 @ 13:23 
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Macca - tried it on Dolphin on Android and it worked as expected, is that the OS you used?

b_rex - tweaked it down by 0.05 of an em for you Tongue

Building it into Tapatalk would require using their API, so probably a load of work. An app which did things such as showed PMs, had a rep max calculator and had a facility to push a post straight to journal might be a useful alternative.
BimIcon...01-04-2015 @ 13:28 
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Would be good to have a notification when someone pm'd you, or replied to a thread you were interested in.
George_WinstonIcon...01-04-2015 @ 14:39 
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Everything is way too big, and where is the button for new posts?
PeteHodgsonIcon...01-04-2015 @ 15:19 
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Post Edited: 01.04.2015 @ 15:21 PM by PeteHodgson
Immediately clicked on desktop version tbh.
IMO font too big and 'new posts' should be at the top.
Might be OK then.

Just tried mobile version again and it seems new posts and today's posts are at the top. Must've missed them before. Good. Happy
RobIcon...01-04-2015 @ 16:07 
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I've tweaked the font size in the forum posts down slightly again, but the design elements are supposed to be big in general as this is standard practice with touch sites.

George, the post buttons are at the bottom of all threads, assuming you are logged into the site [click the user icon in the top right corner if not].


Pete, that's right, view new posts is right at the top and also further down.
Benfrancis1993Icon...01-04-2015 @ 16:48 
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Love it Rob, Quality.

Much easier!
CuddlesIcon...01-04-2015 @ 18:33 
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Looks good and works fine for me.

i still laugh at your tag line Rob.
BoarIcon...01-04-2015 @ 18:35 
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mighty fine work toothpick !!

sadly i dont yet have a fancy phone ! mabie the Ipad will let me take a peek
WiegieboardIcon...01-04-2015 @ 19:18 
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its cracking! well done gents I love it!
RickIcon...01-04-2015 @ 19:56 
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Post Edited: 01.04.2015 @ 20:09 PM by Rick
1. Does not obey browser requests to serve the desktop site, which it really ought to.

2. Can we have a per-user option to disable it, please?

3. Seems to be distorting some avatars, including, critically, mine Wink

4. That said, it seems usable enough, and a nice option - especially for people on small phones. I'll try it for a while.
IainKendrickIcon...01-04-2015 @ 20:03 
some nice relaxing jazz.
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Rob said:Hi All

We will be launching a mobile version of Sugden later today, better optimized for use on phones.

If you're browsing on a mobile phone the site should automatically detect this and show you the mobile version automatically. If you still prefer to browse the desktop version from your mobile then there is a "View Desktop Site" link at the bottom of each page.

The mobile site has the majority of the functionality you get on the desktop site, but naturally displays a little less information in some areas in order to fit everything in.

Once we launch, if you have any feedback or hit any issues please feedback to me in this thread.


Robs alive? Must be April fools.
BoarIcon...01-04-2015 @ 20:08 
Walk your talk
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can we please make sure petes tagline appears under his picture ?

people need to be 'awared'
walkerIcon...01-04-2015 @ 20:37 
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Looks great, much easier to post from my phone now
josh_ainsIcon...01-04-2015 @ 20:39 
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didn't like it wont be using sugden on the phone again couldn't find s**t


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