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robpalmer1Icon...13-03-2012 @ 21:29 
Am I elite?
Member 1674, 306 posts
SQ 350, BP 250, DL 305
905.0 kgs @ 93kgs Eq
Thursday 8th March
AM Session
Low Box Squat (Belt Only)
x1 @ 200,232.5kg
Band Resisted Speed Squats (2 greens + blue)
120kg (200 @ Top)

PM Session
Bench Press + Chains (+20@ Top)
x1 @ 170,
175F 175F (Annoying because 170 was decent)
Sumo Deadlift (Belt Only)
x1 @ 260,290 (Wanted 2 but couldn't budge the second rep at 290)
Speed Pulls
2x3 @ 220
3x3 @ 170 (No belt)

Friday 9th March
Good Mornings 2x5 @ 200kg
Bench Press + Chains (+20kg @ Top)
1x4 @ 155
1x2 @ 160 (Tough)
SL Leg Press
1x5 @ 250
1x5 @ 300
Military Press
2x6 @ 80kg
Machine Row
3x5 Paused
Face Pulls

Sunday 11th March
Equipped Reverse Band Squats (Greens)
x1 @ 330,400! (Unreal feeling, the heaviest thing I've ever had on my back, wasn't deep enough but still happy to walk it out and have a crack at it)
Speed Deadlift
5x1 @ 220kg (Belt Only)

Tuesday 13th March
Bench Press
x1 @ 190 (Wanted 2 but the bar was a little bent and rolled in my hand, not going to lie, I s**t myself!)
x1 @ 195 (Biggest unequipped bench I have done since last march so pretty happy, i want a solid 200 going into the euros, then hopefully I'll be in record shape!)
Speed Bench
130kg 3x3 Paused

Deadlifts on thursday, looking forward to it!
robpalmer1Icon...15-03-2012 @ 20:11 
Am I elite?
Member 1674, 306 posts
SQ 350, BP 250, DL 305
905.0 kgs @ 93kgs Eq
Thursday 15th March

AM Session
Low Box Squats
x1 @ 205,235

PM Session
Equipped Deadlift
x1 @ 270,305,305
(Went for 2 on the first set of 305 but wasn't happening)
3x1 @ 255
3x3 @ 170 (No Belt, No Suit)
robpalmer1Icon...27-03-2012 @ 14:39 
Am I elite?
Member 1674, 306 posts
SQ 350, BP 250, DL 305
905.0 kgs @ 93kgs Eq
Finished another deload week, was really easy this time just tekkers and some reps on the bench.

Started the competition phase leading up to the europeans

Paused Low Box Squat x1 @ 200,215
Speed Squat against 2 greens and a blue either side
120kg (200kg @ Top) 3x3 (felt really good)
Reverse Band Deadlift (2 greens, set so no band tension at the knee)
x1 @ 290,300 (tough)
Bench Press (Loose Shirt) + Chains
x1 @ 200,200
robpalmer1Icon...27-04-2012 @ 20:43 
Am I elite?
Member 1674, 306 posts
SQ 350, BP 250, DL 305
905.0 kgs @ 93kgs Eq
No update for a while due to work being busy, but here goes for a mega update of my training getting ready for the upcoming EPF European Champs.


Bench press
3x3 @ 160kg
Low Box Squat 2x3 @ 190kg
Deficit Trap Bar Deadlift
3x3@ 200
Incline Bench Press 3x5 @ 120
Face Pulls 3x10


Bench Press + Chains x1 @ 170,175
Reverse Band Low Box Squat
X1 @ 250,270
Sumo Deadlift x 1 @ 220,250,270,290F
Speed Pulls
3x3 @ 220


Lat Pulldowns 3 sets x 8
SA Pulldowns 3x8

Rack Sumo Deadlift
Standing on 1 plate 3x3@240
Standing on 2 plates 3x3 @ 240

Machine Row
Face Pulls 3x8

Paused Low Box Squat x 1@ 200,220
3 Green Band Each Side Speed Squat 3x3@ 120 (215@Top)
Reverse Band Deadlift 2 greens L10
X1@ 290,295
Loose Shirt Bench + Chains x1 @ 205 (225@Top)

Bench Press
3x3 @ 162.5kg
Low Box Squat
3x3@ 170kg
Incline Bench Press 3x5 @ 122.5
Deficit Trap bar Deadlift 3x3 @ 205kg
Face Pulls 3x10

Bench Press + Chains 170,177.5
Reverse Band Squats x1 @ 250,280
Deadlift x 1 @ 285
Speed Deadlift
220 3x3
170 3x3

Heavy Day
Low Box Squat x1 @ 210,240F
Bench Press
X1 @ 170,185,200 F
Deadlift (red suit) x1@ 270,280,280
(Bit annoyed about this session really thought both the lifts that I failed would have gone, they were both really close)

A deload week followed this session leading into the squad session and the final training phase.

