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Beefy's pork belly to prime fillet for 2013 u90kg season

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british_beefIcon...29-03-2013 @ 00:28 
Member 1031, 1149 posts
SQ 140, BP 120, DL 240
500.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
Slowly getting back to regular training

hang cleans: warmed up to 60kgx5 x5
clean n press(belt cleans): 60kgx5, 70kgx5, 80kgx1, 80kgx1, 80kgx1 Unhappy
squats: 80kgx5 x5, 100kgx1, 120kgx1, 130kgx1, 140kgx1 equal pb

assistance work: db press, kb swings, cgp, side laterals

Really not happy with overhead regression

Deadlifts: 120kg x5, 170kg x5, 200kg x3 x3
deficit deadlifts stood 2plates high) 200kg x1, 220kg x1, 240kg f .. bout 6-8 inches off the floor Unhappy
Incline leg press multiple sets building up to 300kg for3

assistance work: dead rows, pull downs, hamstring curl, good mornings

Feeling all over the place with form at the moment, hopefully get some events in over the weekend. Standard deads felt stupid heavy, really really gotta put some work in to get 260kg Angry

Time to step it up a gear or get my arse handed to me at Midlands
british_beefIcon...30-03-2013 @ 20:50 
Member 1031, 1149 posts
SQ 140, BP 120, DL 240
500.0 kgs @ 95kgs UnEq
Gym1 events ..with Naz and james 26 and james ward in attendance for a bit

weighed 92kg fully clothed Grin

Arrived late but just in time for yoke

245kg x15m x2 very ugly, first run wasnt set right n felt like ive tweaked my right lat Unhappy
Stones 80kg: 5singles then 1 set of 5
axle 1 clean n press: barx3, 50kgx3, 60kgx3
axle belt clean n press: 60kgx3, 70kgx3, 80kgx1, 90kg got onto belt twice and cleaned once but failed roughly 5 times

didnt attempt to go heavy on the stone as diodnt fancy pushing my lat which actually didnt feel an issue on that but sucked big style on the axle clean n press getting more n more noticeable Unhappy

Radox nearly everynight from now to the comp me thinks .. carrying way to many aches n niggles for my liking


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