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Really bad shits!!!!

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paul_richardsIcon...19-01-2011 @ 22:42 
I personally prefer the stiffest possible.
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2g of lactose is a lot, trust me, especially on an empty stomach in liquid form.

sugar alcohols like matol, xylitol, sorbitol etc can have laxative effects, check if any are present, they are used as sweetners in place of things like aspartame etc.
Funky_monkeyIcon...06-04-2018 @ 22:09 
1kg of lamb chops is a days wages over here
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robocop said:hello i sell a lot of mutant mass over 500 a year and its a great mass builder for your skinny guys who struggle to gain weight and cant get enough cal in through food

it might be 2 things

1 mutant mass has a very unusual carb source as its primary ingreadient
they use corn flower instead of waxy maze or maltidextrin
they are all from corn but the corn flower is not pre-digested so you might be having problems with that

2 the seving size is realy high i think arround 240g a serving and it might be that your digestive system cant process that amount of powder in time

i would suggest if its not coming out the other end nice try a company called inner armour they have a product call hard mass that is an exact ripp off of mutant mass but with waxy maze instead of corn flower
or if you dont mind paying a little more USN hyperbolic mass is the best selling mass builder we do its very low in sugar and fat and the customers report realy good gains from it

They now use waxy maize starch. I googled to see who else had the same issues as I've just bought 6.8kg of the stuff and dodgy stomach with only half a serving a day (2 scoops). Carbs are wms, oats, Sweet potato, barley.
scruffmcbuffIcon...08-04-2018 @ 21:32 
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Hows your hoop?


You are here: HomeForumNutritionReally bad shits!!!!
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