Squad Session
BW 85.9
Squad Session
Black 38 Squat Suit x1 @ 310,325 ( Got called up by Ben Banks, so I know I was in by 4 inches at least)
Black 44 Super Kat 225,232.5,240 (Again got signals form Ben, felt good, not much more in there at the moment)
Deadlift Black Cent x 1 @ 280,295,305F (Never using that suit again it throws me around all over the place, its now officially retired!)
Good day at the squad 860kg total weighing a little heavy and not that fresh feeling good about the comp.

Bench Session
CG Bench Press
Squat 130 5x3 (No box)
Mid Shin DL (2 20 plates) x 1@ 270,285
DB Shoulder Press 2x5@ 38kg

Squat + Knee Wraps
(220 x 1 250kg x1)

Bench Press + Loose Shirt + Chains
(x1@ 207.5 F, 202.5 x 1, 202.5 x 1)

Bench Session
+ Tekkers
(120 5x3)

Pulling Extras (Lats)

Low Box Squat
205,230 x 1
(push hips up early wasn’t too heavy but got stuck, more tekkers required)

5x1 @ 170kg
(Some good, some bad)

Bench Press (1x1 @ 190)
Lockout was tough, triceps are tired)

Bench Press
2x3 162.5

Deadlift x1 (New Max DL 33) 270,290,300 (all good feel like I have another 10-12kg in there which is good)

Low Box Squat + Belt (T+G)
X1 @ 200,230 (pretty easy)
5x1 @ 170kg
(No box, working on timing)

Starting to feel sharper now, I have 1 heavy day left on Sunday and I will try and keep the rest short to prepare for the flight that I'm in!
6 guys, loads of people have dropped out so no Russians or Ukranians just a couple of Bulgarians and some germans. On nominations I'm lying in third but I have a realistic chance of winning this year. I just need to put together the best lifts form previous competitions and I might sneak it. The top nomination is 875 so I'm looking at 330+ on the squat, 235+ on the bench and 300+ on the deadlift, it should give me around 860-880 which will be competitive.
So sunday I'm looking at using my training kit and squatting a good 330 benching in the loose shirt and pressing 225
and pulling 310.
Can't wait!
(Have a ton of videos to put up as well, just got to find the time to sort them out.
Tom_MartinIcon...27-04-2012 @ 20:46 
No one believed him anyway.
Member 958, 11446 posts
SQ 410, BP 215, DL 425
1050.0 kgs @ 100kgs UnEq
Good luck Rob.
LukeCIcon...28-04-2012 @ 08:50 
The one in the guns and roses teeshirt.
Member 171, 2462 posts
SQ 272.5, BP 140, DL 245
657.5 kgs @ 80.2kgs Eq
Good luck Rob Happy
BokersIcon...28-04-2012 @ 10:16 
got in !
Member 3620, 563 posts
SQ 140, BP 112.5, DL 180
432.5 kgs @ 140kgs UnEq
Good luck!!
RickIcon...28-04-2012 @ 12:50 
I am a bench-only guy
Member 3, 9673 posts
SQ 185, BP 175, DL 235
595.0 kgs @ 140kgs UnEq
All looking good, hope it goes well for you tomorrow!
robpalmer1IconEPF Europeans Report14-05-2012 @ 19:56 
Am I elite?
Member 1674, 306 posts
SQ 350, BP 250, DL 305
905.0 kgs @ 93kgs Eq
Here we go,

I'll start with the travel. We flew monday afternoon at around 12.30 to the Ukraine, bodyweight was good around 85.5 when I left for the airport so wasn't too concerned that I wouldn't make the weight on the day. Very long day of traveling and a last minute change to the hotel meant a 2-3 hour coach journey when we landed a good hour away from the venue as well. The room was pretty dire as well, not much better than a hostel.
Nowhere to eat in the place where we were staying and even at the venue we would have to walk 20 minutes to find a place to eat. Bottom line it was the worst place I may have ever been to in my life.

Going into this competition I knew I would have a chance of winning as a lot of the big names were not entered for whatever reason, so tactically we would have to be pretty smart and not take any risks. I was up against only 5 others with the 2 bulgarians being the ones to watch and knowing that the turn around between lifts would be very fast, most probably under 5 minutes. That adds its own little difference to the comp, I don't know anyone who trains maximally with that kind of rest.

The morning of the competition I woke up at 7.00 and weighed around 83.5kg, had a shower checked the bag again, everything was good, sat and read my book till about 7.45, the bus was due for 8.05. Left the room at 83.2kg.

Got to the venue and it was starting to heat up outside and inside!
Got the kit checked in and weighed in at 82.8kg, heaviest in the class which I like being, gives you confidence that your not giving anything away. Had a little stretch to see if anything was restricted, Felt pretty loose and got ready to warm up.

70kg x 5 (Felt good, nice rhythm)
70kg x 2 (As above)
120kg + Belt x 2 (Felt really tidy, good timing for the depth)
120kg + Belt x 2 (As above)

Suit on, it was really hot in the warmup room (Backstage of the theatre) so the suit took forever to get on as I was sticky.

