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» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)31-03-2024 @ 11:27 
Good to see are still doing a bit

one of my favourite quotes

" better to be a has been than a never was"

I still harbour a fantasy of a road trip up your way sometime.
» Phil Richard passed away (Go to post)30-03-2024 @ 18:51 
Terrible truly terrible

I will be having a can of 'bow'' in his honour when i finish work tomorrow.

R.i.p Phil
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)27-12-2023 @ 19:37 
Bugger all strength training done since last post, today i stopped the rot and tested my max bench happy to get 120kg grinder.

skinny fat 92kg.

I played at Melton Winter Folk Festival, the festival has many venues scattered around the Town like the Summer fest i put down to go on first at the RAFA CLUB, i specifically pick this place as it is normally quiet.....imagine my horror when I rock up to a jam packed building with a wake in full swing...

In other more shocking news I have a full time job!!!!! Child residential support worker, a new challenge was needed.
» Purple Aki has died (Go to post)18-09-2023 @ 22:24 
I found out about him in 1985 when i was assaulted by him.

I didn't speak about it for decades as i was ashamed and embarrassed, it ended my fledgling BB career (the assault happened at a BB show in St Helens)

To anyone who thinks Purple Aki was funny or amusing i urge you to re-think your values.
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)07-08-2023 @ 22:03 
Thanks Wayne, in context to average Joe you are correct.

Yesterday I did a 40 minute slot at Melton Folk Festival i was absolute s**tting my pants, i got some applause out of kindness for the crippled vocals lol. I saw some great performers who have inspired me (to pack it in)

In other news I have been on the rower a couple of times recently its not a come back just an attempt to slow the decline.
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)22-07-2023 @ 10:21 


» old timers occasional log (Go to post)25-06-2023 @ 12:36 
Martin1956 said:
Well done, that takes balls. Happy

THANKS, i went back back to folk club this week did 3 songs got asked to play at Melton Folk Festival in August. Now the thought of that is terrifying!!!!!

yesterday bench


a little bit of progress, as one ages you can loose it a lot faster than you can get it back. Have been on the alpha stack for 3 weeks now has it made a difference? Too soon to call really I guess i have tried a little harder to train more and booze less.
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)15-06-2023 @ 18:17 
In other news the open mic night i went to has closed down!!!!!!! is it just a coincidence?

So last night I went to a local folk club, do a song then wait aN HOUR FOR ALL THE BEARDIES TO DO THEIRS then do another song.

I got a polite round of applause (as did everybody) is Jimi Hendrix folk? if its acoustic is it folk? the organiser of the club did remark they don't get much Hendrix there lol!
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)14-06-2023 @ 22:57 
Yesterday i benched 140kg.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)05-06-2023 @ 20:15 
keep us updated on how you think its working.

Will do.

I think just the fact i have invested 250 will help me to train a bit harder and drink a little less, i have a cup of tea right now rather than the beer I would really like to be drinking

My plan is do 3 months on the supps then go back to the docs (best ring for an appointment now then) and try to get another test test and see if there is any change.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)05-06-2023 @ 17:24 
Ashfartwanga. Tongingali. Turkestroni. Faginaggresively. Something like that. Look back for his post for correct spelling.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)05-06-2023 @ 17:21 
It's the supplements recommended by AMH . They all have odd unspellable and unpronounceable names. If you buy 6 months worth it's much less expensive per month.
» old timers occasional log (Go to post)03-06-2023 @ 21:29 
Post Edited: 03.06.2023 @ 21:29 PM by jt
Last few months i have been doing a bit of benching every 3 or 4 days just 20/30 minute sessions at the start of the year i was struggling for a couple of reps with 100 (i did 30 reps with that about 3 years ago)

Today as i start my 'ALPHA STACK'' I decided to test my max 137.5kg for a hard-fought single, pretty happy with that my goal is simply too keep lifting and improve my max a little.
» TRT THREAD (Go to post)03-06-2023 @ 21:09 
Post Edited: 03.06.2023 @ 21:19 PM by jt
6 months on and i have finally taken the plunge and got the 'ALPHA MALE'' stack from healer labs.

I Got 6 months worth for 252 quid.

Plan is to attempt to booze less ad perhaps do a bit of training.

Is there any scientific proof blasting your balls actually works?
» WSM 2023 spreadsheet? (Go to post)22-04-2023 @ 09:12

Thanks to SBD the spreadsheet is now history.

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