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MIDLANDS U/105 2012

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sexymikehowarthIcon...22-04-2012 @ 20:59 
Full mask or nasal and chin strap?
Member 3254, 2492 posts
JC said:Well done to all those guys that qualified and took part today

Big congrats to Mike....f**king huge axle

I am throwing together the raw unedited footage now so you can see how things went

The 230kg deadlift for 8 reps was one of my highlights

Watch this space
TommyYIcon...22-04-2012 @ 21:03 
Member 2973, 171 posts
SQ 240, BP 0, DL 265
505.0 kgs @ 94kgs UnEq
Big thanks to JT, Ben F, Bish, Ursus , Flash and anyone else who helped out for a very well run comp. Great Venue!

Some very impressive performances throughout - highlights for me were Mike's axle and Seb's deadlifting. Well done to Ben and the others for qualifying for England's - Good luck guys!
scottmawIcon...22-04-2012 @ 21:04 
Member 3284, 18 posts
SQ 300, BP 185, DL 300
785.0 kgs @ 121kgs Eq
sexymikehowarth said:
Like I said buddy the results will be up and I will gladly let you know how you did within the general competition
I might get it a bit wrong though as is only human Happy
Other than that wait for a few days and all will be posted
Well done too mate!

Thanks pal well done to you BEAST mode on the axle there was no catching youHappy Grin
LyntonIcon...22-04-2012 @ 21:06 
Member 3492, 8 posts
SQ 270, BP 180, DL 270
720.0 kgs @ 108kgs UnEq
well done to all for their efforts today was a great comp ! ill get a link up tomorrow with all the photos from the comp at some point tomorrow. Well done guys.
RobboIcon...22-04-2012 @ 21:16 
When I have enough cash, I get a deep tissue.
Member 465, 10908 posts
SQ 240, BP 175, DL 302.5
717.5 kgs @ 104kgs UnEq
Well done everyone.

Well done to the qualified athletes especially.

Nice axle Mike!!!
jtIcon...22-04-2012 @ 22:09 
old age traveller
Member 332, 7473 posts
thanks to all the crew for making this comp work

lynton for providing a great venue

pete sanderson for the best strongman scoring system bar none

ben f 6hour roundtrip to M/C

bish turning into a top ref as well as strongman

jay flash jamie and anyone else who helped set up, reset etc etc

not to forget the 18 guys busting their guts putting on a great show for the crowd well done guys you were all great Happy

the axle actually weighed 4kg less than was billed so apologies to all who had big new pb's
sexymikehowarthIcon...22-04-2012 @ 22:26 
Full mask or nasal and chin strap?
Member 3254, 2492 posts
No worries JT my man!

I will make adjustments to my video... Will probably call it 160kg axle overhead due to "even figures" and such matters

Which reminds me... WTF is a set of 8 reps on deadlift...? LOL

Here you go guys and girls, I hope this clip works and the rest of the unedited uploaded clips are a good watch to those that are interested

I'm off to bed so if anybody is subscribed to my channel ("mikehowarth") please feel free to throw them on here

If you're not in a rush an edited wrapped version complete with phenomenal music will follow on my journal within the next six months

slimsimIcon...22-04-2012 @ 22:36 
My asshole is not watertight.
Member 2926, 6017 posts
SQ 217.5, BP 107.5, DL 225
550.0 kgs @ 86kgs UnEq
Wow.......just wow! Brilliant stuff Mike. Looking forward to seeing some more videos of all the athletes over the coming days. Happy
garroldIcon...22-04-2012 @ 22:42 
Member 746, 731 posts
SQ 180, BP 120, DL 222.5
522.5 kgs @ 74kgs UnEq
That FTOH looked very lovely indeed.
ursusIcon...22-04-2012 @ 23:08 
Man up and have a fuckin coffee
Member 2086, 9728 posts
SQ 340, BP 252.5, DL 300
892.5 kgs @ 158kgs UnEq
what a clean Mike, great focus to fire it up like that ,superb stuff today.
shanejerIcon...22-04-2012 @ 23:11 
Member 1307, 14148 posts
SQ 340, BP 210, DL 350
900.0 kgs @ 99kgs UnEq
Was that the 165? Peach !
ursusIcon...22-04-2012 @ 23:19 
Man up and have a fuckin coffee
Member 2086, 9728 posts
SQ 340, BP 252.5, DL 300
892.5 kgs @ 158kgs UnEq
shanejer said:Was that the 165? Peach !

The equiptment was weighed officially at 161kg afterwards.
Nearly convinced Mike to shove another 10kg !!! sure he would of got it.
WILLSANIcon...22-04-2012 @ 23:19 
Trump will get another four years
Member 126, 16520 posts
SQ 180, BP 125, DL 240
545.0 kgs @ 86kgs UnEq
my vid...

I have spared you the (my) pain of my sled non-drag. Grin
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...22-04-2012 @ 23:20 
Has little understanding of the sport
Member 400, 20798 posts
That was a brilliant lift Mike Happy
TerminatorIcon...22-04-2012 @ 23:24 
jerking is obviously great,
Member 2521, 4147 posts
SQ 235, BP 152.5, DL 282.5
670.0 kgs @ 110kgs UnEq
Amazing clean. And I didn't realise quite how big Ursus is until I saw this!

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