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ranathariIconKeeping me accountable09-01-2011 @ 11:24 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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I post on Sugden often enough that I really should have a training journal going now, even if I'm weak as s**t compared to everyone else here!

I'm currently sitting at a chubby 105-ish kg and dieting down to see how heavy I am at 10-12% body fat, so most of my lifts are down from normal because I'm doing a low carb diet and don't have the energy to go balls out. The training program I'm following stresses the importance of leaving 3-4 reps in the tank on every lift anyway so there won't be any impressive numbers in this log at any point. I just want to use this journal to keep me accountable to my goals.

Current goals:
1) Compete in a first-timers strongman competition this summer before I start work as a junior doctor.
2) Manage a 100kg log for reps by the time I do my first competition.
3) Get my conventional deadlift to 5 plates by the end of the year so it's finally on a par with my sumo deadlift.
4) Actually make the effort to go to strongman training every weekend.

Couple of sessions from this week to bulk out this post:

Wide stance Zercher squat from pins below parallel - 2x5x100kg
Felt heavy as hell, way harder than an equivalent stance back squat.
SLDLs - 3x10x70kg
Nice and easy, plenty of gas left in the tank on these.
BB row - 4x6x60kg
Reverse curl - 3x10x25kg

CGBP - 3x3x85kg
Wide grip dips - 8x4xBW+5kg
My AC joints were seriously hurting by the end of these.
Seated BB OHP 3x10x40kg
Neutral grip DB skullcrushers 3x10x7.5kg
Really slow eccentric on these and explosive concentric to help rehab my elbow tendinitis.

Should be starting strongman events again in a fortnight's time hopefully.
ranathariIcon...11-01-2011 @ 17:18 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Conv. deadlift 3x5x140kg
Front squats 3x10x60kg
Slow eccentric, explosive concentric
Pull ups 6x4xBW
DB curls for the girls 3x10x10kg

I'm getting seriously frustrated by how hard it is for me to keep an arch on conventional deadlifts compared to sumo, which is why there's such a big difference between my numbers. Really need to work on my upper back strength and ankle mobility but I'm too lazy to do the stretches.

I'm experimenting with slow eccentrics for my volume sets because they give me an enormous pump plus more time under tension = more growth. Really reduces the weight you can use though because it's so taxing.
ranathariIcon...13-01-2011 @ 16:27 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Incline bench 3x5x70kg
Push-ups 4x8xBW+5kg
DB OHP 2x8x18.6kg, 1x6x18.5kg
BB JM press 3x10x40kg

Nothing fancy, too tired to do much tonight, hence why I bombed on the last set of light overhead pressing.
WiegieboardIcon...13-01-2011 @ 16:51 
as crimson as my last victims underclothing.....
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I round a little on conventional too, especially at the top of my back. It can be a right f**ker. I'm doing the opposite right now. I'm training my sumo so that I can get it up to the standard of my conventional.
Good luck man!
ranathariIcon...13-01-2011 @ 17:35 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Personally when I originally switched from conventional to sumo I found that it takes a little while of grinding sumo to get your hip adductors up to par with your lower back and hamstrings and then your sumo will rapidly overtake your conventional because it's so much more efficient. Just have to put up with the slow gains initially!
ThingIcon...13-01-2011 @ 22:32 
a large fingered spastic that demolishes plant
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I found cable rows and d/b rows good for upper back strength and thick ness.
TravisFandangoIcon...13-01-2011 @ 22:38 
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Congrats on the new journal, good luck with your goals and most of all, hearty congratulations on starting work as a junior doctor! You must be a proper fanny magnet. Happy
ranathariIcon...17-01-2011 @ 18:05 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Post Edited: 17.01.2011 @ 18:07 PM by ranathari
Wide stance Zercher squat 2x5x105kg
SLDLs 3x10x90kg
BB rows 4x6x70kg
Reverse curls 2x10x25kg, 1x10x20kg

Bit pissed off with only adding 5kg to the Zerchers compared to last time. Was hoping for 110kg but 100kg felt heavy as hell when warming up so I opted for the smaller increase. Going to stop doing reverse curls for now because my left thumb gets really clicky afterwards - need Buzz to hurry up and get the EZ bars in stock!
ranathariIcon...17-01-2011 @ 18:07 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Thing said:I found cable rows and d/b rows good for upper back strength and thick ness.

