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Wayne_CowdreyIcon...02-05-2016 @ 00:34 
'very impressive' ............ 7 years ago.
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Well done on the PBs.
mark_f1Icon...02-05-2016 @ 12:21 
not actually strong
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SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Thanks pal, resting for Rotherhams u105 in sunday, still a long way off a competitive standard but making small steps.
mark_f1IconRotherham strongest u10508-05-2016 @ 19:17 
not actually strong
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SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Lead up
Worked away all week and needed to drop 3kg 2days out. Had a great night sleep before a comp for the first time ever

Comp day weighed in 103.5, then had a McDonald's breakfast, it didn't stay in.

1st event - 280yoke
Fancied my chances at this as normally good at this. It was a wide wobbly yoke, and didn't get it set right on initial pick up so had to put it down and rest myself. Then just didn't get through the gears. 28secs, was aiming for sub 20 but wasn't last so not too bad.

300 21" dead lift (actually measured as 19.5 to bottom of bar)
Was allowed to roll it in which is something I've never done before. Managed 9 reps in 60s which I more than happy about.

60keg monster dumbbell
Only ever managed 50kg before so wasnt expecting much. Struggled to balance it and was really close to locking it out, then dropped it on my foot. Writing this in a cold bath and Can't move my big toe. Oops

Front hold 22kg
This was a bit too heavy for me. Could only manage about 5secs in training. Did 16secs

120kg over 50" yoke.
Was aiming for 5 managed 6 so was happy had 20 secs left but was the stone was stuck to my shorts. Also need to stand closer next time.

Placed 8th overall out of 11, top 5 were another level today, then the 2lads ahead of me did great. Happy with how I performed, was a great comp.
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...08-05-2016 @ 21:07 
'very impressive' ............ 7 years ago.
Member 400, 20260 posts
Sounds like a performance to be proud of. Good work Happy
mark_f1Icon...10-05-2016 @ 22:30 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
So my foot is pretty bruised but getting some movement back so should be ok.

Working away all week so not got much use of a gym.
Went for a swim yesterday, not a strong swimmer but god im unfit lol.

Today ive done a 2mile bike ride, then only got 3 weight machines in the gym.
Shoulder press
25x10 2sets

Seated chest press
100x6 x3

Lat pull down
60x10 x3

Tricep pull down
25x10 x3

Close grip pull down (very slow)
25x10 x3
mark_f1Icon...15-05-2016 @ 20:40 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Yesterday's session

Press medley
90 log, 80 bar, 34kg kettlebell.

Couple of individual lifts with the bar and kettlebell too.

Side deadlift
220 tyre +35 kg bag
Fail (demotivated me big time should have been easy)
5reps dont know what happened on 1st lift.
+130kg person
2reps (then got challenged to a rep off because we were supposed to only do a single lol)
7reps (i won)

Nerve was killing big time so did some stretches.
mark_f1Icon...15-05-2016 @ 20:54 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq

Barely slepts because of my nerve, and found out I've scrapped a place into England's u105 next week due to a guy being injured. Admittedly I'm not ready for this level of comp, but... i may not get the opportunity again so feck it i dont mind coming last.

Trained at manimal today as ashton at stockys was invited to work at body power.

Yoke (quite wide and alot of movement in this one)
170x 14mx2
350x 4steps. Couldn't get it under control.
300x14 was starting to get to grips with it at this point and speed improving.
(On a side note training with Nick Ducker, the 1hr car walk recoed holder, he made 450 look a breeze! )

20" deadlift (no straps or belt)
Add belt
Add straps
370 (40kg pb)
400 fail, should have gone for 380.

Axle clean press
100x1 pb
110 failed press (nerve was twinging big time, getting annoying as hell)
Clean only
120 (on belt)

Wanted to do some floor deads and stones but couldn't. I don't think 1 more session will make a difference for next week.
mark_f1Icon...17-05-2016 @ 23:51 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Last session before comp on Saturday. Hungry and tired not a great combo

Working away, so using a different gym today.

Squat (in socks as forgot my gym trainers, and its on bobbly matting :-( )
Belt on
Wraps on
Wraps off

Deadlift (again bobbly soft floor)
Straps on
260xfailed twice. Really struggle with set up with straps

Oh press
Bar xlots
60x10 strict
80x1lost balance and went for a walk

Seated incline machine press
100x4 x 3

Ham curl
Leg raise
Bicep curl
Tricep pushdowns
mark_f1IconEngland's strongest man u105 comp21-05-2016 @ 23:54 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
So only got the invite a week prior with no prep and let face it no realistic chance, but couldnt turn down the opportunity.

I had worked away all week in the Lake District, but managed to sneak away early on the friday with a 4 gour deive wrapped up wiyh the heaters on full, to get to the gym to weigh in at 6.30pm. Jumped on the scales having no weighed myself all week... 105.6kg. f**k!

30mins of cycling / sweating later, and concerns i was in the final stages of gender reassignment as it had shrivled to something only a hamster would be proud of, I made the weight.

Comp day
Arrived and couldnt shake or the pre comp nerves even though i had no pressure.

Event 1
260 deadlift opener.
I only wore a belt as i cant get on with straps and dont have a suit.
Got it past my knees but when i went to hitch it, the bar had quite a bit of whip and threw me forward. Failed this lift. Thought i would get 3 others attempts but had misunderstood. Dam.

