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Aberdeen U90 and Open Comp - 7 April 2013

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ben66Icon...07-04-2013 @ 11:27 
Why get fat to look big?
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Good luck to all Happy
ben66Icon...07-04-2013 @ 19:20 
Why get fat to look big?
Member 1330, 4796 posts
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Any results?
shortandmightyIcon...07-04-2013 @ 19:37 
Aiming for a 250 squat by the end of 2012
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1st Jeremy Vickers
2nd Stuart Yule
3rd Phil Robertson (I think it was that way around )
4th Me
5th Mushy (Body builder beats strongman, below. Steve was really happy about this)
6th Steve Copeland
Then can't remember anymore. Some really good performance all around, and nice to see some new faces getting involved.Grin
BenvieIcon...07-04-2013 @ 21:42 
embarrasingly poor bench
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Today was our U90 and open comp, it was a rather inauspicious start when I woke up early to get the boys weighed in and found it was snowing fairly heavilly. Fortunately it didn't lie and the weather gradually improved as the day went on. All the guys weighed in and made the weight although a couple of the guys were cutting it rather fine. Had 12 under 90s and due to a variety of late pull outs and general lack of interest from the opens there were 6 signed up for the opens 2 of whom failed to turn up or bother to tell us they weren't coming. However we soldiered on with a few minor event changes and the opens effectively working in with the u90s.

First up was the max deadlift. We saw a pretty high standard with PBs galore and very few missed lifts. Things started to get really interesting around the 250kg mark where a lot of the big pullers in the u90s entered the fray and we saw the bar continue rising with a big 270kg pull from Dave Sanderson who couldn't quite get his next attempt of 280kg, then we had Darryn Wright who pulled a massive 285kg but didn't have enough left in the tank to get his next attempt of 290kg. Jeremy Vickers, Phil Robertson and Stuart Yule all got good lifts at 290kg which got them a share of 1st place and a share of the Scottish U90 deadlift record which was sitting at 220kg previously. All 3 guys looked like they could have gone a bit higher with more attempts and Phil in particular made the 290kg look very easy. I'm sure that they will push the record up as the season goes on with another max deadlift at SSM u90 in a few weeks.

Then came the opens, Lewis Thomson was up first and pulled a big 20kg PB of 230kg getting a pretty decent nosebleed in the process, this was more impressive considering he was lifting in the Scottish Weightlifting Seniors yesterday and only finished work at 4 this morning. Dhanni Moar and Danny McConnell managed to both get a share of 2nd place with 280kg which was a PB for them both, I made a total arse of this event and although I got the event win with my opener of 290kg was nowhere near getting 305kg on my second and third attempts which should be a fairly comfortable pull for me.

Next up was Axle for reps, the athletes had the choice of three weights, 90kg, 110kg and 125kg. The majority of the U90 guys went for the 90kg axle and all but one got at least 1 rep in with the Andrew Chappell (mushy) getting a very impressive 7 reps. Next up was 110kg where there were only 2 guys, Phil Robertson and Stevie Copland taking this weight and they got 3 and 2 reps respectively. Finally was the 125kg axle which was taken by Darryn who really struggled to clean it and couldn't get a rep in and Stuart and Jeremy who got 4 and 3 reps respectively getting them 1st and 2nd place.

In the opens Danny McConnell was up first with the 90kg Axle and really struggled with the clean failing to get a rep, Up next was big Lewis Thomson who as a weightlifter really fancied this event and went for the 125kg, however on his first rep he unfortunately managed to injure hiself quite badly tearing his thumb open doing a full clean with it badly enough that you could see tendons. This was most certainly the low point of the day but Lewis went to A and E where he was patched up and came back down to watch the rest of the event. Finaly Me and Dhanni were up and ended up with 1 and 4 reps respectively at 125kg. Pretty much everyone struggled with the axle cleans today as we were using strengthshop axles which are knurled on the outside and smooth in the middle whcih makes them a bit of a nightmare to belly clean and there were a few guys who were probably capable of a good few more presses if they hadn't had such trouble with the clean.

The third event was the Yoke, once again the u90s had a choice of three weights with 260kg, 300kg and 340kg. Most of the guys took the 260kg and all of them finished the 16m course in quick times with all but one going sub 30 seconds. Only Dave Sanderson and Ben Culverhouse took the 300kg and both finished in wuick times with 34 and 30.89 seconds respectively. I found Ben's performance in this event to be particularly impressive as he hadn't even stepped in a gym in his life 3 months ago and made a 300kg yoke look pretty easy today. Finally there was the 340kg yoke which was taken by Stuart, Phil and Jeremy all of whom finished the course quickly with Jeremy being particularly rapid doing it in just over 10 seconds.

The opens had a 380kg yoke and Dhanni Moar found the going tough on this one getting agonisingly close to finishing the course with 15m, Danny McConnell finished the course in 1 mnute 28 seconds with 2 to spare and his tenacity was particularly impressive as he just wouldn't quit and ground his way to the finish showing real guts, I managed to finish the course in 22.7 seconds for the event win.

