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Aquarian's 531 odyssey

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AquarianIconSun Bench08-09-2014 @ 00:49 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
Back to the workout that started the elbow pain!

Deep heated up!

Bench Warmups

20x20, 40x10, 60x6, 80x4, 100x3 - elbow was sore but not too bad
120x2 - elbow slightly worse.

Working sets

145x2 - ok
155x2 - put on an old elbow wrap I had lying around not much better!
165x2 - bit slow
175x2 - only just got the 2nd rep.

20x20 - decided to drop the weight and get some blood going!

Pretty sore elbow but ok strength.

Strict ohp

20x10,40x8,60x4 - all really painful
80x2 - decided that was enough!

Definitely only very light ohp for a while.



Amazingly the elbow felt much better after this.

About 8 hours after the workout - no icing or aspirin - and the elbow feels almost ok - very little pain! Just used deep heat again and massaged it.

Feeling optimistic that I may just be able to get by singles week without dropping anything. Going to continue not icing and no painkillers (other than deep heat) and see how it goes. Hopefully won't wake up feeling worse.

Next up deadlift max!
AquarianIconTue Dead10-09-2014 @ 12:51 
Member 2782, 456 posts
SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
Elbow was much better - no icing, massage, pain killers or deep heat.

For a few days my left quad/calf had some weird pain which kicked off when I squatted below parallel or did a groin stretch so I wasn't sure if I could squat at all.

Deadlifts warmups

60x10,100x6,140x4,180x3,220x1 - all nice and fast and no pain anywhere!

working sets

235x3 - easy
265x2 - fine

295x0 - bugger missed the lockout! Waited 5 mins and went for this again and it went nowhere! Very surprising as I'd gotten 290 numerous times previously. Possibly related to the quad problem - although I felt no pain - but I think I stopped driving with my legs once the bar got above the knees and just tried to straighten the back. Also didn't activate the glutes. Back to the drawing board!!!

HBBS (beltless)

20x10,60x10,100x6,140x4,180x3 - minor pain in the leg but nothing too bad.

220x1 - slow, jumped straight to 220 from 180 for the first time, minor pain in the elbow but miles better than last time.

220x1 - bit better than the previous one but decided not to go for more.

May start doing more volume with the hbbs squats now - more triples and doubles and maybe the odd drop set of 5. I think the knees can handle it!

Bit of a mixed bag - strength was a bit down but elbow was an order of magnitude better so hopefully will be far less painful for the close grip bench and push press next workout.
ChrisMcCarthyIcon...10-09-2014 @ 13:08 
Lost his pen, then found his pen. #phew
Member 4899, 2956 posts
Good to see you posting again, enjoy reading the log.
AquarianIcon...10-09-2014 @ 15:53 
Member 2782, 456 posts
SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
ChrisMcCarthy said:Good to see you posting again, enjoy reading the log.

Cheers, glad to hear that. Doing what I can to keep this middle-aged body together and hopefully win a few more battles against age and injury!
AquarianIconThurs cgbp11-09-2014 @ 22:58 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
Had a bit of elbow pain before the workout so was expecting the worst!

Deep heated and took some bromelain earlier in the day on empty stomach to combat the pain.

cgbp warmups

20x20,40x10,60x10,80x6,100x6,120x3 - did my old extended warmup routine, all done slowly and paused. Pretty painful unracking and locking out. Put on the crappy elbow wrap on the 80 set - velcro kept coming loose - may get a proper one soon-ish.

working sets

140x3 - ok
160x2 - ok
175x1 - bit of a struggle to lock out fully but got there in the end.

Elbow was actually better at the end than the beginning!

Push Press


20x10,40x6,60x3,80x2 - all ok not much pain.

Working sets

100x3 - easy
120x2 - bit slow
145x2x0 - missed lockout both times, bar too far in front.
140x1 - Got this on the 2nd attempt but not very convincingly!

Shrugs (narrow grip)

20x10,60x10,100x10,140x10(straps),180x10,220x6 - all ok bit of pain in the elbow when picking up the bar but otherwise fine.

Seated Rows

180x10,240x10,300x10,360x10,420x6 - not too bad, bit of pain again at the start.

Barbell Curls (couldn't resist!)

20x10,25x10,30x8,20x10 - again elbow felt much better after doing these - and nice to get the biceps pumped up again!!!

Took more bromelain after the workout and the pain has again gone down a lot.

Will probably keep the cgbp and just go a bit lighter - maybe go back to pausing - and maybe get some proper elbow wraps.

Overall bit weaker due to the elbow - I think I've lost around 5-10kg on everything due to the pain and injury - more of a mental issue with injuries forcing me to slow down and be more tentative and lose a bit of focus.

On the plus side the elbow is miles better and cgbp is probably the worst movement and the pain was much better than after the bench on sunday. May even be able to do a heavy strict press on monday after benching this time.