I don't have a cable stack but I'm definitely going to stop pussying around with DB rows. I alternate DB rows and BB rows every 6 weeks but you're right, DB rows definitely hit the upper back more.

TravisFandango said:Congrats on the new journal, good luck with your goals and most of all, hearty congratulations on starting work as a junior doctor! You must be a proper fanny magnet. Happy

Haha, thanks but it's a bit premature! I still have finals to pass at the end of March and I've not even started revising yet! I think my girlfriend would object to the last sentiment but it's appreciated Grin
dr_hazbunIcon...17-01-2011 @ 18:16 
tabbouleh and fattoush salads were very refreshing
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Post Edited: 17.01.2011 @ 18:18 PM by dr_hazbun
nice one. More doctors should lift weights!

I have the same technical issues with conventional pulls. Sumo at heart.

Chins are a great back developer. They're a bit of a b**ch initially (most people can't do 1 when they first start) but I've gone from only being able to do a few reps to 5 sets of 8. Plus you get 'free' gun work too out of the exercise!

Edit to say: 105kg! Lose some weight fat boy Tongue
ranathariIcon...19-01-2011 @ 12:35 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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I'm trying! Fortunately the fat is reasonably well distributed so I don't look that chubby (yet). Just eating clean at the moment, trying to avoid too many carbs. Will probably have to start counting calories after my elective to get properly lean again.

CGBP 3x3x90kg
Wide-grip dips 8x4xBW+10kg
Seated shoulder press 3x8x50kg

Was meant to go heavier with the shoulder press and do some skullcrushers afterwards but my left elbow was hurting all the way through. Will use elbow sleeves next time to see if that helps - I usually just save them for max effort stuff.
ranathariIcon...21-01-2011 @ 15:46 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Down 3kg in 2 weeks, probably just water weight but at least the scale's moving in the right direction.

Conventional deadlifts 3x5x150kg
Front squats 3x10x60kg
Pull-ups 10x2xBW
DB curls 3x10x10kg

Experimented with a closer grip on the deadlifts today so my hand position was similar to when I pull sumo and it seemed to help. Added 10kg on last time - progress is progress.
ranathariIcon...22-01-2011 @ 19:23 
sumo ?? no ! no !
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Diet's gone to s**t this weekend thanks to a visit home to Dad, who's bought the largest Victoria sponge I've ever seen.

Went to Gym 1 in Luton for a session with Matt, James and Travis (the infamous Fandango), which was great. Top guys, brilliant atmosphere and lots of fun! Should be some video of the log and jerks in Fandango's journal when he uploads them.

Log clean and press
70kg x 3
80kg x 1
90kg x 1 - equal PB
95kg x f**k-all. Kept failing the clean on these around mid-chest no matter how I experimented with technique. Seems like I'm not using my hips enough and trying to pull/shrug the log too much.
70kg x 3 cleans only
80kg x 5 cleans only

Push press
60kg x 5

Split jerk
100kg x 1
100kg x 1
100kg x 1
105kg x 1 pressed it out but who cares
60kg x 5

Farmers walks
60kg x 20m
80kg x 20m
100kg x 20m
120kg x 10m think this is an equal PB, not sure as I don't have my logbook handy

weights and distances seriously inaccurate for this bit
150kg x 40m
190kg x 40m
230kg x 20m
270kg x 20m
310kg fail
TravisFandangoIcon...22-01-2011 @ 20:38 
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SQ 160, BP 105, DL 225
490.0 kgs @ 90kgs UnEq
Lovely to meet you today. You were strong on everything, which combined with a splendid mental attitude and marvellous determination meant you had a most wonderful sesh!
PS. Bring some of the Victoria sponge next time!
PPS. I'll get the vids up tomorrow.
MattFIcon...22-01-2011 @ 20:44 
'I'm not coming onto you.... but'
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Hope you had a good training session mate, bit more haphazard then usual.

And, very impressive speed on the yoke especially in your oly shoes.


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