180kg Suit bottoms and Belt x 1 (1/2 squat, weight felt good on the back)
230kg Suit bottoms and belt x 1 (1/2 Squat, pretty fast)
270kg Straps up and belt x 1 (Getting closer to the heavy weights, and felt it on the back, speed was good)
290kg Straps up, Loose knee wraps and belt x 1 (about an inch high but position and speed felt good)

Was last out which was a first at a Europeans for me!
Decided to use my ipod and just try and zone out until I was up, started getting ready, first knee wrap went on and heard that one of the bulgarians had dumped the bar off his back, took a bit longer on the second wrap to chew the time up.
Bar loaded
Asked Arun to call me up and I know he makes sure you are in in!
All I think is chest up knees out, chest up knees out and wait for the call, when it came I drove out of the hole, felt a little sticking point around midway but nothing terrible.
3 whites and I was in the competition
Rushed out the back, wraps off, tried to get some composure. Ipod on and zone out. I didn't even get through 1 song!!
Wraps on
Waited again for the call, but this time I went a bit loose at the bottom, didn't hold the tightness. Drove up with a bit of a fight but knew I would get it.
3 whites
Back off stage, wraps off sat down, ipod on. Then got the call not to take the third, honestly it was a huge relief, I was wiped and couldn't imagine doing another squat.
Time to get ready for the bench.
As the coaches had put the last squat in it bought me an extra minute or 2 to dry off, I was pissing sweat and roasting hot.
Did a quick 70kg x 5 120 x 2 and 150 x 1, all of them were pretty rubbish.
Stuck the shirt on but struggled to get it on properly as it was so hot backstage.
Did 180 x 1 partial, (felt pretty good but heavy in the hands)
200 x 1 (about 3 inches away, starting to feel recovered and it felt pretty fast)
215 x 1 (1 inch form the chest and nice and fast, felt ready now)

Got the signal, pulled down and about 1/2 inch from the chest the shirt didn't give any more and I felt like I lost it on my belly, got the press command. The press was fast but ugly
Sat up, 3 whites! It was my lucky day I thought!
Sat down felt like I had longer between these attempts, so knew I would go for all three attempts.

Again got the signal and lost it a little again! On the press a felt a small dip and pressed it out.
Sat up, 3 whites again I think! Failed these before but not today.

Was told before this last attempt that I needed it, I hadn't looked at the score board or looked at what weight was on the bar till now.
This was the best rep, pulled it in to the sweet spot, press came nice and smooth to lockout.

Backstage shirt off, dried off. Started putting the deadlift suit on.
When I got the suit on I was told we were gonna change the opener! I knew then I must have been in the lead by a good amount, and it was about putting in the right numbers and holding on!
Warmed up with
170 x 1 Straps down no belt
230 x 1 Straps up + Belt ( Felt good nice and fast)
260 x 1 Straps up + Belt (Didn't feel super fast, didn't break off the floor like I thought it would!)

The home stretch
Went out and pulled seemed ok but not amazing, 3 whites though
285kg I think
As above but a little slower
Again the same, after this I knew it was over but didn't know what the others had done or how much they would need to do to get ahead of me, looked at jas and asked him if that was it, he said there was one more pull for the Bulgarian, he had put in 330kg to win on bodyweight, then changed it to 320kg!
840kg Total
I had won the European Championships!!!
Really couldn't believe it, then I was told about the golds on squat and bench and was super chuffed!
Not the biggest total of the last few years but I didn't care.
Was a great feeling on top of the podium. It still hasn't sunk in really.
I really need to say thankyou to Arun Singh, Jas Singh, Tony Stevens, the three coaches who looked after me, its as much there achievement as it is mine, it would be totally impossible to win without them.

Thats one of the goals for this year sorted, think its gonna be a different story at the worlds though!
Gonna go for that 880 total at the british, think I'm ready for it!!
garroldIcon...14-05-2012 @ 23:48 
Member 746, 731 posts
SQ 180, BP 120, DL 222.5
522.5 kgs @ 74kgs UnEq
Well done Rob. Nice write up too.
CarlIcon...15-05-2012 @ 07:17 
Loves rugby league ...
Member 13, 14460 posts
SQ 230, BP 180.5, DL 262.5
673.0 kgs @ 128kgs UnEq
Congratulations mate
SlugworthIcon...15-05-2012 @ 08:35 
P.S must learn to deadlift
Member 3457, 717 posts
SQ 230, BP 180, DL 235
645.0 kgs @ 148.5kgs UnEq
Congratulations rob, and a good write up
drew2Icon...15-05-2012 @ 09:03 
drew too
Member 2696, 245 posts
Always good to read comp write ups. Congrats on the win!
rob0210Icon...15-05-2012 @ 09:12 
Member 1723, 821 posts
SQ 280, BP 200, DL 330
810.0 kgs @ 110kgs UnEq
Good lifting Rob, congratulations on the win!
NickRIcon...17-05-2012 @ 19:53 
likes supermans house
Member 1421, 612 posts
SQ 220, BP 160, DL 290
670.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
Well done Pal, to put it in perspective, a senior british lifter has NOT won this class in almost 20 years, since Dave Carter (1993).


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