Next up LBBS max - again feeling more positive about this than last week - but may need to dial it back a bit in light of the last 2 workouts being a bit sub-par.
AquarianIconSat LBBS13-09-2014 @ 21:34 
Member 2782, 456 posts
SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
LBBS Warmups (beltless)

20x10, 60x10, 100x6, 140x4, 180x3 - all ok using a full grip, no elbow pain

Working sets

210x3 - easy
230x2 - 1st rep was fine, 2nd was a bit too horizontal!

252.5x1 - one helluva grind!!! Debated whether to go for 250 or 255 and went for something in the middle. I think I was too slow descending and too vertical as well so when I hit the hole it stalled coming up just past parallel. Last month I killed 250 and would've been good for 260 probably. Possibly not quite got the knack of the full grip but it feels much tighter and miles better on the elbow which was almost painless today.

Rack Pulls (around 16in / below the knees)

20x10, 60x10, 100x6, 140x4 - all double overhand and no pain.

180x4, 220x3 - mixed grip first set right pronated and 2nd left pronated. Both ok only slight pain in the elbow.

260x3 (straps and belt) - ok
300x2 - bit slow
340x0 - went nowhere, think the grind on the squat just killed my cns.

Overall good workout - elbow was 95% ok, squat was a grind but got it. Hopefully elbow will be ok for the bench and ohp workout next.
AquarianIconMon Bench15-09-2014 @ 23:10 
Member 2782, 456 posts
SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
Post Edited: 15.09.2014 @ 23:20 PM by Aquarian
Last max workout of the cycle.

Bench Press


20x20, 40x10, 60x10, 80x6, 100x6, 120x3 - all easy, elbow pain was miles better and didn't need to wear elbow wrap.

Working sets

145x3 - easy
165x2 - quite easy

185x1 - harder than last time but then I didn't have the elbow problem at that time. Just a bit slow locking out but strong off the chest and even.

Very pleased with the much lower level of pain and decent strength.

Strict Overhead Press


20x10, 40x6, 60x4, 80x2 - all easy, again little elbow pain.

Working sets

90x3, 110x2 - both fine.

125x1 - very easy and surprisingly so. I think I would've gotten 130 and done with much better tech than before. Bar path was vertical and went over the body and back was straight at lockout.

Barbell Curls

20x10,25x10,30x10,35x8,25x10 - nice and smooth, arms pumped up!!!

Great workout - especially the ohp - and the lack of pain in the elbow was a huge bonus. I was convinced it was going to be a painful one but decided to just attack the weights and if I was going to die to die hard!

I think the following has all helped the elbow get better:

(1) Stopped icing it.
(2) More deep heat and massage.
(3) Doing curls.
(4) Using a full grip on the squats.
(5) Doing a bit of grip work after the workouts.
(6) Keep moving and stretching the elbow - even when painful. Sometimes the fear of pain is worse than the pain itself and too much rest or being tentative can make it worse. Seems to be true in this case at least.

After seriously considering taking a break from lifting a few weeks ago the turnaround has been immense.

Next workout Deads 5x3 and hbbs with more volume.
AquarianIconWed Deads17-09-2014 @ 22:34 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
My gym now has 2 texas deadlift bars! Sheer indulgence or what! The "new" bar is actually a bit rusty, has sharper knurling but seems to flex less. I used it last week on my max session and again today.



60x10,100x6,140x4,180x2,220x1 - all easy and fast

Working Sets (belt on 1 notch looser than usual and worn a bit higher)

230x3,240x3,250x3 - all quite easy
260x3 - 3rd rep was a teeny bit grindy as the grip was slightly off
270x2 - wanted 3 but 3rd rep went nowhere even after resting for 1min.

Not too bad but felt pretty knackered afterwards.

HBBS (all beltless)


20x10 - left calf was pretty sore. Had this for while but it goes after a few sets

60x6,100x4,140x4 - all ok, calf was fine.
180x2 - ok but feeling a bit lethargic now.

Working sets

200x3 - pretty fast
210x3 - 3rd rep was a bit of a grind
220x1 - wanted 2 but first rep was a real grind and legs and hips felt gone and pretty much used the back to get this up.

Quite happy with the squats - felt totally fatigued before starting them and still managed to get a lot more volume than usual. Knees ok so far, bit of pain walking back from the gym afterwards but nothing major.

Next workout CGBP - ultimate test for the elbow. No pain today and even managed to do a lot of grip work with the COC's afterwards.

Think I will sleep well tonight!
AquarianIconFri CGBP19-09-2014 @ 23:09 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq


20x20,40x10,60x10,80x6,100x6,120x3 - all good. Elbow was painful but miles better than last time I did cgbp. I went back to my extended warmup and squeezed the bar hard and lowered it fairly slowly. No deep heat - it was hot enough today!

