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Sugdens Strongest Man 2009

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TonyIconSugdens Strongest Man 200928-09-2008 @ 20:57 
Is partial to the odd bender.
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Post Edited: 16.02.2009 @ 17:47 PM by Tony
Right I think this has been talked about before and was brought up again when I was talking to Joni a few weeks ago.

Off the back of the success of the informal Adlington Club meets the idea is for a Sugden Barbell Strongman competition.

Much in the same vein of the Adders meets the idea is for an informal comp that gives people from Sugden the chance to compete in a no pressure enviroment. Hopefully this may encourage a few first timers to have a go alongside some of the more experienced guys.

This f**ker may take a fair bit of arranging so this thread is for everyone to chip in with their ideas.

Cleggy has kindly offered to lend us his gym to have the comp in, so venue is done. Not sure what gear he has there so anyone who can offer any equipment/means of getting it there pipe up.

Going to be a bit of a team effort I think this to get it up and running but it it comes off it should be good.

So lets hear it lads, what do you think?

Saturday 21st February 2009

Olympic Sports Gym

4th Floor
Portland Mill
Portland Street South

Competitor list

jonnymills PAID
Willsan PAID
Jamiea PAID
tonyjb PAID
Nathan PAID
Vinny from custard land PAID
Dungeon Andy
bhamstaf PAID

Cleggys mate
Chris Lowe

Formalised list of events.

Deadlift rising bar
Bar will start at 200 and rise in 10kg increments. Competitors can pass lifts but 1 fail and your out.

Farmers Walk
130kg for distance, high pick up. Length of course will be dictated by the size of cleggys car park.

Log lift for max
Log starts at 80kg and rises in 5 kg increments.

300kg for time over a designated course.

Stone for reps over yoke in 75 seconds.
2 stones 105kg and 140kg. Rep with heaviest stone beats any reps with smaller stone.

Top 3 competitors will receive prizes.

All competitors to receive a competition pack.
SparrowIcon...28-09-2008 @ 21:13 
always lookIng for the easy option
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I'd be up for it and willing to bring any of my kit down that is needed, as long as I can borrow my mate's van on that particular day, or if anyone else has a van up/passing this way?
TonyIcon...28-09-2008 @ 21:21 
Is partial to the odd bender.
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SQ 280, BP 192.5, DL 317.5
790.0 kgs @ 102kgs Eq
What kit do you have Jonny, will make it easier deciding on events if we know everything that is available to us?
BoarIcon...28-09-2008 @ 21:24 
I can't believe you've done this.
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can there be a 'pissant' event that i can take part in ?

mabie relative to bodyweight or just plain ghey so i can compete with the beef ?
SteBakerIcon...28-09-2008 @ 21:39 
THE original and THE best ...
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The best types of strongman competitions are those that have the core events, and not one of those tailored made comps for the organisers, i.e most events suited to upper or lower body strengths! 6 of these core events are:

1 - GRIP EVENT : Timed hold or Awkward object

2- UPPER STRENGTH : Log or Axle Press for Max or Reps

3 - LOWER STRENGTH : Superyoke Or Squats

4 - CARRY AND DRAG : Sledge / Barrel / Farmers / Truck Pull etc.......

5 - MEDLEY : Cross / Farmers / Sack / Too many to mention etc.....

6 - ATLAS STONES : Always a must for the final!

From relatively small experience, ive been to a few comps were 4 out of 5 events are more a less the same lifts. Hope this helps Big Tony! i'll enter if fit! iam seeing the surgeon on Tuesday for an op date!
IainKendrickIcon...28-09-2008 @ 21:39 
some nice relaxing jazz.
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If only a sugden comp hasn't incorrporated a strongman event ... mmmmm...

Good idea though!
WILLSANIcon...28-09-2008 @ 22:10 
my chickens wont eat ants.
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an excellent idea. in fact I was thinking of putting on something along these lines myself. ill help with organisation, kit or whatever. where is cleggys gym?
jamieaIcon...29-09-2008 @ 07:27 
has perfected the anvil roll
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I`ll make one providing the weights arent to silly.
FatpeteIcon...29-09-2008 @ 07:48 
Hyper obese Pete
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I suggest utilizing one of those rubber sheets off the Adlington roof, if anything ever deserved an event being designed around it, it's one of those
ThingIcon...29-09-2008 @ 08:18 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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this sounds like an awesome idea.
MattGriffIcon...29-09-2008 @ 10:39 
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Could prehaps drag Carl away from the pie table? Thats gotta take some doing!

Where is the deadlift? gotta have a deadlift! I may even come if there is a deadlift.
JoniIcon...29-09-2008 @ 10:49 
left the country satisfied
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would there be couople different categories? Could have same events but different weights for "open" and "novice", like yoke could be 320 or 240 or something like that?
MattGriffIcon...29-09-2008 @ 10:56 
Member 194, 3976 posts
I'm not carrying a yoke that I can bench! I thought it was called strongman not moderatly above averave man.
I want a heavy yolk, with lots of toast as well!
ThingIcon...29-09-2008 @ 11:08 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
Member 89, 31822 posts
SQ 260, BP 220, DL 290
770.0 kgs @ 142kgs UnEq

150 farmers 40 meters

120 to 170 on the stones 6ft is first platform

300kg connans wheel

380 yoke 20 m then 400 kg tire flip 20 meters

press medley 100 barbel / 120 log / 140 axil / 80kg d/b / 140 concrete block

deadlift reps with 280

does that sound ok matt
JDIcon...29-09-2008 @ 11:23 
Not to be confused with JC
Member 60, 366 posts
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if needed got a mate who will prob let us lend the van. has before.

be a cracking event, and deff come down to waatch

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