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» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)10-07-2016 @ 09:32 
unit94 said:I was talking to a guy i know tonight and he was saying doesn't Ed pulling 500 make you wanna give up strongman, I said no obviously but it got me thinking as to how other people will improve now. It makes 400kg suddenly look not that heavy and even 450 to not be too astronomical so I think we will see an absolute ton more 400 pullers in the next year or two

Why would it make you want to give up? Surely it just serves to motivate to see the progress he has made and push the boundaries of what is possible. Also people seem to be forgetting deadlift is one event out of 5 or 6 in a competition, you don't have to be the best deadlifter to win.
» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)09-07-2016 @ 20:36 
Have to admit I was one of the biggest doubters, but that was a whole different level and something very special.
I do however wonder what impact it's had on his body.
» Knee Wrap Advice (Go to post)08-07-2016 @ 16:39 
The_Lone_Wolf said:I've just seen strength shop have a sale on wraps this weekend and I much like you, want some advice and guidance on wraps. I've never used them and squat similar to you.

I looked at the odins wraps which are their own brand, and the stiffest they sell. Would I be correct in thinking the stiffer the wrap the more rebound?

I have the Odins, they are outrageously stiff when put on tightly, I also find them quite tricky to wrap because they seem to be quite slippy. I was shown some that a guy I know had imported from America that had rubber woven in and felt really good but I can't remember what make they were.
» XR2... (Go to post)01-07-2016 @ 20:06 
matthewvc said:
KITT was a 3rd generation Pontiac Trans-Am.
fantastic looking car but pretty crap performance in real life. the 5.0L version only produced 165bhp.
compare that to a modern car and its shocking - Mitsubishi manage 440bhp out of a 2.0L engine with their special edition Evo X FQ-440.
no replacement for displacement the yanks would say... wrong: it's called a "massive turbocharger"

Yes but can an EVO X talk to you in a camp accent? And does it have a 'super pursuit mode'. No on both counts. KITT wins.
» Scary Spotting at IPF (Go to post)28-06-2016 @ 10:52 
That is shockingly bad spotting. The last one could have been very serious.
However I am surprised that with the weights involved nowadays especially in the heavier weight categories they are still relying on human spotters. Surely they can come up with a better system.
Actually this gives me an idea of a solution to the problem.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)27-06-2016 @ 23:04 
Go Mark Felix, still smashing comps. The man never ages.
I can only think of 2 reasons for Oberst getting an invite 1, He is capable of 200+ log (but then so are a few others now) 2, He's quite high profile and recognised now because of things like the podcasts and the 'rivalry' vids with Eddie Hall.
» XR2... (Go to post)26-06-2016 @ 21:36 
scruffmcbuff said:
Have you ever tried entering your car in that fashion?
I have, it ended badly. I suspect being a forum of powerlifters and strongmen not many here would have anyluck with that.

I actually tried doing that once, it didn't look anything like it does on Dukes of Hazzard!
» XR2... (Go to post)23-06-2016 @ 19:42 
brocerslrd said:What about a R5 turbo?

Awesomely quick and cool cars but more fragile than a freshly laid egg.
I used to own a quick modded swift gti and had an r5 turbo come past me like I was stood still. However it was stood still in the next lay by with much smoke and steam emanating from it.
» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)29-05-2016 @ 19:28 
samue1son said:Had that with Jordans at the local rec last year.
A 25kg was 23kg. A 20kg was 22kg! No wonder I sometimes missed/hit a pb least expecting it.

I know people that have pulled comfy reps at a certain weight and then failed at another gym with different plates but supposedly the same weight.
» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)29-05-2016 @ 19:16 
KevC86 said:
Where on earth did you pull the 5% figure from? Its complete and total bulls**t. The difference between calibrated and bumper plates is less than 1% for every manufacturer ive ever looked at.

It is not complete and total bulls**t it is the maximum allowable tolerance on any weight by law and is +/- the tolerance. This has been proved time and again and is an argument that happens at many a gym.
Some manufacturers are worse than others, we have in the past weighed York and strengthshop bumpers and cast plates with calibrated scales and they have come in between 18.3 kgs and 21.7kgs. I also know someone else who did the same thing at another gym and came up with some wild differences.
» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)29-05-2016 @ 15:40 
Just to shake things up a bit, remember most of the lifts we see are gym lifts on uncalibrated plates. Most plates are only accurate to 5%, doesn't sound a lot but when add up the amount of plates being used it can be a long way short of what we all think is being lifted. So for example if someone had lifted the ridiculous 500kg it could in reality be 475. I think gym lifts should be taken with a large pinch of salt.
» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)27-05-2016 @ 19:19 
I honestly can't see 500 happening anytime soon. I'm certain the record will be broken but not by the margin some people are thinking. I think Eddie's 463 was closer to his limit than he made out. Also if he wants to Stand any chance of getting a wsm podium he needs to be very careful pushing so hard with deadlift.
» World Deadlift Championship Predictions (Go to post)26-05-2016 @ 20:19 
LessThanLuke said:I don't possibly see how that 15kg bodyweight increase will have helped his deadlift. It's not like squatting or pressing. Gaining weight most of the time will make your leverages worse on DL.

I actually think the extra 15kgs will hinder him especially suited. It will make getting into position even more horrendous than it already. Eddie doesn't seem to carry the extra weight well, it all seems to be around his belly. Alot will depend who wants it most and is willing to risk potential injury and missing out on world's too.
» EU vote (Go to post)23-05-2016 @ 21:49 
little_a said:Needless to say I took the same stance as I have with religion and creation, and came to the conclusion that I don't have the knowledge, information or intelligence to come to a 'yes' or 'no' decision. I don't think we should be stopping migrants like this coming to our sandy shores -

I'd happily allow miss Lithuania in legally or illegally!!

On a more serious note I don't think we will ever see any completely impartial information on the pros and cons. I was always in the stay camp but the more scare stories I hear the more I think the government doesn't have any real reasons to stay in and we would be better off out.
» 2015 wsm u90 zack mcCarley (Go to post)14-05-2016 @ 18:29 
rich_86 said:Whatever happened to James Ward?

Might be making a comeback soon. He's been back training.

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