Working sets

140x3,145x3,150x3 - all ok, no real pain in the elbow. Bit of pain in my left trap but nothing major.

155x3 - third rep a bit slow.

160x2,1 - had to rack it after the 2nd rep, waited 1min and did a tough 3rd. Decided not to go further as it was slowing down fast.

Ok strength but much better pain which was more pleasing. Heat and extended warmup may have reduced the strength a bit but worth it.

Push Press


20x10, 40x6, 60x4, 80x2 - all ok, bit of elbow pain at the top but only minor.

Working Sets

100x3 - bit laboured, legs felt a bit heavy.
110x3 - ok
120x3 - almost messed this up. First rep didn't dip properly and had to press the weight up from just above the head. 2nd rep was fine, 3rd was like the first.

130x2 - both ok.

Shrugs (wide grip)

20x10,60x10,100x10,140x10,180x10,220x5 - felt some pain the trap but it got better.

Barbell Curls

20x10,25x10,30x10,35x6,20x10,20x10 - last 2 sets with wider grip. All ok.

Possibly affected a bit by the heat and slightly poor sleep last night. But happy with the improved elbow and push press wasn't bad either.

Next up LBBS 5x3.
AquarianIconSun LBBS21-09-2014 @ 19:28 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
The somewhat dreaded early squat 5x3 workout! Didn't sleep great either so wasn't expecting much...which is usually the best time to train squats for me!


Warmups (beltless)

20x10,60x10,100x6,140x4,180x2 - all ok, no pain and smooth - getting used to full grip and preferring it.

Working sets (belt on)

200x3,205x3,210x3 - all felt stiff and mis-grooved. Not looking good!

215x3,220x3,225x2 - took off leggings and squatted more vertically and straight away everything felt better, smoother and stronger! Hopefully this technique will work with the heavier lifts too.

Pretty knackered after the squats - 5x3 is definitely more draining afterwards than 3x5 but easier when doing the sets if that makes sense?

Rack Pulls (around 16in)

Warmups (no belt or straps)

20x10,60x10,100x6,140x4 - all easy double overhand grip.
180x4,220x4 - easy, mixed grip.

Working Sets (belt on)

260x3 - no straps, good strong grip and lifts.
280x2,1 - again no straps, rested < 1 min between 2nd and 3rd rep
300x1 - no straps, pretty awesome grip strength
300x2 - finally put on the straps, feeling quite tired now.

Great workout - never easy for me to train early, especially squats, and after a difficult start got stronger. No elbow pain at all which was an added bonus.

Next up Bench 5x3 and Strict Overhead.
AquarianIconTue Bench23-09-2014 @ 23:14 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq


No deep heat again - wanted to see how it felt.

20x20,40x10,60x10,80x6,100x6,120x3 - extended warmup again. ok, pain went down after a few sets. Focused on gripping the bar hard and lowering it slower than usual.

Working Sets

145x3,150x3,155x3,160x3 - ok but a bit weak on the right side

165x2.9 - missed the lockout on the 3rd set by about 2inches!

170x2 - just about got 2nd rep.

I think next bench workouts I will do fewer warmups but continue to bench a bit slower rather than explode hard. I'll lose a bit of strength but easier on the elbow.

Strict Overhead Press


20x10,40x6,60x3,80x2 - all pretty easy, no real elbow pain.

Working sets

90x3,100x3 - both easy
110x3 - 3rd rep was a bit tough and had to layback a bit more than usual.
120x1 - real grind, probably a bit too heavy for today and was running on fumes by now!

Seated rows (neutral grip)

180x10,240x10,300x10,360x10,420x5 - elbow was fine, forearms a bit sore.

Barbell Curls

20x10,20x10,25x10,30x10,35x5 - as before, not going to increase the weights for a while - just want to keep it smooth. May try doing some hammer curls next time for some variation.

Decent workout - bit weaker on the bench but ohp was good and elbow pain was down again. Pretty knackered afterwards!

Last of the triples, next 4 workouts will be doubles starting with deads.
AquarianIconThurs Deads26-09-2014 @ 02:09 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
I spent 2 hours standing and walking pre-workout attending a pretty s**te games expo so expected to be a bit fatigued....and was!


Warmups (beltless)

60x10,100x6,140x3,180x2,220x1 - all ok.

Working sets

240x2 - slow!
250x2 - belt tighter, no better and grip was worse.
260x2 - belt looser, still a bit slow
270x2 - surprised I even got this
280x0.99 - well the tank was a bit empty here and just didn't lockout properly - back was locked but knees still a bit bent. Just stopped driving with the quads and no glute activation. Common problem that I need to fix with the lighter sets.



20x10,60x6,100x4,140x3,180x2 - ok nothing special. No pain in the calf this time.

