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WUS World Records

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SamthepigmanIcon...18-10-2020 @ 20:48 
See You Next Tuesday
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The_Lone_Wolf said:
All seems a bit meh now...

Probably because of all of the insta hype for every record attempt like it's man landing on the moon
IrishMarcIcon...19-10-2020 @ 16:41 
no really Irish
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The_Lone_Wolf said:
When was it filmed? A few weeks ago?
I also wonder how many people watched it? And if there is any profit in this?
All seems a bit meh now...

Not sure there were a few thousand on the stream 8-12k something like that but it was f**king s**t to watch. They are just repetitive now the only reason I watched it in the background was that someone mentioned it in a group chat and I was doing admin.

There was no danger he was going to lift 502, his 490 slowed where he always misses the attempts and he did it the week before I think.... lol

Strongman isn't a single lift sport and it shouldn't have single lift events they are mince.
BigMaccaIcon...19-10-2020 @ 18:14 
Served his time, he has.
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PeterDeLaMare said:Shiv lifts 436kg for the masters world record.

It was the grindiest of grinders Iíve ever seen, surprised if he hasnít s**t himself.

Fantastic lift to watch, plus he seems like a really solid dude!

Not sure why this is being classed as a record though, I'm sure Andy The Kidney pulled 437.5kg when he was over 40.

I get it was in a powerlifting comp, but that just means it's more difficult (no straps).

For the sake of a couple of kg, they should have just made it 438kg for the heaviest ever pull by a masters lifter...
unit94Icon...20-10-2020 @ 13:37 
what is everyone's fran time?
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Yeah if you pull more in powerlifting in harder conditions you shouldn't count strongman records less than that. The old argument is having to do the other events in the same day but no one does that any more so its redundant


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