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» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)19-07-2021 @ 18:45 
Post Edited: 19.07.2021 @ 19:02 PM by dannyboy73
In the UK, We are now under vaccine apartheid. All those who have 2 jabs will soon find that they are showing electronic ID and will have all their movements tracked.

worse is coming...or should I say, is predicted to be coming.

Most are still accepting all this propaganda and playing the game of pandemic. Lets face it, ive said it before but- we are totally f**ked.

With no where to run and no sanctuary for my young family...I honestly do not know how to protect them or generally wtf to do as all that was predicted unfolds in front of our very eyes...Yet another grim day. We are becoming less free by the hour.
» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)17-07-2021 @ 19:18 
Post Edited: 17.07.2021 @ 19:20 PM by dannyboy73

I was alerted to this today by a friend of mine who is normally..very conservative shall we say. She has had her eyes opened and is very frightened of whats currently happening and where we appear to be heading...

the light is a publicly funded newspaper delivering the facts, stats and sciencethat has been censored in all mainstream news and many forums.

Take a look, Alice...
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)10-07-2021 @ 08:59 
Billy, you are unstoppable man.

Hot here to... and expected to be a muggy. hot and sticky couple of weeks cut time.
» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)05-07-2021 @ 19:46 
Post Edited: 05.07.2021 @ 19:49 PM by dannyboy73
Interesting video Billy sir. But has me thinking now...

Reminds me of the computer model doctored in the 1960s by the club of Rome who claimed global ice-age would destroy man by the year 2000... the very same group of 1%ers that dreamed up global warming...

Also, thinking about it...wasnt it the Oxford computer programme that predicted 500k deaths from the covid cold virus here in the UK? that caused the biggest human behaviour change and national debt in living history ...the model was completely off.

Computer good as the data inputted?... and maybe, real life doesnt act like a computer programme? global not really warming much as an example...

man alive, this past 18 months has opened my mind. Everything has to be questioned. New woke, global warming, covid hysteria and mass censorship...all dots within a much, much larger picture.

Billytheold said:
» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)03-07-2021 @ 16:23 
same as tales....we lose. best just to keep out the long as we can.

Billytheold said:What was heads again?
» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)03-07-2021 @ 16:22 
looking for a new book...

will look it up sir

EDCLARKE said:i absolutely love graham Hancock , i'm currently reading fingerprints of the gods , its blowing my mind!
» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)02-07-2021 @ 19:45 
a nicely put together video echoing my perspective.

» Put myslelf back together-AGAIN (Go to post)02-07-2021 @ 19:44 
That video was very helpful sir... I will be getting a rack when i build my gym...when i gets my new land...

Billytheold said:
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)30-06-2021 @ 20:31 
Post Edited: 30.06.2021 @ 20:34 PM by dannyboy73
Today i discoverd Japans answer to ELO... the yellow magic orchestra.

» coronavirus (Go to post)27-06-2021 @ 13:22 
i agree in part.

However, I was pliable to follow rules to the letter for 2 weeks...not 18 months of obedience.

If some do not have any common sense thats their issue and not a good enough excuse to keep me and my family under perpetual dictatorship.

Ive always said that I will shake hands, not keep social distance etc with anyone who is like minded. If that person then gives Covid to a vaulnerable person then its their screw up not mine and I resent being made to feel any guilt about that.

Covid was mainly spread in hospitals and care homes. This is the governments screw up. That who where the finger should be pointing.
PeteHodgson said:
Thousands died before vaccinations were available. How hard is it to be careful till things are safer. Even if itís for a few years. Obviously not all the rules make sense. Sometimes common sense prevails. But, some people donít have any. So s**t rules are put in place. Iím not saying I followed every rule to the letter. But I would say the way I have acted has been safer than following all the rules.
» coronavirus (Go to post)26-06-2021 @ 19:55 
Post Edited: 26.06.2021 @ 19:58 PM by dannyboy73
After about May last year when the penny dropped that healthy people are not at risk I never bought into the lockdown thing again tbh. Lack of clarity, to many contradictions of the evidence and worse of all, contradictions from the policy and law setters (e.g. The Cummings kerfuffle and more recently lack of rules at the G7 summit). This just confirms to me they were having a game with us and continue to hold the public in utter contempt.

I know some people stuck to the rules like glue... Refused to see loved ones during lockdowns as ordered. The original message was so well designed and pesistent that some remain scared to death. They must be even more upset with Hancock rule breakers than myself who refused the rules?

I almost feel like weve turned a corner with this Hancock thing and mass protests throughout this week and the large ones taken place today. I get the impression most people have had enough of this piffle.

billynomates said:Hancock has resigned now. Who can say they have fully kept to the restrictions? I certainly cant.
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-06-2021 @ 20:02 

The man that set the very same draconian rules ya cant hug your mother...Hancock.

Obviously didnt believe them in the first place and continued to 'hug' staff members...

Feeling mugged off yet or still asleep?

It appears to me that 90% of the population have a missive blind spot...?
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-06-2021 @ 19:56 
1300 deaths safer?

only IF you are in the very high risk group...which the majority are certainly not.
Rick said:
Yup. And it evidences, once again, the argument that taking the vaccine is FAR safer than not taking it, very clearly and thoroughly.
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)23-06-2021 @ 20:31 
because you have discovered that you are more than your job.

Most people never get past whats your name, what do you do?

Deserves a tune sir...from the album discovery I recon.

Billytheold said:Do not want to sound goofy but not being employed is very eventful. Told I should do something because Iím getting stir crazy but far from the case. I am finally trying to figure things out one thing at a time but now I got more time to zoom in. People naw like that. No secrets just pure stupidity in its finest and a bunch a people in the know yo. Train pain pain felt temp outside workout tum tum collapsed from a weird drugless trip in my noggin thinking about aging as my skin wrinkles as the pounds drop.
Bench Press

» coronavirus (Go to post)21-06-2021 @ 19:50 
link to the latest government yellow card website.

I wont say how many have died soon after taking a covid shoot as I dont want to get this site into trouble with the censors. But all the info is contained within to see.

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