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Review: MuscleFood High Protein Bundle

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RobIconReview: MuscleFood High Protein Bundle28-09-2015 @ 17:55 
Does f*ck all for
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New Review: MuscleFood's Super High Protein Bundle
little_aIcon...28-09-2015 @ 19:07 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
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Been using musclefood now for about 3 months. Love the bundles/ variety packs and the exotic meats. I want to say that ostrich kebabs are the dogs bollox but it doesn't look right written downUnhappy About half a dozen people at work use them now too, with no bad reports thus far. Freezing space can be an issue if not organised but as delivery is so spot on this is made pretty straightforward. Me and the Mrs have chicken every diner and steak every tea for less than 40/wk. Tres bon.
JackRevansIcon...01-10-2015 @ 09:52 
'There was also a sausage in my mouth.'
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The biggest problem that I am currently facing is unsatisfactory freezer capacity
jonserpIcon...26-07-2016 @ 16:45 
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Thanks for the article.
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