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yiannisIcon...09-07-2018 @ 06:41 
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SQ 260, BP 175, DL 270
705.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Post Edited: 09.07.2018 @ 17:04 PM by yiannis
Comp day.

Considering this was a novice comp there where some big f**kers haha.
Really well ran comp and was so close from 3rd-10th overall.
axle for reps
deadlift for reps
load and push
arm over arm truck pull.

Axle 90kg
I went in the second to last group. Was surprised to see the amount of people struggle with it. Most got 4/5 reps and 8 was leading. I managed 9 comfortably to win the event.

Deadlift 200kg for reps
18 was leading which with my injury I knew I wouldn't get. I was expecting 5 as only managed a double in the last 7 weeks. My goal before injury was double figures I managed 10 and was going well but felt my glute again and called it there but had 45 seconds left so easily another 5/6 in me fully fit. Finished 6th on this.

Farmers 100kg 30m no knurling on handles.
Got a pb time for it but my 2nd 15 after pick up was slow and lost some time. I came 7th but there was .3 of a second between me and 3rd so the bad 2nd half cost me some points.

Sand bag load into van then van push
Stared off well but slipped picking up 2nd sand bag which cost me again. My van push was one of the quickest.
I came 6th and again not much between us. 1 second between 3rd and 8th on this so no slip and I would have come much higher.

Arm over arm.
Hated this. First 10m where good then flet my finger open up and was agony. I finished but was slow time came 12th on this.

So 8th overall out of 15 and without a couple of little mistakes i could have come much higher.
Overall happy with my performance in my first full strongman comp. Winning the axle felt great. Just got a bit to work on but it has shown me I could give this strongman milarky a good go.
yiannisIcon...17-07-2018 @ 13:12 
Member 4532, 484 posts
SQ 260, BP 175, DL 270
705.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Post Edited: 17.07.2018 @ 13:18 PM by yiannis
Back to it after comp.

easing myself back in this week

Day one hypertrophy phase

Military press 2 second eccentric 2 second pause
80x3 80x3 80x3 85x3 85x3

Low cable row rope to neck 3 seconds eccentric

80% incline dbell press 3 seconds eccentric 2 sec pause
24x9 28x9 30x9 30x9 32x9

seated lat raise

dips 4x10

rope ext 5x12
yiannisIcon...17-07-2018 @ 13:18 
Member 4532, 484 posts
SQ 260, BP 175, DL 270
705.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Day 2

Posterior chain

Leg curl 3 second eccentric 5x4

RDL 3 second eccentric
110x6 130x6 150x6 150x6 150x6

leg curl 3 second eccentric 5x8
yiannisIcon...30-10-2018 @ 07:21 
Member 4532, 484 posts
SQ 260, BP 175, DL 270
705.0 kgs @ 105kgs UnEq
Post Edited: 30.10.2018 @ 07:22 AM by yiannis
So not posted on here for a while.

Competed in my 2nd strongman comp this weekend and won my catagory.
It was Old time strength Halloween comp in the novice.
It was freezing and outside unfortunately!

Events where
log for reps
Deadlift for reps
stone for reps
Was ment to be farmers but how busy it was they took it out as we would have been there till quite late.

17 in the novice and I had a great battle with a lad called James who I beat on count back.

Event 1 log 80kg for reps
I went second from last so could work out what I needed. I needed 10 so I did 11 all fairly simple.
Event 2 200kg deadlift for reps
My worst event but i've worked so hard on my deadlift lately. My pb was 8 at this and when i saw james get 12 I was a bit worried. I managed 11 and came joint 2nd.
Event 3 yoke
This was my banker as its my fav event.
First 10m was fast but my pick up was s**t and got halfway down 2nd 10 and dropped it. Managed to get going again quick. I came 3rd less the half a second off 1st so The drop cost me massively.
Event 4 stone for reps.
Stone weight got changed for some reason so was 30kg lighter then was ment to be.
I had worked out I needed 11 reps to win which I got not realising that It would go to count back but luckly I won the count back and won the comp.

So into the 105s/opens now and this weekend coming I am competeing at the ssc comp in wigan in the 105s


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