The fourth event was the medley of Farmers, 150kg Duck Walk and 160kg Sled Drag all for 15m. The u90s had the choice of 3 weights on the farmers with 105kg, 120kg and 130kg. The majority of guys found this one pretty tough with half the guys taking the top weight and quite a few guys failing to finish the course with the horribly awkward duck walk causing a lot of issues for most of the guys. The top 3 were Phil, Stuart and Dave in that order.

The opens all took the 130kg Farmers and Both Dhanni and Danny finished in just under a minute for 1st and second while I was badly let down by my poor fitness failing to finish the course and coming in last.

The penultimate event was the frame squat for reps and after a couple of early teething problems this went well with very mixed fortunes seeing both very high reps from some and a good few guys no repping. The top 3 guys in this event were all on the top weight of 230kg on the pins and they were Mushy who was in 3d and got a very impressive 11 reps, Phil who got 12 and Jeremy who got a huge 15 reps.

The opens were using suits for this one and took the weight of 280kg on the pins, Danny found this one very difficult because of long standing injuries to both knees and couldn't manage a rep. I got 3 reps and Dhanni did 10 easy reps and looked good for plenty more as he was laughing and joking with the crowd on his last rep.

The final event was predictably the stones which were being loaded to a 52" platform. For the u90s there were 100, 112, 120, 140 and 160kg stones, it had been a tough day and the exertions of the previous 5 events were really starting to take their toll. Most of the guys got the first 2 stones in varying times and a few also got the first 3 with only Jonathan Summers, the lightest guy in the comp, loading the 4th 140kg stone which was one of the highlits of the day.

The Opens had the same stones but dropped the 100kg stone and added the 180kg stone at the end. Danny and Dhanni were up first and both got the first three stones, I was up last and only got the first 2.

The top 3 in the u90s were Phil in 3d, Stuart in 2nd and Jeremy in 1st place. All three of them were very close all day trading points in each event and were well clear of the rest of the field. I'm sure that everyone who was there today will agree that all three of these guys are more than capable of being very competitive at BSM and the Euros later in the year and I am looking forward to seeing some more battles between them in the rest of the u90 season. The rest of the field was fairly spread out nd saw some awesome battles throughout the day with Dave Sanderson taking 4th place and Mushy just beating Stevie Copland into 6th place. Then came Junior in 7th who had been helped by his awesome effort in the stones. The final five guys were all fairly tght on points and were all taking part in their first comp today and all 5 show great potential if they sticck at the sport and I'm sure they will continue to progress and make some waves in the strongman scene in years to come.

The opens finished with Bhanni in first me in second and Danny in 3d with Lewis technically in 4th although he had to withdraw injured after the second event. The standard was pretty high throughout the day and all the guys should be commended for sticking it out despite there only being 3 open competitors by the end. Dhanni looked very strong on pretty much everything and I think we can expect big things on him at the 105s in June. Danny grafted all day and did really well in the deadlift getting a 10kg PB and showed real guts finally finishing the yoke after a minute and a half of hard work.

All in all it was a great day and I think it was a record for the most competitors in a Scottish u90 comp and it is great to see more guys getting involved at this level where Scotland already has a lot of talented guys. A big thank you has to go out to the open guys who did turn out for the day and I can only apologise for not being able to give you guys a more competitive day with more competitors but unfortunately it was out of my control. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Graham Park the owner of the gym who was a great help with the organisation and running of the comp, Stuart McConville for stepping up at short notice and reffing for us, Leggiez for helping keep score, Keith, Carl and the other guys from MJ who helped with the loading and everyone else who helped with the running of the comp and the spectators who cheered the guys on all day.

Hopefully we will see some of the guys back for other comps we run later in the year although I can't see us putting on another open comp as it is just not worth the time and effort required to put on a comp when we can only muster 3 competitors, 2 of whom are u105 guys.
stuartyIcon...07-04-2013 @ 21:52 
nearly britians strongest man u90kg
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Cheers for today neil. Great comps and enthusiasm from all involved in setting it up. Also good to see so many u90 strongman competitors. It bodes well for the future. Well done to all competitors and to Jeremy for winning the 90's. hopefully see all the 90kg guys in Glasgow in 3 weeks at SSM u90s
dannymIcon...07-04-2013 @ 21:59 
Member 3240, 270 posts
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Was a great day and very high standard of u90s.

Pleasure to meet everyone. Well run comp as usual by results gym

Will be up again for the next one.
BenvieIcon...07-04-2013 @ 22:19 
embarrasingly poor bench
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Cameron Kennedy - 190kg, 210kg and 220kg
Scott Alexander - 190kg, 200kg and 210kg
Ben Culverhouse - 200kg, 215kg and 232.5kg
Jonathan Summers (junior) - 210kg, 220kg, 230kg
Andrew Chappell (mushy) - 210kg, 230kg, 245kg
Ewan Massie - 220kg, 230kg, 240kg
Steve Copland - 220kg, 230kg, 245kg
Darryn Wright - 250kg, 280kg, failed 290kg
Jeremy Vickers - 250kg, 280kg, 290kg (Scottish u90kg Deadlift record)
Dave Sanderson - 250kg, 270kg, failed 280kg
Stuart Yule - 260kg, 280kg, 290kg (Scottish u90kg Deadlift record)
Phil Robertson - 260kg, 280kg, 290kg (Scottish u90kg Deadlift reord)


