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Low bar elbow pain

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EllD90IconLow bar elbow pain03-02-2015 @ 22:00 
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I'm getting elbow tendonitis from a poor set up with low bar.

My wrists are basically bent right back, which I guess is putting the pressure through my arms.

Can people advise on how to solve this please. Squat set up/bar positioning, wrist/shoulder mobility.

I recently moved to a thumbless grip which felt like an improvement, however I can't get the same set up in the competition racks (where it counts!), as I can in a normal power rack/cage.

Any help would be much appreciated.
GrimkorIcon...03-02-2015 @ 22:13 
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Post Edited: 03.02.2015 @ 22:14 PM by Grimkor
I found thumbless grip made the problem worse. I would first look at widening your grip, you got to do what you are capable of and too narrow a grip is as bad as not coming in enough. I was coached to the following tips which has completely removed any tendonitis from my low bar squat:

- Grip the bar HARD
- Bring the elbows under the bar
- Bring shoulder blades together

For me combining these three things the bar should be on the shelf and the wrist should be mostly neutral.

I also use wrist wraps to protect my wrists/elbows further.
JohnGymIcon...03-02-2015 @ 23:11 
Hamstrings feel activated.
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I used to have the same. Two things changed this for me.

1) Thumbless grip
2) 5 mins worth of mobility work before starting.
EllD90Icon...03-02-2015 @ 23:30 
Member 4522, 1898 posts
SQ 222.5, BP 152.5, DL 245
620.0 kgs @ 120kgs UnEq
What mobility?
rich_86Icon...04-02-2015 @ 01:52 
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Just switch to high bar.

[flame suit on]High bar squats are just more legit somehow. And look better.[/flamesuit off]
EvisIcon...04-02-2015 @ 02:11 
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Lowbar will almost allways give you pain at some point. Iys a question of managing it.

-Limit frequency of the lowbar pr week. Personally I can handle 2-3 times and then I do highbar the rest od the workouts if I need higher frequency than that.

-Dont go full tightness on the first set of your workout. Start out with the bar higher and your grip wider, and from there gradually move it in and down as you get warmed up and more flexible.

-working on shoulder mobility is obviously a good thing. Also try rolling your triceps on the sleeve of the barbell in a squat rack before you squat, for some extra elbow flexion.
JonA81Icon...04-02-2015 @ 09:05 
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You need to find a position where your arms arent bearing any of the load from the bar.
VanillaGorillaIcon...04-02-2015 @ 10:05 
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Posted this in another thread, relevant here too
JonA81Icon...04-02-2015 @ 10:15 
Member 2216, 2243 posts
VanillaGorilla said:Posted this in another thread, relevant here too[/quot...

That shoulder stretch with the band, did he get it from a book on the Inquisition?
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