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» VBT Guide (Go to post)12-09-2021 @ 10:17 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Really sorry to hear about your health issues Aaron. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

What he said.
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)08-09-2021 @ 20:54 
I have scrumped 30kg of apples in 2 days

And 2kg of blackberries.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)05-09-2021 @ 20:49 
MR Pete, Your amusing deadlift story reminded me of a time I thought I could beat Terry Hollands 28 bounced reps on 200kg

I had done 240x16 dead stop, so bouncing them should be easier right? Well no, having always done my deadlifts proper I found I was worse at bouncing them than doing them correctly.

And as for Hitchin, Its a place in Hertfordshire
» Europe’s Strongest (Go to post)05-09-2021 @ 20:24 
unit94 said:Everyone seems half dead don't they, it's not a good look having all these comps where most of the field is struggling to get through the day

I did think it would be tough for those who were in Colorado last week, but it does seem now guys are more likely to show up for a payday and maybe not give it 100% or indeed be in 100% shape.

BUT thats what happens when entertainment (££££££££££) becomes more important than the sport.
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)05-09-2021 @ 20:12 
Post Edited: 05.09.2021 @ 20:19 PM by jt
Boar said:did a 2km row today and it was fun , i think my recent running helped , even though it wasnt fast , it was probably faster than your average joe could do


Hallo Mr Boar, What do you think is average Joe? 9minutes??? MY first 2k was around 7.10 done on damper 10 but I was not and have never been average

We went to a "try para style sports" today open for all it was much fun. The boy finally found a sport he actually took to straight away and enjoyed dun dun daaaa drum roll etc etc Wheelchair Basketball. It was an eye opener as an adult trying it much respect to those guys and gals.

I also did 10minutes on a stationary bike to earn 2 passes for the local "everyone active" swimming baths. It was not as boring as i thought it might be.
» Belly Buster (Go to post)05-09-2021 @ 20:06 
Let us know how the Turkey goes

Gobble gobble?
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)04-09-2021 @ 20:15 
PeteHodgson said:
Jonny Hanson now competing.
Sweden’s strongest man.
Not sure if he’s an addition or a replacement.

Come on Pete, late with the (update) posts!!!!!
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)02-09-2021 @ 20:49 
luki said:MvM (as ref) and Tom S are rumoured to be out with Rona. Martins also said he has it. Fingers crossed they all get well.

Paul Smith, Keep your phone switched on!
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)02-09-2021 @ 20:49 
luki said:Looks strange to see a show in England without Felix. Is he ok?


No hold.

He is doing Arnolds.
» ESM 2020 (Go to post)01-09-2021 @ 15:41 
So who's in?

Is Luke back for a title defence?
» Zercher midget's lazy hunt for glory (Go to post)01-09-2021 @ 15:40 
Do you work nights Mr Wayne?
» A journal of non-negligible strength gains (Go to post)01-09-2021 @ 15:39 
Thats a super FM, I found sitting on a cold rock helped (the next day butt pain that is).

I have a piece of foam I sit on, it helps a bit.
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)30-08-2021 @ 22:25 
hixxy1985 said:
I'm not injured AGIAN
Still healing
f**k powerlifting
I'm also lightest I been for years :-)

Edited my post.
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)30-08-2021 @ 19:49 
Post Edited: 30.08.2021 @ 22:25 PM by jt
Suppressing the results is hardly a way of moving the sport forward IMO.

Shame for Hixxy to get injured again, after his foot in 2019 and bicep in 2020 makes one wonder if he is carrying too much Bodyweight. He would be a pretty tasty 120kg powerlifter.
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)30-08-2021 @ 19:46 
Double congratulations, I guess you need to Dominate UK's next year and then Colon won't be able to ignore you.

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