Press medley
(warmed up and managed a 100kg clean and press on the bar raw -P.B!)
100kg block - Couldn't get it balanced on mu chest and failed to press it. Never used one before,bloody horrible.

240 axle squat
Went down nice and slow, but went way too deep and couldn't get back up. 40kg more than anything ive tried before do wasnt to disappointed.

Loading Medley
Tyre easy
Sandbag, never touched on before and lost a lot of time getting to grips with it. 2x100kg barrels, but burnt out by this point. Slowest run.

Just failed the 4th stone 135kg, stood a bit too far away. 2nd to last.

Learnt alot and enjoyed myself. Another 2 years and i want to be mixing it up with them.
mark_f1Icon...23-05-2016 @ 23:29 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Working away but had the opportunity to train with a colleague who happens to be experienced powerlifter who's competed in the world's. Today was about analysing my deadline, pulling it apart and start building again.

Dead no belt or straps
170x3 timing is all wrong do a 2 stage lift. Need to tell myself to mentally to drive with my shoulders and leg press the weight.
170x3 starting to get better
195x2 taking from the pins first
195x1 same again.

Rack pulls (21" apx) just belt

Leg press
Quite light just worked to 280x8, all deep although not quite as deep as my colleague as my knees are a bit sore from the comp.

Lat pull downs
4 sets nothing heavy.

Pull ups. Use to love these as a skinny lad, there just the devil now.
3sets of 5
mark_f1Icon...25-05-2016 @ 22:59 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Training/being coached by my colleague tonight.

135x1 felt easy
140 fail. Would have equalled my pb but let my breath out on the weight down.
90x 17 was trying to get 20 but burnt out.

2inch block press
130x1 just to get a feel. I can see the benefit of doing these.

Bar x5
60x6 felt heavy.
100x5 was given some pointers at this point.
150x3 felt better.
Wraps on. This guy nows how to actually wrap! I've been using them wrong and no where near tight enough. Though my knee was going to pop off.
180x1 easy. Got brave and asked for 205 next.
205x1 felt good. PB.
205x1 felt even better.

Really happy, lots to take on board and think if I apply the tips I'll make some good progress
mark_f1Icon...28-05-2016 @ 17:29 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq

215 30m slow back was hurting

Dead just working on form

Double overhand no straps or belt.
190x1 easy
230 fail
220 failed above knees (was pretty much hook grip as hands unravelled early)
220x1 pb
mark_f1Icon...31-05-2016 @ 13:10 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Competed in my first team comp (Elite Silverback at Northumberland county fair) on Monday, against some well established names, as well as some upcoming strong guys too.

1st event 125kg Viking Press
Before the comp I wasn't even expecting one as it's my weakest event. We was 1st to go so had no idea what the benchmark was.
I managed 5 and as a team we got 17reps. 6th Place - 11 reps off the lead

Car deadlift front bar - Volvo estate + 3 big men (Approx 450kg in the hands)
This time last to go, had seen the leaders got 19, it was very narrow in the frame so was pretty much a straight leg deadlift. We got 16 reps and 4th place. Hamstrings were on fire.

100kg Farmers Walk each hand max distance.
I secretly wanted to put a big distance in here, but the rough terrain and legs being burnt out meant I started to struggle after 60m as it was hard to keep balance which then threw the farmers everywhere just sapping energy. We managed just over 145m with pretty equal stints. we were 4th, 25m of the lead however 2nd place was a lot closer.

15min break - At this point I was exhausted, literally falling to sleep on the grass. Had been having a drink of coca cola before the previous events, but I think at this point it had caught up with me and given me a sugar crash. Wont be doing that again.

Elite Finger 200kg
We hadn't touched one before so didn't know what to expect.
We managed 8reps only 2 off the lead but only got for joint 5th with split points.
I was pressing up rather than forward so could have been a lot quicker, and we both took an age going up to it. With less caution and more haste we could have won that.

135kg stone over 4ft yoke
After failing the 135 last time out at Englands, I was determined to get at least 2 as was my partner. The stone was small for a 135kg so made it really easy to roll up from the hips which is normally a weak point for me.
We managed 6 reps each which we were over the moon with giving us 12 reps. 7 reps of the winner. Looking back we shouldn't have given it as much respect and 1 montioned it for the first 2-3 reps, we might have had a few more in us.

Overall we finished 5th, exceeding our expectations on every event and worse bit is if we knew what we learnt after doing the events we probably could have be in for a shout for 3rd.

Was a great comp, and to be up against names such as John Pollock, Mark Lawson and Donna Moore we we're proud to come 5th.
FlooblerIcon...31-05-2016 @ 15:32 
Member 5964, 573 posts
SQ 240, BP 160, DL 265
665.0 kgs @ 99kgs UnEq
Saw the vids on FB mate, you did really well looked like a fun comp as well. Improving nicely
mark_f1Icon...31-05-2016 @ 16:16 
not actually strong
Member 5779, 808 posts
SQ 220, BP 140, DL 280
640.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Cheers mate. Just need to tick the 260 deadlift off in the next few weeks then I'll be on track for Yorkshire. (I am aiming to beat you this time lol, you've beat me twice in a row now, 3rd time lucky)

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