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Tell me about cortisone shots

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danbaseleyIcon...25-06-2021 @ 09:52 
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jt said:
Is that because Doctors in general are trying to limit the use of Anti_biotics now that bacteria is becoming immune to them?
So I assume your mate didn't get his gear off the doctor? Surely he can get his HRT from his dealer?

I believe his dealer had an unexpected holiday. Grin
jtIcon...10-07-2021 @ 18:22 
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danbaseley said:
I believe his dealer had an unexpected holiday. Grin

Its the nature of the job I guess. I had my knee done last week so far so good. I asked the doctor about BPC157 she had never heard of it. Has anyone on here used it? Did it work? Any side effects? PM's accepted.

little_aIcon...11-07-2021 @ 15:11 
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Wayne_Cowdrey said:Thanks for the responses.

From what I can gather these shots provide relief for a period of time, but don't promote healing?

Did for me. One jab, issue never bothered me again.
Wayne_CowdreyIcon...11-07-2021 @ 16:35 
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little_a said:
Did for me. One jab, issue never bothered me again.

Interesting. Maybe worth pursuing then.
lukiIcon...12-07-2021 @ 11:20 
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I think Cortesone is anti inflammatory, so it does reduce inflammation. If the tissue isn't inflamed the nerve can return to normal. That means hopefully when the pain killer wears off the pain is gone. That wasn't my experience, but we live in hope and it is a quick injection. Worth a try if physio and needling doesn't work first. Getting normal range of movement seems to be the key in chronic pain.


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