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» JohnGym - Powerlifting (Go to post)24-03-2019 @ 11:32 
Day 1 - Testing

20kg x 8
20kg x 5
60kg x 3
100kg x 1
140kg x 1
160kg x 1 Belt on from here
170kg x 1
180kg x 1
120kg x 3 x 6 Beltless

Paused Bench
20kg x 8
20kg x 5
60kg x 3
100kg x 1
120kg x 1
130kg x 1
140kg x 1
150kg x 1 Slingshot
115kg x 5
115kg x 4

60kg x 3
100kg x 1
140kg x 1
180kg x 1
200kg x 1
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)03-03-2019 @ 10:22 
jt said:
no where near proper IPF depth

Looked in to me.
» JohnGym - Powerlifting (Go to post)23-02-2019 @ 12:13 

130kg x 2
130kg x 3
130kg x 2

120kg x 6
120kg x 4

Row/Pulldown supersets to failure.

Decent, somehow.

» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)21-01-2019 @ 20:50 
Boar said:I have bought my 4th and final form concept 2 rower.

Haha...yes Boarski!
» JohnGym - Powerlifting (Go to post)21-12-2018 @ 22:25 
Squatted today. Had OMS immediately PWO.

» Latest Creatine advice (Go to post)16-11-2018 @ 17:21 
Pikefingers said:This is very timely. Iíve taken it on and off for years. Had some recently, possibly took a bit too much and it irritated my scalp and caused hair loss (Google tells me this is likely). Also found some references through Google suggesting that it could lead to cancer. Not impressed by either.

There's some absolute bo***cks written on the internet.
» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)11-11-2018 @ 17:00 
JackRevans said:Or the most profound realization?

Don't say "my wedding day" or we'll know you're lying.

What's yours?

Mine is probably landing my current job. Been working towards it for 18 years. Was absolutely delighted when the offer came.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 23:19 
AdamT said:
Do you use?

No. I don't even train.
I eat lots of Nutella though, which will very likely be my ultimate downfall.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 23:05 
Steroid users who die young always seem to be significantly overweight. Lean or not, usually heavy as f**k.
They walk around many many stones over a 'healthy' weight and, shock horror, die of heart problems.

Not the gear that kills them, it's being a proper mush on gear that kills them.

Dr. John
» First Man Film, Did The USA Go To The Moon ? (Go to post)23-10-2018 @ 19:42 
Flat Earthers and Moon Conspiracy Theorists...Two cheeks of the same arse.
They probably believe in God, too.
» Natural strength potential (Go to post)11-08-2018 @ 22:38 
mikecm said: I normally sit around 100kg - do we think a say 220/150/250 would be attainable without drugs?

» Ermm here goes (Go to post)01-07-2018 @ 12:03 
unit94 said:Oh christ i havent updated since Tuesday

Not good enough. Some of us only still come here to read these updates!
» John 'Chaos' (Go to post)29-06-2018 @ 23:31 
Terribly sad.
Only knew him on here but seemed a cracking bloke.
» Joshua vs Parker (Go to post)02-04-2018 @ 11:39 
93hopkinsonr said:
I never said I was mate, nor are you.
No mate, I donít remember that fight. Probably because I was 10 years old and didnít follow boxing. I could drop loads of fights you wouldnít have seen too, doesnít make either of us less of a boxing fan.
I do like Fury mate as stated above in this thread. Heís the most interesting guy probably in the whole of boxing, not just the heavyweights and for sure he can fight. Iím just giving my opinion on the fights just like you two guys which is fine. You donít have to start puffing you chest out about it haha.

Why so defensive?
» Joshua vs Parker (Go to post)02-04-2018 @ 11:30 
If Fury was back in the mix would he be in your Top 5 mate? If so, where?

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