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Aaron's training log

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little_aIcon...29-04-2016 @ 15:44 
still a devious weightlifting bastard
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aaron_lohan said:
Oh yea I would do parkruns if they didn't clash with the golf comps i do on saturdays. I did toy with the idea of making a trip to warrington to do the one you do.
They always clash with Saturday mornings unfortunately, but you're always welcome to come on down, or I could meet you at one inbetween. If we do Pennington we get a bit of Jeffski too
Ive never done ski sports
Don't mean you can't. There is no Can't
and dont know what sportiffe,
Bike race without the race. You against you, it's the paradise that drives us on
I would try the SUP thing.
I found a place does instruction, but will be waiting for the weather to pick up. End of May I reckon. I'll give you a shout.
FatpeteIcon...16-05-2016 @ 07:13 
Hyper obese Pete
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SQ 322.5, BP 205, DL 300
827.5 kgs @ 133kgs Eq
No record of the parkrun Aaron ?

Maybe you could record stuff in this log rather than clutter up mine with your failures and no-shows and supermarket car parking anticsHappy Happy Happy


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