Lewis Thomson - 200kg, 215kg, 230kg
Danny McConnell - 250kg, 265kg, 280kg
Dhanni Moar - 250kg, 280kg, failed 300kg
Neil Benvie - 290kg, failed 305kg twice



Mushy - 7 reps
Dave - 5 reps
Junior - 5 reps
Ewan - 4 reps
Ben - 3 reps
Scott - 1 rep
Cameron - 0 reps


Phil - 3 reps
Stevie - 2 reps


Jeremy - 4 reps
Stuart - 3 reps
Darryn - 0 reps



Danny - 0 reps


Dhanni - 4 reps
Benvie - 1 rep
Lewis - 0 reps (injury)




Junior - 10.1 sec
Stevie - 14.1 sec
Ewan - 18.7 sec
Cameron - 25.8 sec
Darryn - 26.5 sec
Scott - 29.5 sec
Mushy - 38.7 sec


Ben - 30.8 sec
Dave S - 34.0 sec


Jeremy - 10.17 sec
Phil - 19.5 sec
Stuart - 22.4 sec



Benvie - 22.7 sec
Danny - 1 min 28 sec
Dhanni - 15 metres



105 farmers:

Ben - 1 min 1.3 sec
Ewan - 6 metres, sledge
Cameron - 16m, duckwalk

120kg Farmers:

Darryn - 15 metres, sledge
Junior - 12 metres, sledge
Scott - 16 metres, duckwalk

130kg Farmers:

Phil - 46.6 sec
Stuart - 52.8 sec
Dave - 1 min 4 sec
Jeremy - 8.5 metres, sledge
Mushy - 6 metres, sledge
Stevie - 10 metres, duckwalk


Dhanni - 52.8 sec
Danny - 58.1 sec
Benvie - 7 metres, sledge

Frame Squat:



Ben - 27 reps
Scott - 23 reps
Cameron - 2 reps


Ewan - 0 reps
Junior - 0 reps


Jeremy - 15 reps
Phil - 12 reps
Mushy - 11 reps
Stuart - 1 rep
Dave - 1 rep
Darryn - 0 reps
Stevie - 0 reps



Dhanni - 10 reps
Benvie - 3 reps
Danny - 0 reps


f**k knows, the score sheet for the stones appears to have gone awol, I will post results if I find them.

Final Scores:


1st - Jeremy - 66pts
2nd - Stuart - 60.5pts
3d - Phil - 57.5pts
4th - Dave - 50pts
5th - Mushy - 40.5pts
6th - Stevie Copland - 36.5pts
7th - Junior - 33.5pts
8th - Ben - 28pts
9th - Darryn - 24pts
10th - Ewan - 20.5pts
11th - Scott - 20pts
12th - Cameron - 12pts


Dhanni - 15
Benvie - 14
Danny - 11
Lewis - 1 (retired injured after 1 event)
RodgerIcon...07-04-2013 @ 23:24 
salad dodger *missing*
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230kg x 15 on a frame squat? Bloody hell. Looks like it was a great comp. Well done to dave and stuartHappy
salexander1984Icon...07-04-2013 @ 23:36 
Member 3337, 68 posts
SQ 212.5, BP 120, DL 250
582.5 kgs @ 81kgs UnEq
Was a good experience competing along side some of the top lifters in the country. Everyone had a slightly different technique so was interesting, educational and also good fun.
BenvieIcon...08-04-2013 @ 17:39 
embarrasingly poor bench
Member 2684, 4043 posts
SQ 240, BP 135, DL 275
650.0 kgs @ 103kgs UnEq
A few videos from yesterday. If anyone else has any more feel free to post them up here.

My mate Kev was down filming with his fancy professional camera and got footage of pretty much everything so will post up the video he makes up once he gets it edited and uploaded.
ben66Icon...09-04-2013 @ 10:48 
Why get fat to look big?
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Well done to all Happy

Unfortunately, the night after the comp, someone has come and stolen the squat rack from outside the gym, bit disappointing as it's been out there for months.
BERSERKERIcon...09-04-2013 @ 18:20 
Avatar not found
Member 4193, 18 posts
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Big thankyou to all at results gym. Had a really good day, special mention again to the u90 guys who all turned up!!!!!!
thanks to stuart yule for strapping me into the deadlift,(big hands sometimes hinder me!) and well done on the record. well done to jeremy too, beast!

hopefully see some of you in shetland in august,dont worry its inside. contact either me, colin arthur or davy cummings on here if interested. cheers
BenvieIcon...20-04-2013 @ 07:44 
embarrasingly poor bench
Member 2684, 4043 posts
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A wee highlights video made up by my mate kev stride of the comp last weekend.

Rober_A_HunterIcon...20-04-2013 @ 12:09 
Member 4121, 177 posts
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Class vid :-)


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