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Strongman Champions League Ireland

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weemanIconStrongman Champions League Ireland20-11-2009 @ 23:09 
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SCL Ireland is taking place in Limerick, Ireland on 5th-6th of June 2010.

This city is the home of Munster Rugby we have a proud history of powerlifting and body building and now we are welcoming the strongest men on the planet into our city on June 5th and 6th we have already confirmed WSM Zydrunas Savickas, Ervin Katona, Andrus Murumets, Agris Kaselniks, Jimmy Laureys, Dave Warner, James Fennelly, Jarno Dymek and 3 of the Uks finest athlets Terry Hollands, Mark Felix and Jimmy Marku.

We have 8 super events and 14 top athletes taking part. We have a great weekend planned around this event including the national open power lifting competition and we hope that some of you here at Sugden Barbell will join us for a great weekend next June in Ireland.

If anybody wants info please contact and we will get back to you imediatley
bigladluskIcon...20-11-2009 @ 23:47 
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hey bud,lookin forward to this in a big way.i hope to lift in the powerlifting meet if thats this gary by any chance?
im gonna have a craic at the amateur league too.well done again for puttin us on the strongman map....and just to annoy you leinster are heinekein cup champs lolTongue
weemanIcon...22-11-2009 @ 14:27 
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We have added Jarno Hams and Johannes Arsojo to the line up and we have just one to add.

The prvisional list of events is as follows
Truck Pull- harness
Tyre flip and chain drag
Celtic cross cary- much like the African Stone
Viking Press-reps
Loading Medley-Lifting an old irish cart pushing it over a distance and loading objects.
Atlas stones

This is the provisional list but with yhe athletes we have taking part there will be big weight lifted. We also have a world record prize so if an athlete brakes a world record they get the cash prize just to encourage the big lifters.

If anybody from the Uk is interested they can contact Gary at ryanair flights for that weekend r cheap so come on over it will be a great weekend.
weemanIcon...22-11-2009 @ 14:33 
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I will give ten pairs of one day passes free to the first ten people that contact me but they have to be collected at the event with photo id so only email me if you are coming this is only for you here at Sugdens.
CuddlesIcon...22-11-2009 @ 14:45 
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Sounds like a very generous offer mate.
weemanIcon...22-11-2009 @ 17:26 
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we just want to make it worth your while to come over and have a fun weekend Grin
weemanIcon...26-11-2009 @ 13:12 
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Unfortunatley Mark Felix has had to pull out of this comp but we are happy to announce that Travis Ortmayer will be competing at SCL Ireland
ayebygumIcon...27-11-2009 @ 18:07 
The Giant of the Winter Giants
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Felix had to pull out of this one as it clashed with a prior commitment. He will however be going over to ireland, for the St Patricks strongman comp, im sure more info will follow.Love the banner, hope you guys are able to support it, .
weemanIconupdated list of athletes01-12-2009 @ 20:47 
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Hi guys SCL have increased the number of athletes to 16 competing at the show the 14 already confirmed are
1 Zydrunas Savickas
2 Ervin Katona
3 Andrus Murumets
4 Agris Kaselniks
5 Jimmy Laureys
6 Jarno Hams
7 Jimmy Marku
8 Jarno Dymek
9 Dave Warner
10 James Fenneley
11 Terry Hollands
12 Travis Ortmayer
13 Johanes Arjoso
14 Tomi Lotta (making his return)

2 more athletes will be announced shortly so keep an eye on this thread
WILLSANIcon...01-12-2009 @ 21:01 
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awesome lineup!
weemanIcon...02-12-2009 @ 00:09 
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Any suggestions of who we could use for the last too spots anybody you guys would really like to see compete???????????????
CarlIcon...02-12-2009 @ 00:15 
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weeman said:Any suggestions of who we could use for the last too spots anybody you guys would really like to see compete???????????????

rob frampton, dave meer??
terryhollandsIcon...02-12-2009 @ 06:02 
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weeman said:Any suggestions of who we could use for the last too spots anybody you guys would really like to see compete???????????????

Why not Glenn as it's in Ireland??
weemanIcon...02-12-2009 @ 17:36 
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sorry we have no ties to Glenn or big G promotions so it would be unlikely. we hope to get another top ranking American someone that hasnt been over this way before.

If anybody is interested in comin over the nearest airport is Shannon which is aprox 25mins away and Ryan Air flights are very cheap at the moment if anybody needs details they can contact me at
stainlessIcon...02-12-2009 @ 18:20 
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How about a Scot, Andy Cairney or Christopher Innes?


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