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Deadlift Tutorial Video

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IrishMarcIconDeadlift Tutorial Video12-07-2017 @ 08:20 
no really Irish
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Same as last time any feedback appreciated. I will probably post one more thread for the bench press video then will stop spamming the forum!

If you want to keep up with them they will be on my youtube channel - speed power fitness.
JohnIcon...12-07-2017 @ 13:41 
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Great video very informative Happy
samue1sonIcon...12-07-2017 @ 18:29 
what kind of giant cant squat 200kg ??
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Dude, your videos are good and clear. Your explanations are on point and it's all simple.

But why do they call you "Irish"? Oh I see, the YouTube auto gen subtitles have no idea what you are saying Grin
AdamTIcon...12-07-2017 @ 22:11 
AKA the great reset
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I really enjoyed the video. Great detail. I have short arms, but I was deadlifting with my hips ridiculously low. They rose before I started my pull and I was never able to keep tight.

Every beginner should watch this. In fact most lifters should.

I think deadlift is a very technical lift. I spent so much time worrying about speed and copying others, it set me back.

Speed is great, but only if form is correct and consistent

Everyone knows you're a bench monster, so look forward to seeing the tutorial. Thanks for sharing!
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