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» Carls Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)09-08-2010 @ 14:07 
How is your BW doing these days matey? Still on the decline?
» Todays deadlifting (up to 310kg) , any critique? (Go to post)08-08-2010 @ 17:25 
Looks really solid mate, its is the sort of hybrid oly style which is probably the most efficient for powerlifting, seems to work well for you so stick at it. Big pull on the way
» Mark Felix 230kg Front squat - looks easy (Go to post)05-08-2010 @ 10:31 
JC said:I dont mean to belittle hid lift in anyway...but it should be f**king easy

Cleggy/Travis/Mike/Mick blah blah blah all front squat that and more

Of coruse they can, Oly lifters are front squtting from day dot in thier training and doing full cleans, felix is tall with long legs - does that make it a poor lift?

I beat Loz to best bencher in the Charity Raw PL show earlier this year - does that mean i'm better than him now? No, he doesn;t bench often and as a PL it was a staple part of my lifting diet.

Some pictures are bigger than your narrow minded view you know.
» Chickens and eggs (Go to post)04-08-2010 @ 14:58 
martinb said:We are all taking years off our lives with our high calorie diets as well though

Out of interest, what do you think is a reasonable protein intake, and why?

I think a reasonable intake is however much is in my 6 bags of salt and vinegar Mccoys, peanuts, pork scratchings and my 10 pints of Guinness a night with a nice crisp sandwich to finish off, but that is irrelevant.
All that matters is what is shown in valued research, again things like eating wild fish each day is not considered optimal for health.

To talk of taking years off your life, you will care when your 50 and so on is just basically bo***cks if you don't know all the facts, its just being a doomsayer.

Strongman/PL/Leamon lifting is probably not optimal either but we still do it

Genetics in each person play a big part

Sleep levels

Stress levels

and so on and so on -

We does wot we does init - and in 50 years we will all feel happy that we have (excet JC as he is in Perma-mood Wink )
» Chickens and eggs (Go to post)04-08-2010 @ 14:04 
martinb said:
not really no, my protein intake will be a fraction of most guys on here
I eat at least 10 portions of fruit and veg a day, wild fish every day, ancient grains, that sort of stuff.
I'd say my diet is pretty near optimal(Mon-Fri, sometimes my weekends aint so good, but I've been sorting that out recently)

I'm not interested in 'most guys on here' if it is higher than certain values it does pose risks - your comparing it to the diets of people nmany of who are very uneducated in nutrition and live the flex protien rich dream - they have massive excesses of protien. Even comparing yours to that of regular person on the optimal diet I bet it is very high.
» Chickens and eggs (Go to post)04-08-2010 @ 13:53 
martinb said:
I don't think its outragous to suggest that producing healthy livestock is a good idea?
You don't think there would be any health benifits from substituting wild meat, or grass fed beef in to your diet instead of standard stuff?

Not to the extent of the overly dramatic "You will care when you are 50"

It is only realy relevant if everything else is optimal, high protien diets are not the best for the heart - but I bet you have one of those!
» Chickens and eggs (Go to post)04-08-2010 @ 13:21 
Post Edited: 04.08.2010 @ 13:22 PM by MattGriff
martinb said:
again, you will care when you are 50
I couldn't give a s**t about animal welfare.
But the fact is, animals fed what they evolved to eat, which for cows is grass, make for far healthier meat! Chickens kept in cages that never see the light of day, produce poor quality eggs, and down the other route poor meat.
You are what you eat has eaten!

Load of s**te, if you were a 'Free range human' living wild you would almost never eat red meat and your not evolved to eat it properly or things like pasta or, rice your diet would consist of nuts, fruit and fish.

You can't pick one aspect of the utopia diet and claim people will see the benefit in 50 years - show me a conclusive study that has proven this beyond doubt?!?

Total nanny culture nonsense!
» Love Letter from Clegg x (Go to post)02-08-2010 @ 22:05 
Just found out mate, all the best speedy recovery
» Stronglift diet, (Go to post)29-07-2010 @ 10:19 
Post Edited: 29.07.2010 @ 10:20 AM by MattGriff
Steve said:

I would however guess that as an assistant professor at the University of Toronto for ten years (1988 to 1998) lecturing and researching on athletic performance, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and drug use in sports he does know a little bit more than your average MD about diet.

Far more worthy of note than the MD title I agree, that would have been much better informtation to include as his background than what was there.
» Stronglift diet, (Go to post)28-07-2010 @ 22:22 
Post Edited: 28.07.2010 @ 22:22 PM by MattGriff
Steve said:
Mauro Di Pasquale is a medical doctor

What does being a doctor of medicine have to do with dietary knowledge; given its a different degree?
» Stronglift diet, (Go to post)26-07-2010 @ 10:59 
Post Edited: 26.07.2010 @ 13:38 PM by MattGriff
Matspence said:Example Diet. Forget about portion size and calories. Just eat your stomach full. You won’t get fat eating healthy foods.

bo***cks, if you take in more than your use up even if it is in the gayest of boring foods ever you will get fat!
» Favourite Beer (Go to post)26-07-2010 @ 10:57

You should all come to the Dark side
» O.S.G Static Strength Challenge (Go to post)26-07-2010 @ 10:55 
» GBPF British seniors powerlifting championships 17th to 18th July (Go to post)21-07-2010 @ 16:06 
I attended on the Sunday, some of the reffing was off in my opinion. Lifters were getting to over an inch below parallel and having their squats called by refs sitting below the platform and in front of the lifter.

Notably all of these refs were grey old'uns who seem to have lost touch with what lifting is about - an inch below is an inch below and by the rules is a passable squat on depth!

The pauses and start commands on the bench were comical in the morning sessions, I timed one lifter - just over 3 seconds before he got a start comment and he certainly did not appear to even be twitching, and a further second and a half on the chest - again what does this prove? All it does it take away from the lifts - a one second pause is 'recommended' by the IPF granted but the rules state the bar must come to a controlled stop, I don't expect to be able to order, and eat another burger and chips in the time it takes to give a press command.

And while it is great they are doing it, there needed to be more experience on the lifting platform in terms of spotting and loading, Monica Porter had been called out as bar loaded, wraps on ready to go and they hadn't even set the rack up, then couldn't figure out how too raise the stands correctly - this is at a British championships.

The gaffer tape covering the 1st British Championships banner added to the professionalism at the contest.

Well done to all the lifters, they have put the work in and it is they who got robbed by their overpriced fed who can't even provide spotters or a professional banner for a national competition.

The lifting, including many turned down lifts was very good - the set up, reffing and general organsiation was very poor.
Hopefully the GBPF will learn from this and put on what we are used to which is a well run show.
» Austintatious Training Journal (Go to post)16-07-2010 @ 12:02 
Very strong dips!!!

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