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CuddlesIcon...28-08-2008 @ 11:39 
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Having the username 'Cuddles' whilst moderating various dogging sites.
AdamIcon...29-08-2008 @ 10:17 
Gone squatting
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Congratulations on the site Rob.
JDIcon...29-08-2008 @ 10:24 
Not to be confused with JC
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best site around, and if it wasnt for logging on here wouldn have the honour of training with millsey, joni, JC etc and for JC keep on bugging me to get back down to the dungeon and for the advice from all and motivation.
TomHIcon...29-08-2008 @ 19:41 
Going on a cruise with Martin and some 'chicks'
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i really like it here, well done.
WILLSANIcon...30-08-2008 @ 10:21 
Trump will get another four years
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best strength site on the innernets. well done rob.
marcIcon...30-08-2008 @ 10:54 
Dancing queenfeel the beat from the tambourine
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best bulls**t site on the net well done Rob and modsHappy
just_tIcon...30-08-2008 @ 17:43 
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if it wasnt for sugden (and mr griff) i probally wouldnt have competed yet.

happy bday
MattGriffIcon...22-10-2008 @ 16:55 
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just_t said:
if it wasnt for littler(and mr griff) i probally wouldnt have a satisfied girlfriend yet.

How true!
Ben_FIcon...02-04-2011 @ 11:58 
vegetarian with a big deadlift - who would have thought...
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"2008 - The Birth of the 'Classic Meet'
March 1st 2008 saw the first ever Sugden Classic, hosted by Adlington Barbell. With numerous faces from Sugden and Adlington competing (including Mishima all the way from France!), this meet for the first time had an element of structure about it.
Members had to lift a weight from floor to overhead, then do a deadlift. Three attempts were given for each lift, with lifters placed in two groups depending on their openers.

The competition proved a real success, featuring new faces such as Adlington regular and World's Strongest Man Competitor Mark 'Fe' Felix. It says something very good about lifting that world famous strength athletes are happy to mix with the average joe - and Mark didn't disappoint; taking first place with an Adlington club record deadlift of 400 kilos!

Other highlights from the competition included Mark Clegg's 400lb clean and jerk, as well as Steve Leigh's 312.5kg deadlift PB. Alongside these gargantuan lifts were countless others, all putting in immense effort and many being rewarded with PBs.

The 'Classic' format is surely here to stay, it's a great alternative to existing competitions in that it allows lifters from all genres to get together and have a chance - weightlifters, strongmen and powerlifters all know how to deadlift, and most of them known to press things overhead."



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