Working sets

200x2 - bit more back than I would like
210x2 - see above!
220x1 - after a long break talking - wanted 2 but chickened out.

220x1(belt on) - like a warmup. belt on feels like cheating!

230x1 - Again quite easy, despite feeling exhausted by now.

So a bit s**t but not ideal pre workout preparation! I may wear the belt a bit more on the hbbs - would prefer not to - but maybe I just have to accept the inevitable.

Need to sort out the lockout on the deadlift!!! Either do some paused sets at the knee or bring the weight more mid foot and accept slower speed off the floor in exchange for better lockout. Decisions, decisions!
AquarianIconSat CGBP28-09-2014 @ 02:49 
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SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
CGBP (thumbs on the first part of the knurling, Texas Power Bar)

Deep heat applied!


20x20, 40x10, 60x6, 100x3, 120x2 - as usual some pain in the elbow but got better

Working sets

140x2,150x2,160x2 - all ok

170x1.5 - Should've reset at the top of the first, 2nd rep wasn't close.
170x1 - done after about 3 mins rest, tough.

Still a bit weak on these but at least the elbow is getting better.

Push Press


20x10, 40x6, 60x3, 80x2, 100x1 - all ok.

Working sets

110x2 - slowish
120x2 - as above
130x2 - ok
140x0 - too far in front and probably a touch too heavy
135x1 - misloaded the bar to 115 at first and only noticed after unracking. Probably made it a bit harder!

Not bad

Shrugs (medium grip)

20x10,60x10,140x10,180x10,220x6 - all ok

Hammer Curls

5x10,10x10 - too painful in the forearms so stopped.

Barbell Curls (Eleiko ez curl bar)

Not sure how much the bar weighs - around 12kg I think


All ok - much less painful on the wrists and thumbs than the straight bar but I'l probably alternate between the two for some variation.

Ok workout - sleep was a bit messed up so quite happy with the results.

LBBS next.
AquarianIconMon LBBS30-09-2014 @ 00:13 
Member 2782, 456 posts
SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
Pretty humid today and the stomach was a bit off too!

LBBS Warmups (beltless)

20x10,60x10,100x6,140x3,180x2,200x1 - all ok, decided to do an extra warmup with 200 rather than jumping from 180 to 210. Undecided if it was worth it or not!

Working sets

210x2 - 2nd rep was crap, right leg caved in. And had to go to toilet afterwards!
220x2 - Ok, not great. Another toilet trip!
230x2 - A lot better. Finally stomach calmed down!
240x2 - Amazingly better still, could've done 3 or 4 reps. Should've done another single with 245 or 250 but the gym was packed and it was getting hard to focus.

Well maybe I should get a dodgy stomach more often! Got stronger as the sets got heavier and definitely left something to spare in the tank.

Rack Pulls (16 in or so)

Warmups (beltless)

20x10,60x10,100x6,140x4,180x4,220x3,260x1 - all good, grip was strong.

Working Sets

280x2 - no straps and no problem!

300x1, 300x0.8ish - first rep was ok, 2nd grip went a bit so missed lockout by 3-4 inches.

320x2 - straps on, pretty grindy but got them.

Excellent grip strength - doing the grippers after every workout seems to be paying off.

Great workout, despite some stomach problems and humid weather.

Next one bench and ohp - looking forward to this one!
AquarianIconWed Bench01-10-2014 @ 23:34 
Member 2782, 456 posts
SQ 262.5, BP 195, DL 310
767.5 kgs @ 113kgs UnEq
Didn't sleep great last 2 days and felt a bit jaded today.

Bench Press


20x20,40x10,60x6,80x4,100x3,120x2 - all ok, not much elbow pain.

Working sets

145x2,155x2 - both ok
165x2 - slight slowdown on 2nd rep
175x2 - Didn't fully lock out 2nd rep but got it comfortably above the rack position.
180x1 - fairly comfortable.

Strict Overhead Press (all reps paused)


20x10,40x6,60x3,80x2 - all ok.

Working sets

100x2,110x2 - both fine
120x2 - first time I've doubled this in a while. 2nd rep had to lean back more but finished off strong.
125x1 - good rep, equalled what I maxed on last time, so looking good for 130 next time.

Seated Rows

180x10,240x10,300x10,360x10,420x5 - all ok.

Barbell curls (olympic bar)

20x10,30x10,35x8,25x10,30x10 - all ok, not much pain in the wrists, thumbs or forearms.

Good workout, despite being a bit sleep deprived. Next 4 workouts will be max effort 1rm's, starting with the deadlift. Hopefully with some decent sleep I should exceed what I did on my last max effort week which was - missed 295 deadlift, cgbp 175, push press 140, lbbs 252.5, bench 185 and sohp 125. Feeling good about the pressing and squatting and hopeful but uncertain about the deads!

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