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Mr Untrained Average

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CuddlesIcon...13-07-2011 @ 16:09 
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Terminator said:
thats ridiculous, he can't have been untrained

Ok then.

I guess we'll just change history.....

The guy was 6'4 and about 23 stone. He had the mental age of about a 14 year old. He didnt have a clue what he was doing.
WILLSANIcon...13-07-2011 @ 16:27 
Trump will get another four years
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'it depends on the individual' isnt a valid answer to the original question. however varied peoples abilities there is always an average!

I trained with one of my untrained mates once. he managed to press 30kg overhead for a few reps. I was shocked at how weak he was but I think thats just down to a skewed perception from years of training and being around strong people!

he didnt do any legs as they were strong enough from playing football. Grin
PeteHodgsonIcon...13-07-2011 @ 16:30 
Has little understanding of the sugden
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he didnt do any legs as they were strong enough from playing football. Grin

it's a classic! Grin Roll-Eyes
JackRevansIcon...13-07-2011 @ 16:33 
'There was also a sausage in my mouth.'
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PeteHodgson said:
he didnt do any legs as they were strong enough from playing football. Grin

it's a classic! Grin Roll-Eyes

about 90% of people i know who 'work out' dont do legs because 'they walk a lot' or something gay like that. nobs
TerminatorIcon...13-07-2011 @ 17:04 
jerking is obviously great,
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i don't mind that people don't train legs, it leaves the (my) squat rack free after all
baldtIcon...13-07-2011 @ 17:55 
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Cuddles said:Reflexions (the gym where Terry Hollands does some training) had a guy walk in off the street and pull 300kg. The guy was very retarded and didnt really understand what he was doing. He was also f**king huge.

Definitely not 'Mr Average'.

his name wasn't Ali was it?
VanillaGorillaIcon...13-07-2011 @ 18:23 
the UK's leading expert in bio mechanics
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I don't know or care.

I have one client that couldn't press an empty bar.

I have one client who pulled 200kg when he first tried it, 'for a laugh'.

Average how? Mean? Mode? Either way 100 won't give an answer. People are so diverse, try 1 000 000, or 100 000 000.

Age? Somatotype? Nationality / genetic background?

Stupid and pointless thread of the week award! Grin

Take it back to Muscletalk...
ShaunIcon...13-07-2011 @ 21:34 
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The average untrained man is going to lift very, very little. Sure, we occasionally hear stories about people coming in off the streets and pulling silly amounts, but they are the exception. You don't hear about the thousands that start with 10s at each side, because it's not nearly so interesting.
IainTIcon...13-07-2011 @ 23:14 
normal people, like me.
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I've seen two chaps who are naturally fairly strong looking have a crack at weights for the first time. One managed to put 50kg over his head, and nearly killed himself and his brother in the process. The other just about managed 40kg.

Generally when I see 17-18 year olds in the gym for the first time, benching (it's always benching), the problem is not having any sort of form or 'groove'. 30kg goes up ok, but deviating from a decent bar path by about 6" at a time. 35 barely gets off the chest, because it's drifted so far in one direction.

Squatting is just hilarious usually. The only person I've ever seen squat really well the first time was my brother's girlfriend - bloody natural. Of course, she's into endurance sports and doesn't want to lift weights.
ozzieIcon...14-07-2011 @ 00:00 
in the RAF not black sabbath
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martin said:Mr Average is useless.

The average guy off the street is weak and has little/no co-ordination or balance. A full squat would be out of the question for at least 70% of people in my experience.

The average gym-goer (already better than Mr Average for attending) is poor.

Go for a swim on a Sunday morning in a leisure centre to take a look at the average bloke!

agreed i bet over 50% of people cant even get correct depth on a squat of 40kgs
brocerslrdIcon...14-07-2011 @ 08:26 
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Post Edited: 14.07.2011 @ 08:27 AM by brocerslrd
A guy who used to work with my dad was a historic stone masson. Never set foot in a gym in his life so no idea what he'd do on gym lifts but i've seen him lift a 100+kg block of stone into the back of his hilux with out even thinking about it. He is however a pretty big bugger and has done manual work for the last 30 years
shanejerIcon...14-07-2011 @ 08:34 
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When I first deadlifted etc at 17ish I pulled 140 benched 70 and squatted 110
dr_hazbunIcon...14-07-2011 @ 10:05 
tabbouleh and fattoush salads were very refreshing
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When I first joined a gym, my training partner (who is, incidentally, now a GP in Leeds) was bigger and more experienced than myself. I just did what he did and never went over to the squat rack because that was 'where the nutters trained' and 'where I could injure myself'.

As a result I was benching 100kg at 19 yrs old (not bad for a spoddy 80kg medical student!) but had never done a deadlift or squat. Whilst studying for my (6!) A'levels my dad bought me a home Weider weights bench and up to 50kg of weights. I remember managing all the weight when I first got it (I was 16).
leeboyIcon...14-07-2011 @ 11:42 
do i love snipers? hellyeah
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depends on allot like what they have done before what their job is and genetics obviously

i could bench around 65, shoulder press 45, squat 75 deadlift 140 on my first early attempts. i remember when i was about 8 i benched over my own body weight when my uncle told me to have a go so its probably in the genes but i have to say it hasnt helped me since Angry
hratIcon...14-07-2011 @ 11:55 
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I tried teaching the big lifts to a friend of a friend recently. Nevermind weight, it took an hour to explain how to squat to depth without coming up on the heels, and keep back extension to start a DL. Of course, given a couple sessions that'd be fixed, but he hurt too much to come back...

FWIW I could squat about 40kg, bench 10kg dumbbells and DL maybe 50kg as a 60kg self-taught girl.


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