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Review: MuscleFood High Protein Bundle

Buying meat in bulk online is something that has always piqued my interest, but I’d never got round to trying it, with the usual worries about quality and freshness being the main reasons.

Recently I decided to give MuscleFood a try after seeing an offer that I thought looked really good value. I ordered the ‘Super High Protein Ultimate Selection’ – which, for a total of £55, included the following:

2 x 2.5kg Chicken Breasts (Roughly 24 large breasts)
4 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks
4 x 6oz Great British Hache Steaks
2 x 400g Extra Lean British Beef Mince
12 x Chicken Breast Sausages
2 x 4oz Extra Lean Steak Burgers
1 x 400g Lean Diced British Beef
1 x 300g Extra Lean Chicken Breast Mince

I decided to see how much a similar basket would be from Tesco, and the total came to around £64 – or £61 with some of their multi-offers. So the MuscleFood basket worked out around 11% cheaper, which isn’t insignificant.
If I’d bought a similar basket at the local farm shop (where the quality is much better than Tesco) it would probably have been closer to £100, so providing the bundle was good quality, it looked like a real bargain.

Before ordering I did research the whole delivery process. There were a few forum threads stretching back a few years where people had left mostly positive comments, and the site had an excellent rating on TrustPilot, so that was all comforting.

The delivery turned up promptly on the morning of the estimated delivery date via ParcelForce, and I received an SMS notification with the time-slot (despite choosing the standard free delivery option – so I wouldn’t bother paying £1 extra for the special option).

The order was delivered in a sturdy cardboard-box lined in what looked like the frozen equivalent of bubble-wrap. Within this, there were several large blocks gel ice packs scattered amongst all the meat (which comes fresh, not frozen). Everything was cold to the touch and looked absolutely fine. Even the cat seemed pleased.

MuscleFood Delivery Box MuscleFood Delivery Box

Unless you’re having all your gym-buddies round for a BBQ the same day, you will need to put the majority of the meat in your freezer. Indeed, some of the products did say they should be frozen if not consumed within 24 hours. Make sure you have plenty of freezer bags at hand for the chicken breasts, as these come in large bags. All the other products in this bundle could be frozen in their own packaging.

So, the price and delivery ticked all the boxes – all that remained to be seen was the actual quality of the meat itself. I’ll cover each item below:

2 x 2.5kg Chicken Breasts (Roughly 24 large breasts) – These were comfortably the largest (chicken) breasts I’ve ever handled; they needed a little bit of trimming to remove a few bits of blood/gristle but all tasted excellent.

4 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks – A little chewy around the edges (despite having them rare) but really nice in the middle.

4 x 6oz Great British Hache Steaks – I’d had to Google these before I made the order as I’d never heard of Hache Steaks – they’re basically minced steak trimmings pressed into a steak. I thought they were pretty average; not something I would order separately outside of the bundle.

2 x 400g Extra Lean British Beef Mince – No complaints here, this all seemed really good. We had a few very nice Bolognese’s.

12 x Chicken Breast Sausages – I thought these were really nice, but die-hard sausage fans may prefer the pork variety. With one pack I just split the skins and rolled the meat up into meatballs for the dish I was cooking.

2 x 4oz Extra Lean Steak Burgers – These were fine; not amazing, but extra lean burgers are never likely to be the tastiest.

1 x 400g Lean Diced British Beef – Diced beef isn’t something I’d usually order, but again, fine.

1 x 300g Extra Lean Chicken Breast Mince - Not bad, though I preferred the beef mince.

Final Thoughts
Overall I was very pleased with the bundle and probably a little surprised with the quality of it. MuscleFood do say they now supply restaurants, so they’re obviously not just about ‘stack them high, sell them cheap’. It was definitely far superior to most supermarket meat I’ve had, and worked out cheaper.

The bundle lasted two of us for well over a month, but this will obviously be determined by family sizes and other factors. I would certainly order the bundle again (and indeed, have done so) and definitely recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already - View MuscleFood Super High Protein Selection Bundle

Sugden Barbell received no payment for this review and did not receive the bundle free. We may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase after following the link above.


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